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Center Link Ds V5

Center Link Ds V5



Center Link Data Sheet

Center Link Data Sheet



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    Center Link Ds V5 Center Link Ds V5 Document Transcript

    • Befriending Alcatel - Lucent Around the Globe Introduction Shopping mall Health and Safety have never been more acute. Shopping Malls are usually packed with people and can be seen by some as a prime target for mass disruption and fatalities. This disruption is usually wrapped up in two scenarios. The first is Fire and the second is Bomb threats. To date, there have been proprietary systems which are hardwired into the centre to deal with this but because they are last century technology, they do not exploit the most important leaps offered by Voice Over IP and IP Telephony which go to make the whole procedure more efficient and therefore safer. This datasheet shows the new features and functions available if you invest in an Alcatel-Lucent Communication Solution and the Centre-Link software. The major areas covered The Software address 3 main areas. Two Voice Over IP & IP Telephony are focused on health and safety issues, Makes the whole procedure more efficient and the third on statistics. The software shows how new technology can solve the and therefore safer. really annoying and time consuming task of getting sales statistics from the shops. Fire hazards Bomb scares Shopping stats Features and functionality See sample floor plan opposite: This floor plan shows the graphical user interface for the controlling computer which sits in the centres security room. It will have integration points (an API) which will allow for integration into a third party system such as BMS, so that when smoke is detected in a store, the system can be alerted automatically. Telephone: +44 (0)20 8590 6048 - enquiries @ amigo-software.com - www.amigo-software.com 1
    • Befriending Alcatel - Lucent Around the Globe The Alcatel-Lucent IP handset Any mobile handset Here is the Telephone handset. For technical people In addition to communicating with handsets, the the display is an XML web browser and it is run by the software also communicates via SMS text messaging Alcatel presentation server which controls the display. to mobile phones. This is an extremely important For those of us who are not so technical it basically acts feature as this enables the software to identify like a computer allowing you to run software applica- managers within the stores and to keep them in the tions such or to display pictures, maybe of the person loop as and when necessary. who is calling. Bi-directional communication In conclusion then, the system can communicate as follows: I Control room to XML handset I Control room to Mobile phone I Control room to XML & SMS I XML handset to control room Architectural implementation The image below shows how the system is implemented. There is an Alcatel-Lucent handset in every store and the stores are grouped into zones. Zone 1 Zone 2 The handset has the following features: I The handset can display messages. This means that a computer can push messages to the phone. Shop 1 Shop 2 Shop 3 Shop 4 I The phone can send back responses to the computer. I The phone can make audible sounds such as beeps and alarms, and the warning light can be lit. I The phone can be used as an input terminal for Alcatel OXO/OXE information either as answers to a question, numerical input or even typing an SMS text message to be sent. Third Party Interface BMS I Can use Alcatel-Lucent 4068, 4038 IP handsets and 4028 if you don’t want to show pictures on the handset in the future. Alcatel-Lucent ECS/PRS Server Telephone: +44 (0)20 8590 6048 - enquiries @ amigo-software.com - www.amigo-software.com 2
    • Befriending Alcatel - Lucent Around the Globe Fire alert scenario Bomb threat scenario For ease of understanding, here is a fire alert scenario: For ease of understanding, here is a bomb threat scenario: 1. A smoke alarm is set off in “Bloomingdales” 1. A bomb alert message is sent to the whole building - 2. The system is a notified by the BMS system. All people, all media, all alarms. 3. Our system knows it is “Bloomingdales” 4. The “Bloomingdales” shop is part of a zone. All shops in that zone are alerted “with the exception of Bloomingdales”. Message reads “Smoke detector alarm in Bloomingdales” There is a 2 minute countdown while the control room confirms details with “Bloomingdales”. 5. If the smoke detector has been set off by a false alarm, like a toaster, countdown is stopped and another message is sent to shops in same zone. Message reads “Please search for any Suspect Package” Message reads “Fire Alert in Bloomingdales was a False Alarm. No further actions required.” 2. If the alarm is not acknowledged then the alarm keeps sounding and security knows to send someone. 3. If the alarm is acknowledged, either by hitting the correct button or using a PIN number, the following options are displayed on the phone: 6. If there is a real fire then dividers that isolate the zone are activated and a message is sent to all XML phones in that zone. SMS text messages are also sent to associated shop mobiles. The IP handsets will sound an audible alarm continuously! 4. The user is asked to select the appropriate option a response is automatically sent to the control room. 7. Once the fire is under control and there is no The Control room server prioritizes the responses in a further danger, the “All clear” message is sent via list, ensuring the highest priorities are at the top. SMS text message to the mobile phones of the A message is sent to the phone notifying the user that designated managers. help’s on its way. Message reads “All clear – Building safe to enter”. Message reads “Help will be with you shortly” Telephone: +44 (0)20 8590 6048 - enquiries @ amigo-software.com - www.amigo-software.com 3
    • Befriending Alcatel - Lucent Around the Globe Control room The control room application provides a floor plan of the shopping mall which is used for sending and receiving messages. The messages are both visual, audible and each message type has its own distinctive colour. These are as follows: Message sent. Responded with Responded with low Handset in store No answer emergency request priority response unplugged Samples screens Shop statistics Most Shopping malls charge rent based on turnover and this causes centre management untold problems when it comes to retrieving figures from the shop tenants. This is usually a long and laborious task and is wide open for many human errors. Centre-Link has addressed this by proving tenants with the ability to enter figures into the handset so that they can be directly saved into a central spreadsheet which can then be accessed by the centre management team. Dynamic Lastly, the system is very versatile and will meet most needs but due its “Bolt On” design it is simple to add additional functionality where needed. Telephone: +44 (0)20 8590 6048 - enquiries @ amigo-software.com - www.amigo-software.com 4