Ävaya Intelligent Edge Solution checklist


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"Networking on the Edge Should Not Mean Living on the Edge"

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Ävaya Intelligent Edge Solution checklist

  1. 1. Intelligent Edge Assessment“Hey, what are you plugging those phones into?” This should be the first question asked in any VoIPinstallation. The next question should be, “Shouldn’t your network edge be as automated and costeffective as your Unified Communications infrastructure?” Here is a checklist to help…Intelligent Edge Check List: Plug and Play VoIP – Are you interested in reducing IT maintenance time? Reduce maintenance cycles by using Avaya edge switches and their unique auto discovery features combined with standards-based Link Layer Discovery Protocol. Miercom, Inc. validated one minute plug and play service to establish IP addresses, assign VLAN’s and configure Quality of Service parameters for the switch and the phone. Highly Scalable Backplane Capacity – Are you worried about scalability? Increase scalability at the edge. The backplane is the artery of a stack of edge switches. Avaya offers the greatest backplane capacity in the industry. A recent study conducted by Miercom, Inc. demonstrated that Avaya has up to 5x the capacity of competitive switches in the same class (Miercom, 2011). In Service Maintenance - Are you interested in reducing IT maintenance time further? Reduce maintenance complexity by using Avaya edge switches that feature industry leading stacking and the ability to swap units in a stack without operational interruption. Avaya also offers dual replaceable power supply units for added confidence against power unit failures. Energy Efficient Devices – Is energy conservation and savings important to you? Conserve energy and save dollars with the most energy efficient switches in the market. Miercom, Inc. demonstrated that Avaya uses up to 50% less power than competitors. Energy Efficiency Management – Are you interested in automatic energy savings? Automatically reduce your power consumption by dimming the network in off peak hours. Miercom, Inc. demonstrated that off-peak energy consumption is reduced by 25%. Lifetime Warranty – Want to lower your switch maintenance costs? Dramatically lower your switch maintenance costs by utilizing the hardware lifetime warranty offered on all stackable edge switches from Avaya. Additionally, save up to 75% (Miercom competitive set comparison, 2011) if you require software maintenance services. Integrated wireless – Are you concerned with your wireless capacity? Increase the capacity of your wireless infrastructure by offloading the data forwarding to Ethernet switches. Avaya will be introducing shortly a unified wired/wireless solution that puts the data traffic switching where it belongs…on network switches, not on poor performing controllers or access points. Virtual Services Fabric Extension –Interested in simplifying your network ‘End-to-End? There’s a lot of noise about ‘Cloud Computing’, and one variation is the ‘Private Cloud’ whereby Enterprises virtualize their IT resources to streamline delivery. The key to making all of these investments and changes pay off is to have an Enterprise-wide services-orientated network-wide Ethernet fabric, and this is where the Avaya VENA delivers clear differentiation. Avaya – Proprietary. Use pursuant to your signed agreement or Avaya policy.
  2. 2. Plan for Success with a Full Unified Communications Solution Avaya is one of the few vendors that provides a holistic Unified Communications solution from data center to desktop. Customers trust Avaya end to end.Networking on the Edge Should Not Mean Living on the EdgeThe edge of the network has the greatest number of devices and users in the Enterprise and can potentiallyabsorb the greatest number resources. When implementing a Unified Communication solution, the righttechnologies are important as an IT organization strives for performance excellence and operational simplicity.The solution set below contains the central elements of an end to end Avaya Unified Communicationssolution. The Most Streamlined, High Performing Edge in the Market Solution Set ERS 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 Series Fixed Format Edge Switches 9600 Series IP Deskphones Avaya One-X Mobile Identity Engines Ignition Server To Learn more: Networking Global Sales Page Miercom – Plug and Play Report Avaya – Proprietary. Use pursuant to your signed agreement or Avaya policy.