Fronter g ri p demo bilbao christian komonen

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GRiP VLE presentation Bilbao webinar 30.10.2012

GRiP VLE presentation Bilbao webinar 30.10.2012

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  • The world’s favourite classroom. The world’s because Fronter is an international product. Favourite as in most used and most loved. Classroom in reference to the Fronter room metaphor, and to establish it as an arena for learning. A classroom only vastly expanded.


  • 1. Fronter VLE for GRiP30.10.2012 GRiP Webinar BilbaoChristian KomonenPearson IntenationalFronter Nordic
  • 2. PearsonPearson is theworld’sleadinglearningcompany,providingeducationalmaterials andservices, business informationthroughthe Financial Times Group, and consumerpublishing through the Penguinbrand.Pearsonserveslearners of allagesaroundthe globe, employing 41,000 people inmorethan 70 countries. For moreinformation,
  • 3. Pearson at a Glance• Pearson in educationPearson is the worldsleadingeducationcompany. Frompre-school to highschool, earlylearning to professionalcertification, ourcurriculummaterials, multimedia learningtools and testingprogrammes help to educatemillions of peopleworldwide - morethananyotherprivateenterprise.• Financial Times Group The Financial Times Group, one of the worldsleading business informationcompanies, provides a broadrange of business information and multimedia services to the international business community.• Penguinbrand The world-famousPenguinbrand is the label of qualityfromnovels and classics to cookbooks - and muchmore - around the world. Wepublish an unrivalledrange of fiction and non-fiction, bestsellers and classics, childrensbooks and illustratedreferencetreasurechests in over 100 countries.
  • 4. Globaloperations, localpresence
  • 5. Networks, Collaboration and Knowledge-transfer
  • 6. GRiP VLE
  • 7. The Fronter Metaphors
  • 8. UGC =Usergenerated Content
  • 9. Resources in the cloud gif, jpeg, jpg, jpe, png, tiff, tif, bmp, svg, pnm, pbm, pgm, ppm, rgb, xbm, xpmcss, html, htm, phtml, xml, txt, asc, htc, sgml, sgm, tsvdoc, docm, docx, dotm, dotx, ppt, pps, potm, potx, ppam, ppsm,ppsx, pptm, pptx, xls, xlam, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx, xltm, xltx, sxw, sxc, sxi, sxm,odt, ods, odg, odppdf, rtf, ai, eps, ps, js, swf, aam, aas, aab, sit, tar, tex,zip, mw, mws, mwzram, rm, rpm, ra, rm, rmm, asf, wma, wmv, rv, ra, ram, mpeg,mpg, mpe, qt, mov, avi, mp4, movie, au, snd, mid, midi, kar, mpga, mp2, mp3, m3u, aif, aiff, aifc, wav, webmxmcd, mcd, ggb, sib, pdb, xyz, wrl, vrml, ice, hqx, cpt, rbx, exm,rpe, rpx, notebook, dir, dcr, dxr, mmap, mvdx, mvtx, omp, omt,mvd, omd, ink, inkml, flp, mht, nsf, vml
  • 10. PedagogyLearning OutcomesScenariosFlexible methods=>We provide:- Learning Design Consultancy- Training- Flexible VLE
  • 11. GRiP VLE- DynamicCourse Management •Module 1-10 •Pre- and post-test Masters degree •Assessment of all courses ansd modules •Module 1 => ∞ •Cohort 25 + ability to expand Certificate course x •Ability to host extra individual students •100 Face-to-Face students •Ability to arrange ad-hoc testing for groups Pre- and post-test •Ability to host 50 authors •Ability to host 50 tutors Authors + Tutors •Ability to host ad groups •Webinars + ad hoc training •Social media Optional training •Personalised / Collaborative
  • 12. GRiP VLE- DynamicCourse Management
  • 13. FronterTodayPage
  • 14. Fronterdraftcourse
  • 15. FronterPortfolio
  • 16. GRiP VLE
  • 17. Tools
  • 18. PLE• Today PortalLatest info fromRooms in Fronter and external RSS.• Email client Complete e-mail clientwithsupport for POP3 and IMAP.• RSS readerDisplay RSS feedsfromexternalsources on the Todayportal.• ResourcesCloudlikeharddrive to savepersonalfilesclosedorshared• PortfolioOverview in Personalportfolio of activities and results• Blog ClientEdityouexternalblogsdirectlyfromwithinFronter• MeetingPersonalwebconferencingtoolwithmultiplefeatures• StickiesInternalmessagingsystem in Fronter• Entrance Hall Visual overview and easyaccess to coursesroomsfrom the Todayportal• To-do listPersonaltasklistwithprogressindication
  • 19. Tools for Learning• Hand inFolders for submission of assignments and evaluation• TestTool for testcreationwithoptions for format and design• Learning pathStructuringlearningpages to facilitatepersonalisedlearning• Individual Learning Plan (ILP)Individualassessment of progress• Learning goalsImported/customisation of learninggoals for goalorientatedwork• Question databaseShareddatabase for testquestions• SCORM SCORM coursescanberunfromFronter• Result matrix A totaloverview of studentresults• Sound recorderRecord and savesoundclipsdirectly in Resources and Pages• VideoSave, play and link to video clips and other multimedia files• External repository searchSearch in predefinedexternalrepositories
  • 20. CollaborationTools• MessagesSendmessages to allmembers in a room• DocumentCreate and sharedocumentswith an inbuilteditor and version control• ForumDiscuss, converse, debate, brainstorm and Q&A for the ultimatecollaboration forum• ContactsList of personalcontacts and friends, whichcanbeshared• Chat Real timechat and instantmessenger feature• CalendarOrganisepersonalmeetings and bookresourcesthrough the calendar• VotingSimplifiedtests for assessingopinion• Activity folderArchive for activitiesspecific to a projectplan• Liveroom Web conferencingtoolwithsound, chat and interactivewhiteboard for unlimitednumber of participantsonline
  • 21. Publishing Tools• PageCombinetext, images, links to createcustomisedpageswithdynamiccontent and layout• Free text searchSearchcontentcreated and uploaded to Fronter• LinksSharedlinkresourceswithcommentfunction• NewsPublish news and stories and control publishing and expirydate• StatisticsStatisticaloverview of activity in a roomlinked to handins, tests, uploadedcontent.• OESDirectopen, edit and save for files in Fronter
  • 22. AdminTools• Room Basic buildingblock of Fronter. Rooms (courses) canbeexported as an IMS package• OrganisationStructurecustomised to yourregion/school• Rights and rolesDefinerights and roles• SettingsCustomise top level and localsettings• MembersListsspecifyingaccessrights in rooms• ReportsGraphicaloverview of activity in Fronter• Database clean-upAdminroutines for effectivedatabase management• HelpDirectlink to help withinFronter• Language support Choosefrom a range of languages - Frontersupportsright to left
  • 23. Visit fronter.comto learn moreChristian KomonenPearson InternationalFronter NordicChristian.komonen@fronter.comThank you!