Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 series


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Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 series product sheet

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Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 series

  1. 1. Highlights• Cost effective Fast Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for small locations. 3500 Series ERS 3500 series The Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) delivers 6 new compact 3500 is a series of high-performance switches in 10-and-24 port model variants at compact Ethernet switches specifically cost-effective price designed for SME’s, branches and open points. environments outside of the wiring closet.• Fanless models for silent A low-cost, feature rich solution, the Figure 1: The ERS 3500 product family operation in open areas. ERS 3500 offers three Avaya ERS 3500 series is comprised of six models which can Ethernet switching products including 24-port 10/100BASE-TX model operate fanless for variants and 10 and 24-port 10/100/1000BaseT model variants. Several locations such as classrooms, boardrooms models operate in fanless mode and models which support IEEE 802.3af and retail shops. PoE and IEEE 802.3at PoE+ are available making this an extremely versatile product family.• Enterprise class features at SME price points. The Suitable for SMEs looking for a reliable, cost-effective switch to provide ERS 3500 features 100+ enterprise class features, converged services within single or multiple sites (typically with 100 users including support for the or less) and for midsize-to-large companies looking for a compact switch Avaya Stackable Chassis to provide connectivity within remote offices, the ERS 3500 delivers the architecture (release v5.1) at price points that fit features and performance required at cost effective price points. into tight capital budgets. For locations without dedicated wiring grow, the ERS 3500 24-port models will• Simplified operations including 1-minute plug- closet space, the ERS 3500 offers three be enabled with the Avaya Stackable and-play capabilities for models which operate in fanless mode. Chassis Architecture. This architecture IP phones, automatic QoS provisioning and This provides silent operation for provides functionality equivalent to a intuitive management classrooms, hospitality suites, retail shops modular chassis but with cost-effective options. and other noise sensitive environments. fixed form factor switches. Similar to• Pay as you grow scaling. adding line cards to a modular chassis, The ERS 3500 24-port Where there is a requirement to power IP new ERS 3500 units can be added models will support Avaya’s Stackable phones, wireless access points, networked individually to form a stack of switches. Chassis Architecture CCTV cameras and other devices, the ERS This enables customers to pay for which enable scaling equivalent to adding 3500 supports IEEE 802.3at Power over additional ports and bandwidth capacity modules to a modular Ethernet Plus. This ensures investment as needed while still managing the stack switch. The ERS 3500 can scale up to a protection for current as well as future as a single unit. The ERS 3500 will support massive 80 Gig of virtual high powered end points, such as 80 Gigabits of virtual backplane capacity backplane capacity in a stack of 8 units (v5.1). emerging high speed wireless access in a stack of 8 units managed with a single points and video phones. IP address in software version 5.1. Avaya’s• Complements Avaya IP Office solutions with Stackable Chassis architecture can also integrated plug and play, For environments that want to start small auto-detect and CLI improve network availability through script features but have the flexibility to pay as they features such as the ability to hot-swap avaya.com | 1
  2. 2. individual units in a stack withoutimpacting traffic, the ability tosupport link aggregation across thestack - increasing resiliency, andthrough subsecond recovery in theevent of a link or unit failure.The Avaya Ethernet Routing Figure 2: ERS 3500 with IP Office, the Avaya Flare® Communicator forSwitch 3500 Series delivers high iPad Device and an Avaya 9600 handsetperformance Layer 2 switching, Layer3 local and static routing, advanced run in these locations must be simple between the ERS 3500 and the IPconvergence features and a wide to install, manage and operate. The Office system. This ensures that therange of security features including ERS 3500 is well suited for these two products work togethercomprehensive support for IEEE environments. When deployed in seamlessly when they are deployed802.1x for secure network access conjunction with an Avaya IP Office together – eliminating complexitiescontrol. They are designed to simplify system the ERS 3500 can offer associated with having to provision,operations by automating many of increased operational simplicity over manage and troubleshoot a thirdtoday’s manual processes, while third party switching solutions party switch with the Avaya voice /keeping costs low for cost conscious through features that simplify both unified communicationsSMEs and for remote office the initial deployment as well as infrastructure. A technical solutionsdeployments. ongoing adds, moves and changes. guide, available to partners and end customers, showcases best practice Validated interoperability with configurations, ensuring optimalSimplified Operations Avaya IP Office performance of the solution.Typically in smaller environments To simplify converged deploymentsthere is little to no local IT staff. for SMEs and remote offices, Avaya Certified 1-minute plug-and-playTherefore, equipment purchased to for IP phones has validated interoperability Plug and play means that as soon as an IP phone is plugged into an AvayaThe ERS 3500 Series models Ethernet switch, the IP phone isFast Ethernet Models automatically recognized and 24 x 10/100Mbps + 2 Combo 10/100/1000 or SFP ports + configured. This feature can ERS 3526T 2 SFP / 2.5G rear ports. Fanless. dramatically simplify the roll out of IP 24 x 10/100Mbps PoE+ ports + 2 Combo 10/100/1000 or ERS 3526T-PWR+ phones and simplify ongoing adds, SFP ports + 2 SFP / 2.5G rear ports. PoE budget 370W. moves and changes; empowering employees to move their own phonesGigabit Ethernet Models without the assistance of an outside ERS 3510GT 8 x 10/100/1000Mbps + 2 SFP ports. Standalone, fanless. contractor. To enable this plug and 8 x 10/100/1000Mbps PoE+ ports + 2 SFP ports. ERS 3510GT-PWR+ Standalone. Fanless mode @ 60W PoE budget, Fan play capability, Avaya offers IEEE operation mode @ 170W PoE budget. 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery 24 x 10/100/1000Mbps with 4 shared SFP ports (combo ERS 3524GT Protocol and LLDP-Media Endpoint with ports 21-24) + 2 SFP / 2.5G rear ports. 24 x 10/100/1000Mbps PoE+ ports with 4 shared SFP Discovery (LLDP-MED) as well as the ERS 3524GT-PWR+ ports (combo with ports 21-24) + 2 SFP / 2.5G rear ports. Avaya Auto Discovery and Auto PoE budget 370W. Configuration (ADAC) feature.2 | avaya.com
  3. 3. With LLDP enabled, the ERS 3500 installation when ERS 3500 is that enables set-up, configurationlearns the identification of deployed with IP Office. This and monitoring of a single deviceneighboring devices and provides installation script called “run ip office” using either HTTP or HTTPS (Securethese details to the network will automate the entire set up Web). The on-box embeddedmanagement system. This enables the process on the ERS 3500 switch by version of EDM is available at nosystem to have the most up-to-date utilizing LLDP or ADAC functionality extra charge with every switch andphysical view of the network. In to automatically set up voice and data can be accessed by a standard webaddition, ERS 3500 can dynamically VLANs, QoS and policies on the IP browser. There is also an off-boxapply voice VLANs and QoS to both phones, meaning that IP Office and IP version available as a freethe IP phone and the attached edge Phones are ready to be connected downloadable software plug-in thatswitch port. When the IP phone is immediately. This will help ensure fast can be installed on Avaya’smoved to another location, the setup and error free deployment Configuration and Orchestrationconfiguration is automatically according to Avaya best practices Manager (COM) application.updated. QoS is also automatically and consistency between different • For customers rolling out manyprovisioned on the ERS 3500 uplink locations for large rollouts in multiple ERS 3500 devices, the Avayaensuring voice is given top priority branch offices. Configuration and Orchestrationinto the network core. With one Manager (COM) application,of the most comprehensive In non Avaya IP Office environments, simplifies multi-elementimplementations of LLDP in the the ERS 3500 offers a quick start configuration via wizards andindustry, Avaya offers enhancements installation script via Command Line templates – increasing consistencyfor standards based provisioning of Interface as well a quick start screen and reducing the chances of errorAvaya IP Phones via integrated and in Enterprise Device Manager via a during configuration changes. COMcustomizable TLV support. web browser. also provides network discovery, device backup, bulk configurationThese features not only save network Intuitive Management management and audits ofoperators time, they can virtually ERS 3500 Series offers flexible configuration changes.eliminate the likelihood of a options for managing,provisioning error during a large IP • SNMP-based management (SNMP troubleshooting and operatingphone deployment. Third-party v1, v2 and v3) provides an your devices.testing conducted by Miercom1 alternative standards-basedvalidated that when IP phones were management approach as well as • For customers most comfortableplugged into an Avaya Ethernet an interface for Configuration and using the Command Line InterfaceSwitch, they were operational in just Orchestration Manager. (CLI), the ERS 3500 offers anover 1 minute. industry-aligned CLI that is intuitive The Avaya ERS 3500 supports secure and requires little to no formal management via IPv4 or IPv6 through training for individuals with Ethernet features such as Secure ShellAutomated switch set switching backgrounds. (SSHv1/2), Secure Sockets Layerup with Avaya IP Office • For customers who are looking for a (SSL), Simple Network Management(v5.0.1) simple Graphical User Interface Protocol (SNMPv1,2,3), IP Manager Lists, and administrativeIn certain deployment scenarios there (GUI) for management and authentication via RADIUS ormay not be a data networking provisioning, Avaya’s Enterprise TACACS+ when connecting to thesupport specialist on site; therefore, Device Manager (EDM) is an switch or stack.Avaya is developing an automated embedded web-based elementscript to enable fast, error free management and configuration tool avaya.com | 3
  4. 4. Convergence-readyfor UnifiedCommunications,High-Definition Videoand moreFor businesses looking to consolidateall forms of communication – voice,video and data – on a singleinfrastructure, the Avaya ERS 3500Series delivers functionality thatsimplifies convergence of thesetechnologies.Support for IEEE 802.3at PoE+ topower your devicesThrough support for IEEE 802.3atPoE+ which delivers up to 32 Watts ofpower per port to end devices, ERS3500s are able to power IP phones,wireless LAN access points,networked high-definition CCTV Figure 3: ERS 3500 deployment scenariocameras and other devices. Thiseliminates the need for separatepower supplies for each unit, enabling The 24-port PoE+ enabled products classifies, prioritizes and marks LANreduced cabling and management (ERS 3526T-PWR+ and ERS IP traffic using up to four hardwarecosts for adds, moves, or changes. 3524GT-PWR+) support a maximum queues on every port – including the power budget of 370 Watts and the rear SFP ports.The higher power budget delivered 10-port Gigabit Ethernet model (ERSby the PoE+ standard ensures that 3510-PWR+) supports a maximum Classification can be based on MACcustomers have the added flexibility power budget of 170 Watts – address, IP ToS/DSCP marking, IPof converging video surveillance dramatically higher than competitive source/destination address ortraffic over the network, since pan, tilt switches in its class – enabling it to subnets, TCP/UDP source/destinationand zoom cameras are one of the end deliver a concurrent average of 20 port/port range, IEEE 802.1p userdevices that require the additional Watts of power to each of the eight priority bits, ingress source port, IPpower provided by PoE+. It also PoE+ enabled access ports. Protocol ID (e.g., TCP, UDP, IGMP),ensures investment protection for EtherType (e.g., IP, IPX) or the IEEEfuture end points, such as new Comprehensive QoS capabilities 802.1Q VLAN ID. ComprehensiveWireless LAN Access Points (3x3 traffic policing and traffic shaping are The ERS 3500 series delivers802.11n access points and emerging also supported. unsurpassed control for networks802.11ac access points) as well as supporting a wide range of differentnext-generation video phones. application types. The ERS 35004 | avaya.com
  5. 5. Intelligent stacking High performance allows traffic to flow upstream and downstream simultaneously fromsolution delivering architecture with true every switch connected to the virtualscalability, flexibility, pay-as-you grow backplane, optimizing performance,resilience and scaling (supported in resiliency, and resource utilization.performance (supported in software version 5.1) Avaya has an additional advantage insoftware version 5.1) Our Stackable Chassis products that Quality-of-Service settings areNo one knows stacking like Avaya. We combine non-blocking internal honored as traffic passes over theintroduced our first Stackable Chassis switching fabrics with a high-speed stacking connections – providingproduct in 1998 and have been virtual backplane architecture to applications with optimalperfecting the technology ever since. deliver a high performance solution performance, and a positive userWe were the first and only vendor to that scales proportionally as new experience.break the Terabit boundary with our switches are added. The ERS 3500ERS 5600 Series products and we have series scales to a maximum of All ERS 3500 models come with twodifferentiated ourselves in the industry 80Gbps of virtual backplane in-built Stackable Chassis interfacesby ensuring that our Stackable Chassis throughput by simply cabling up 8 for simple, cost-effective andperform like a traditional modular units together. Avaya’s Stackable efficient connectivity. Unlikechassis implementation. We offer Chassis architecture simplifies stack comparative offerings which daisygenuine chassis-like features including management. Customers do not chain low-speed interfaces, thistrue pay-as-you-grow scaling and in have to worry about different design frees uplink ports forservice maintenance and restoration. software versions on different dedicated connectivity to theFrom a management perspective, our products, since all ERS 3500 units backbone. In addition to the stackingStackable Chassis looks like a single run the same software image. The cables, a return cable is also used tonetwork entity – utilizing only a single software image is loaded onto the provide full virtual chassis resiliencyIP address. base unit of the stack which then and to protect against any stack loads the image to all the other port, switch unit or cable failures.A stack of up to eight 24-port Avaya switches in the stack. As new unitsERS 3500 units can be created, are added to the stack, the ERS 3500enabling the Ethernet Routing Switch automates the software image and3500 series to deliver up to 80Gbps configuration download process.stacking throughput by scaling up Third party testing1 has validated thatto 192 x 10/100 ports and 16 x new ERS 3500 units can become10/100/1000/ SFP combo ports, or operational in just over 2 minutes of192 x 10/100/1000 ports. Note that being cabled into the stack.stacking support will be delivered insoftware version 5.1 for the ERS 3526T / To ensure wire-speed performance,ERS 3526T-PWR+ and ERS 3524GT / our Stackable Chassis architecture is3524GT-PWR+ models. based on a shortest-path forwarding algorithm for optimal data flow across the stack. Unlike competitive Figure 4: Avaya ERS 3500 in an solutions that use unwieldy logical eight unit stack ring or token technology, Avaya avaya.com | 5
  6. 6. Unlike competitive solutions which technology that allows grouping of authentication support. Up to 32 hostcharge large premiums for stacking, ports to form high-speed trunks/ devices per switch port are supportedthe ERS 3500 offers the ability for aggregations. These bundles or in these modes.customers to utilize its Stackable groups of ports can be distributedChassis architecture without incurring across different units in the same Based on the IEEE 802.1X standard,any licensing or hardware costs. stack, delivering higher levels of EAP limits access to the network resilience in case of link or switch based on user credentials. A user isIn-service maintenance and failure to help ensure that traffic gets required to login to the network usingrestoration (supported in software to its destination. a username/password; the userversion 5.1) database is maintained on theVirtual hot swap, a critical Stack health-check monitoring, a authentication server (not the switch).serviceability and operability real-time, at-a-glance view of stack Additionally MAC-address basedcapability, helps ensure that failure in operational status and health, further security limits access to only network-any unit is quickly and easily rectified. enhances operational and authorized and trusted personnel,Pioneered in modular switches, virtual management simplicity. including full tracking of networkhot swap is available in Avaya connections. Network access isstackable chassis solutions where, Centralized Management granted or denied via proper MAC- (supported in software address identification (up to awithout complex engineering, it version 5.1) maximum of 448).enables immediate like-for-like unitreplacement with no impact on other From a management perspective, our Stackable Chassis appears as a single When advanced, policy-based andfunctionality and traffic, empowering networking entity – utilizing only a centralized user/device authenticationoperators to deploy our solutions just single IP Address. This can is required, the Avaya ERS 3500 canas they would a chassis. If a failure significantly reduce the number of be used in conjunction with theoccurs, neighboring switches switches to be managed within the innovative Avaya Identity Enginesautomatically wrap their fabric network as a stack of up to 8 switches portfolio solution. This easy-to-connections to help ensure that other can be managed just as easily as a deploy, policy-based solutionswitches in the stack are not single switch. assigns network access rights andimpacted. The failed unit is simply permissions based on user role, wheredisconnected from the fabric and, the user connects (local or remote)without pre-staging of software or and how the user connects (wired orconfiguration, a like unit is inserted, Securing access at the wireless). In this way, each connectedcabled, and powered-up. The edge device and user are known and areAutomatic Unit Replacement (AUR) The Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 governed by device-specific securityprocess self-manages the software offers the highest level of security policies. For example, based on theirand configuration downloads to the with authenticated network access network credentials, an employeenew switch then brings it online, that leverages IEEE 802.1X Extensible using a corporate owned device willwithout the need for an engineer to Authentication Protocol (EAP) with be granted full corporate accessmanage the process. multiple extensions including support however, while using a non- for Multi-Host Multi-AuthenticationFurther complementing the Avaya corporate-owned device, they will be mode (MHMA), Multi-Host Single-ERS 3500 stacking architecture, granted limited access. Authentication mode (MHSA), nonAvaya supports standards-based EAP device support (i.e. printers, etc.) As the number of employee-owned802.3ad Link Aggregation as well as and RADIUS based MAC devices increases, Identity Enginesits own Multi-Link Trunking6 | avaya.com
  7. 7. can help network operators retain 3510GT and ERS 3510 GT-PWR+ to be Lifetime Warrantycontrol by running device health mounted either alone or with two Avaya includes industry-leadingchecks and verifying user and device units side by side in a standard 19” warranty services for our portfolio ofcredentials. Identity Engines helps rack. stackable switches, including Avayaensure that network access ERS 3500 Series products. Thepermission levels are enforced and The 24 port ERS 3500 can be warranty includes complimentaryadhered to without undue effort on installed on a table or shelf or wall next-business-day shipment of failedthe part of the IT staff. It also helps mounted using the included rack units for the life of the product, andensure that consistent access and mount brackets mounted at 90 basic technical support as follows:security policies are applied to all end degrees, or in a standard 19” Level 1 for the supported lifecycle ofpoints – whether they be wired or equipment rack. the product and up to Level 3 for thewireless. first 90 days after purchase. This includes support for the shippedIn addition, the Avaya ERS 3500 Energy Efficiency software version, with an optionaloffers security features that actively New regulations and rising awareness Software Release Service available toprotect against malicious network of the ever-increasing cost of provide access to new featureattacks. These include protection electrical power keep energy releases.from snooping of DHCP services, efficiency top of mind. An innovatorverification and filtering of ARP traffic in this area, Avaya has built energyvia in-hardware processing (Dynamic efficiency into many of its hardwareARP inspection), restriction of IP Summary products. In fact, independent testingtraffic to registered end devices (IP Avaya is positioned to provide an indicates that Avaya LAN Switches,Source Guard), and control of the end-to-end solution for converged Call Servers, Gateways, Unifiedflow of Spanning Tree BPDUs within networks. The Ethernet Routing Messaging Servers and Gigabit IPthe network (BPDU Filtering). Switch 3500 series, along with other Phones are typically more energy- Avaya products, can increase efficient than competitive equipment. profitability and productivity, The ERS 3500 is based on highlyCompact Form Factors efficient power supplies – delivering streamline business operations, lowerwith Flexible Installation over 80% efficiency. 2 The ERS 3500 costs and help your business gain a competitive edge.Options also supports dynamic powerThe 10 port ERS 3500s (3510GT & management where each port can be3510GT-PWR+), which are 1U tall, configured to limit the power8.75” wide and 8” and 11” deep delivered to a device and for powerrespectively (the ERS 3510GT-PWR+ priority level—low, high, and critical.is deeper than the ERS 3510GT), can The ERS 3500 also supports Energybe installed on a table or shelf using Efficient Ethernet (EEE) in hardwarerubber feet (included), or can be wall and will enable it in software in themounted using the wall mount future, along with the Avaya Energyscrews and anchors (also included). Saver functionality which eloquentlyAdditionally, optional rack accessory down speeds ports at off peak hourskits are available allowing the ERS in order to conserve energy. avaya.com | 7
  8. 8. Product SpecificationsERS 3526TSwitch Details: 24 10/100Base-TX ports, plus 2 combo 10/100/1000BASE-T or SFP ports 2 rear SFP ports can be used as additional ports in Standalone Mode, or, 2 rear HiStack ports delivering up to 10Gbps (FDX) of Stackable Chassis throughput per switch in Stacking Mode (v5.1) Fanless operation System CPU speed: 400MHz System memory: 32MB Flash, 128MB DRAM RJ-45 Console port provides industry standard serial port connectivity Switch capacity and forwarding rate: 12.8Gbps / 9.5Mpps MTBF: 645,510 hrsDimensions: Height: 1U or 44.5mm / 1.75” Width: 440mm / 17.5” Depth 280mm / 11”Weight: 3.60kg / 8lbPower and Input voltage: 100 to 240 VAC@ 47 to 63 HZThermal: Input current (max): 0.28A@100VAC Power consumption: 28.5 Watts max Thermal rating (output): 65 BTU/hr maxERS 3526T-PWR+Switch Details: 24 10/100BASE-TX ports with support for IEEE 802.3af PoE or IEEE 802.3at PoE+, plus 2 combo 10/100/1000BASE-T or SFP ports 2 rear SFP ports can be used as additional ports in Standalone Mode, or, 2 rear HiStack ports delivering up to 10Gbps (FDX) of Stackable Chassis throughput per switch in Stacking Mode (v5.1) System CPU speed: 400MHz System memory: 32MB Flash, 128MB DRAM RJ-45 Console port provides industry standard serial port connectivity Switch capacity and forwarding rate: 12.8Gbps / 9.5Mpps MTBF: 332,778Dimensions: Height: 1U or 44.5mm / 1.75” Width: 440mm / 17.5” Depth 280mm / 11”Weight: 4.50kg / 10lbPower and Input voltage: 100 to 240 VAC@ 47 to 63 HZThermal: Input current (max): 5.0A@100VAC Power consumption: 500Watts max Thermal rating (output): 360 BTU/hr max Maximum power budget: 370 Watts8 | avaya.com
  9. 9. ERS 3510GTSwitch Details: 8 10/100/1000BASE-T ports with 2 SFP ports Fanless operation Standalone System CPU speed: 400MHz System memory: 32MB Flash, 128MB DRAM RJ-45 Console port provides industry standard serial port connectivity Switch capacity and forwarding rate: 20Gbps / 14.9Mpps MTBF: 892,667 hrsDimensions: Height: 1U 44.5mm / 1.75” Width: 220mm / 8.75” Depth 200mm / 8”Weight: 1.75kg / 3.9lbPower and Input voltage: 100 to 240 VAC@ 47 to 63 HZThermal: Input current (max): 0.18A @ 100VAC, Power consumption: 18 Watts max Thermal rating (output): 61 BTU/hr maxERS 3510GT-PWR+Switch Details: 8 10/100/1000BASE-T ports with support for IEEE 802.3af PoE or IEEE 802.3at PoE+ with 2 SFP ports Standalone Dual power modes - fanless operation in Low Power Budget mode @ 60W max PoE budget, or normal fan operation in High Power Budget mode @ 170W max PoE budget. System CPU speed: 400MHz System memory: 32MB Flash, 128MB DRAM RJ-45 Console port provides industry standard serial port connectivity Switch capacity and forwarding rate: 20Gbps / 14.9Mpps MTBF: 673,452 hrsDimensions: Height: 1U 44.5mm / 1.75” Width: 220mm / 8.75” Depth 280mm / 11”Weight: 2.70kg / 6lbPower and Input voltage: 100 to 240 VAC@ 47 to 63 HZThermal: Input current (max): 2.1A @ 100VAC Power consumption: 210 Watts Thermal rating (output): 156 BTU/hr max Maximum power budget: 170 Watts avaya.com | 9
  10. 10. ERS 3524GTSwitch Details: 24 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, with 4 shared SFP ports (combo with ports 21-24) 2 rear SFP ports can be used as additional ports in Standalone Mode, or, 2 rear HiStack ports delivering up to 10Gbps (FDX) of Stackable Chassis throughput per switch in Stacking Mode (v5.1) System CPU speed: 400MHz System memory: 32MB Flash, 128MB DRAM RJ-45 Console port provides industry standard serial port connectivity Switch capacity and forwarding rate: 52Gbps / 38.7Mpps MTBF: 657,619 hrsDimensions: Height: 1U 44.5mm / 1.75” Width: 440mm / 17.5” Depth 280mm / 11”Weight: 3.55kg / 7.8lbPower and Input voltage: 100 to 240 VAC@ 47 to 63 HZThermal: Input current (max): 0.28A @ 100VAC Power consumption: 28.5 Watts max Thermal rating (output): 95 BTU/hr maxERS 3524GT-PWR+Switch Details: 24 10/100/1000BASE-T ports with support for IEEE 802.3af PoE or IEEE 802.3at PoE+, with 4 shared SFP ports (combo with ports 21-24) 2 rear SFP ports can be used as additional ports in Standalone Mode, or, as 2 rear HiStack ports delivering up to 10Gbps (FDX) of Stackable Chassis throughput per switch in Stacking Mode (v5.1) System CPU speed: 400MHz System memory: 32MB Flash, 128MB DRAM RJ-45 Console port provides industry standard serial port connectivity Switch capacity and forwarding rate: 52Gbps / 38.7Mpps MTBF: 336,357 hrsDimensions: Height: 1U or 44.5mm / 1.75” Width: 440mm / 17.5” Depth 280mm / 11”Weight: 4.61kg / 10.2lbPower and Input voltage: 100 to 240 VAC@ 47 to 63 HZThermal: Input current (max): 5.0A@100VAC Power consumption: 500 Watts max Thermal rating (output): 357 BTU/hr max Maximum power budget: 370 Watts10 | avaya.com
  11. 11. Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Standards Compliance IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) and LLDP- RFC 2012 SNMP v2 MIB for TCP Media Endpoint Discovery (LLDP-MED) RFC 2013 SNMP v2 MIB for UDP IEEE 802.1Q VLANs RFC 2138 RADIUS IEEE 802.1p Priority Queues RFC 2236 Internet Group Management Protocol v2 IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree RFC 2460 Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) Specification IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree RFC 2461 Neighbor Discovery for IPv6 IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Groups RFC 2462 IPv6 Auto-configuration of link local addresses IEEE 802.1X Ethernet Authentication Protocol (EAP) RFC 2474 Differentiated Services Support IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T/ 100BASE-TX RFC 2570 / 3410 SNMPv3 IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-T (ANSI) Auto-Negotiation RFC 2571 / 3411 SNMP Frameworks IEEE 802.3x Pause Frames / Flow Control RFC 2572 / 3412 SNMP Message Processing IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-X RFC 2573 / 3413 SNMPv3 Applications IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T RFC 2574 / 3414 SNMPv3 USM IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) RFC 2575 / 3415 SNMPv3 VACM IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet – PoE (15.4W) RFC 2576 / 3584 Co-existence of SNMP v1/v2/v3 IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet plus – PoE+ (32W) RFC 2616 HTTP RFC 783 Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) RFC 2660 HTTPS (Secure Web) RFC 791/950 Internet Protocol (IP) RFC 2665 Ethernet MIB RFC 792 Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) RFC 2674 Q-Bridge MIB RFC 826 Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) RFC 2737 Entity MIBv2 RFC 854 Telnet Server and Client RFC 2819 RMON MIB RFC 951 / 1542 BOOTP RFC 2863 Interfaces Group MIB RFC 1112 Internet Group Management Protocol v1 RFC 2866 RADIUS Accounting RFC 1213 MIB-II RFC 2869 RADIUS Extensions (interim updates) RFC 1215 SNMP Traps Definition RFC 3046 (& 5010) DHCP option 82, Relay Agent Information RFC 1271 / 1757 / 2819 RMON Option RFC 1361 / 1769 Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) RFC 3058 RADIUS Authentication. RFC 1493 Bridge MIB RFC 3376 Internet Group Management Protocol v3 RFC 1573 / 2863 Interface MIB RFC 3576 RADIUS Change of Authorization RFC 1643 / 2665 Ethernet MIB RFC 4007 Scoped Address Architecture RFC 1905 / 3416 SNMP RFC 4193 Unique Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses RFC 1906 / 3417 SNMP Transport Mappings RFC 4252 SSH RFC 1907 / 3418 SNMP MIB RFC 4291 IPv6 Addressing Architecture RFC 1945 HTTP v1.0 RFC 4301 Security Architecture for the Internet Protocol RFC 1981 Path MTU Discovery for IPv6 RFC 4432 SSHv2 RSA RFC 2011 SNMP v2 MIB for IP RFC 4443 Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMPv6) Update to RFC2463General Performance Pluggable Interfaces • Storage temperature: -40C to 70CSwitch Fabric performance: 12.8Gbps to 100BASE-FX SFP up to 2km reach over • Storage altitude: 10,000 ft52Gbps MMF (Duplex LC) • Acoustic noise (dB): ERS 3510GT => 0; Frame forwarding rate: 9.5 to 38.7Mpps 1000BASE-T SFP up to 100m over CAT5E ERS 3510GT-PWR+ => 36.4; ERS 3524GT or better UTP Cable (RJ-45) = > 36.1; ERS 3524GT-PWR+ => 40; ERS Latency (64 byte packet): 26 to 37 3526T => 0; ERS 3526T-PWR+ => 40.microseconds 1000BASE-SX SFP up to 550m reach on MMF (Duplex LC) • Operating humidity: 95% RH non Frame length: 1522 bytes (including Q tag) condensing 1000BASE-LX SFP up to 550m reach onJumbo Frame support: up to 9216 octets • Storage humidity: 95% RH non- MMF, and up to 10 km on SMF (Duplex LC)MLT / 802.3ad LACP: 6 groups with 4 condensing 1000BASE-XD CDWM SFP up to 40 kmactive trunks reach on SMF (Duplex LC) • No nearby heat sources such as hot air Concurrently configured VLANs: 256 vents or direct sunlight 1000BASE-ZX CDWM SFP up to 70 kmEgress queues: 4 reach on SMF (Duplex LC) • No nearby sources of severe Multiple Spanning Tree Groups: 8 1000BASE-EX SFP up to 120 km reach on electromagnetic noise SMF (Duplex LC) • No excessive dustMAC Address: up to 16,000 1000BASE-BX SFP up to 10 and 40 km • Adequate power source within six feet; DHCP Snooping: up to 512 entries reach variants on SMF (LC) one 15-Amp circuit required for each 802.1X Clients per port: 32 power supply.ARP Entries: up to 512 Environmental • At least 5cm (2”) on each side of the IP Interfaces: up to 32 switch unit for ventilation SpecificationsRMON entries per port: 4 groups • Operating temperature: 32° and 122° F ADAC (IP Phones): 32 per port (0° and 50° C)QoS filters per precedence: 256 • Operating altitude: 10,000 ft.QoS precedence: 4QoS filters per switch: 1024 avaya.com | 11
  12. 12. Safety Agency Approvals • FCC, Part 15, Class A US Certification • IEC 60950 International CB • ICES-003, Class A Canadian Certification Certification • EN 60950 European Certification • AN/NZS 3548 Australian/NZ Certification • UL60950 US certification • BSMI - Taiwan - CNS 13438, Class A • CSA22.2, #60950 Canadian Certification • MIC - Korea - MIC, No. 2001-116 • NOM Mexican Certification • VCCI Class A Japanese Certification Electromagnetic Miercom Lab Testing Summary Report 1 Emissions and “Plug and Play” Switches Aug.2011. Immunity 2 Based on Avaya testing • CISPR22, Class A/CISPR24 International • EN55022, Class A/EN55024 European Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series Ordering Information ERS 3500 Series Models AL3500?01-E6* ERS 3526T featuring 24 x 10/100Mbps + 2 Combo 10/100/1000Mbps or SFP ports + 2 SFP / 2.5G rear ports. Fanless. AL3500?11-E6* ERS 3526T-PWR+ featuring 24 x 10/100Mbps PoE+ ports + 2 Combo 10/100/1000Mbps or SFP ports + 2 SFP / 2.5G rear ports. PoE budget 370W. AL3500?04-E6* ERS 3510GT featuring 8 x 10/100/1000Mbps + 2 SFP ports. Standalone. Fanless. AL3500?14-E6* ERS 3510GT-PWR+ featuring 8 x 10/100/1000Mbps PoE+ ports + 2 SFP ports. Standalone. Fanless mode @ 60W PoE budget, Fan operation mode @ 170W PoE budget. AL3500?05-E6* ERS 3524GT featuring 24 x 10/100/1000Mbps with 4 shared SFP ports (combo with ports 21-24) + 2 SFP / 2.5G rear ports. AL3500?15-E6* ERS 3524GT-PWR+ featuring 24 x 10/100/1000Mbps PoE+ ports with 4 shared SFP ports (combo with ports 21-24) + 2 SFP / 2.5G rear ports. PoE budget 370W. ERS 3500 Series Accessories AL3511001-E6 Standard set of 19” rack mount brackets - spare AL3511003-E6 Optional accessory kit for mounting one ERS 3510GT or ERSAbout Avaya 3510GT-PWR+ switch in a 19” rack. AL3511002-E6 Optional accessory kit for joining two ERS 3510GT / ERSAvaya is a global 3510GT-PWR+ switches together (side-by-side) to mount in a 19”provider of business rack.collaboration and *Note: The seventh character (?) of the switch order number must be replaced with thecommunications proper letter to indicate desired product nationalization. See table for details:solutions, providing “A” No power cord includedunified communications,contact centers, “B” Includes European “Schuko” power cord common in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, andnetworking and related Swedenservices to companies “C” Includes power cord commonly used in the United Kingdom andof all sizes around Irelandthe world. For more “D” Includes power cord commonly used in Japaninformation please visitwww.avaya.com. “E” Includes North American power cord “F” Includes Australian power cord, also commonly used in New Zealand and the People’s Republic of China © 2012 Avaya Inc. All Rights Reserved.12 | avaya.com All trademarks identified by ®, ™, or SM are registered marks, trademarks, and service marks, respectively, of Avaya Inc. 04/12 • LB7028-01