Hold Your Breath and Start to Live for Long


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The Extraordinary Power of breath to Heal Your Life and to your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development
Stress Free Breath for Your Health, Vitality and Energy
A Practical Approach on how to breathe for a Revitalized Body, Mind and Spirit?
Breathing methods to Optimum Health, Fitness & Longevity
The breath methods That Jumpstarts and Makes over Your Fitness Mindset
Breathe that Transform Your Life from the Inside Out
Every body's Guide to:
Lifetime Healthy, Renewed Energy, and for a Radiant Life
How to Cure Bad Breath?
Remedies for Bad Breath
Techniques of Good Breath
How to Breath Better?
How to Get Rid of Bad Breath?

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Hold Your Breath and Start to Live for Long

  1. 1. HOLD <br />YOUR BREATH<br />AND<br />START TO<br />LIVE LONG <br />Importance of your Breath:<br />Breath is the important function in a human body. Men or women can live for some days without food, but is it possible to live without breathing for a second. Your life time in this world is determined by the number of times you inhale and exhaust breathes every time. In other words the speed of your inhale or exhaust of your breathe determines your lifetime. Speed means how fast you are inhaling and how fast you are exhausting. Breathing process involves both inhaling and exhausting. This eBook “Hold Your Breath and Start to Live Long” explains in detail how we can have a deep breath instead of for a short breath through an exercise. Deep breath has the power to cure even for some prolonged diseases. This eBook teaches you a simple exercise how you can have the control of your breathing speed. Breathing speed means both inhaling and exhausting. <br />Health Benefits You May Acquire With This Exercise<br />When you regulate your breath with this exercise you will have correct blood purification process in your body. When you have correct blood purification you can be get rid off from tiredness, nervous weakness, etc. When your body is getting sufficient oxygen with this exercise you may be get rid off from heart diseases also. You may also get relief from the diseases connected with the breathing, while you continue to do this exercise and may have much improvement in your will power positively. In due course of time you may be get rid off from snoring and other undesirable breathing habit like breathing through mouth, etc., Imbalance of mind is the reason for some of the diseases. Positive thinking is basis for achieving anything in our life. By doing this practice regularly your positive thinking ability may increase. This exercise manages your mind activity and decision making ability effectively. When this health exercise is done correctly you may also get some indirect benefits also. <br />Your will power may increase.<br />Your digestion power may increase.<br />Your decision making capability may enhance.<br />Positive thinking ability may increase.<br />May give enough strength to your body.<br />Blood circulation in your body will be carried out correctly in correct proportion to all blood vessels.<br />You will be more active always.<br />Peace of mind is possible.<br />Good friendliness attitude will increase.<br />You will get relief from the negative qualities like jealousy, hat redness soon.<br />You may get rid off from unnecessary tension and able to handle the things calmly.<br />We may all know that the earth and other planets in the universe are emitting some magnetic powers and these magnetic powers are surrounding in the earth also. These magnetic powers have the ability to control the human beings activity to both sides i.e. either positively or negatively. While doing the exercise as suggested in our eBook you can have the ability to turn the events positively for your welfare. This health exercise is to control your breathing process to a minimum at the same time to get enough strength to your body with that minimum breathing process. If you practice to do the exercise as suggested in this eBook there may be some long time benefits you may acquire in terms of health like shedding off excess flesh, sharpness in your thinking process etc., <br />Hold Your Breath and Start to Live Long<br />Pages18Words2545Characters14106Format.pdfWhether any special software required reading?Can be read with Adobe pdf ReaderHow to read the EBook?Adobe pdf reader can be downloaded freely at http://www.adobe.comPrice$4.95<br />We have also listed this eBook for sale in our website http://www.jaiqy.com/health<br />All your payments are processed through PayPal’s secured payment platform. Making payment through PayPal ensures highest level of security for all payments.Once we got confirmation about your payment, we will provide you the downloadable link and password to the health and fitness exercise eBook within 24 hours. <br />