Magnet Motor Free Energy


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Magnet Motor Free Energy

  1. 1. ==== ====Magnet Motor ====Learning About Magnet Motor Free EnergyThe more developed a nation is, higher is the energy consumption of that country. Hence we canlargely attribute energy as a giant factor in the progress of a country. Off late, throughout the globethe economy has seen a down slide resulting in higher expenditure in terms of energyconsumption. This has forced People to come up with various options and measures to saveenergy and switch to alternate sources of energy production.The latest in the league is the free magnet motor energy which has already been simplified forhome based utilization. The consumers have never been happier, and you can tell it will not be toolong from now, before this source might end up as the next mass energy provider.Functioning Of A Magnetic MotorThe magnetic motor is based on two major parts; one is fixed or stationary, hence called statorand the other is a rotor because it rotates around the stator. These parts govern the entirefunctioning of the motor. The magnetic motor is very similar to the electric motor, except that ituses the principle of application of alignment of magnets in a certain defined way.The Zero Point Magnetic MotorThe existing motor energy requires fuel like coal or oil or gas to run and generate electricity.However, this latest version of magnetic energy generator called the zero point magnetic motorthat scientists have come up with does not require any fuel to function. It is a very promising motorthat requires no external source for it to work on generating free magnet motor energy.The best feature of this motor is that works on the principle of perpetual motion based on theattractive and repulsive forces of magnets, and once kick-started physically or cranked with thehelp of a battery, it works continuously and forever, producing energy until stopped forcibly. Herethe gravity neutralizing concept plays an important role in balancing the working capability, whichis created by the repelling poles. Hence this motor can generate a very large quantum of freemagnetic motor energy continuously, unlike the conventional motors.Why Zero Point Magnet Motor?Free magnet energy created by the zero point green motors is undoubtedly superior to the otherforms of energy since, once installed, it completely cuts down on the expenditure, infrastructurehassles and atmosphere dependency. Be it solar energy, wind energy or any other form, some orthe other compromises are to be made and all of them work on the basic rule of machines i.e.
  2. 2. output is always less than input. On the other hand, the input is extremely limited, organized andsimple with the use of a zero point magnet motor.Hence, you could safely conclude that free magnetic motor energy is a better option whencompared to any other source(s). Proving to be almost an un-extinguishable source of energy, itcan be used incessantly for a very long span if used properly, as there is no question of wearingout due to rubbing or friction.The fast depletion of the resources of the earth was a major point of worry for Joseph P Connor.With undying enthusiasm, Joseph has been engaged for several years in the deep study ofalternative sources of energy to give mother earth a respite from her continuous pillage. He hasseen the advantages of the endless power sources like wind and sunlight and the newlyhighlighted free magnetic power and recommends that all of us have a duty to mother earth toimplement the utilization and application of these energy sources, for a start at least from ourhomes magnet motor free energyVisit Josephs website for more free tips and advice... free magnet energyArticle Source: