Avaya ERS 3500 quick setup guide for IP Office


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Avaya ERS 3500 quick setup guide for IP Office; ERS version 5.0.1 available. incorporates easy setup script for ERS 3500 in Avaya IP Office environments!!!

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Avaya ERS 3500 quick setup guide for IP Office

  1. 1. Avaya ERS 3500 quick setupguide for IP OfficeIntroduction Step 3. Configure Ethernet Switch parametersThis guide provides instructions for quick installation of an Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch Use the CLI command run ipoffice fully automated script if Avaya IP Office is being installed(ERS) 3500 series switch with an Avaya IP Office 500 system. The ERS 3500 (from release with system default settings. Use the CLI command user input prompted script if Avaya IPv5.0.1) supports a CLI command that provides fast setup of a 3500 series PoE switch to Office is being installed with customized (non-default) configuration. The ERS 3500 runbest practices configuration in a Unified Communications solution incorporating Avaya IP ipoffice verbose script will allow configuration settings to be customized to integrate withOffice and Avaya IP Phones on an ERS 3500 switch. The ERS 3500 supports a fully IP Office settings.automated or user prompted command script. At AVAYA banner, press CTRL+Y then type enable at the “35xx-PWR+>” prompt. At “35xx-PWR+#” prompt, type the required CLI command:Step 1. Prepare hardware • run ipoffice (Fully automated setup script) • run ipoffice verbose (User prompted setup script) Unpack IP Office hardware and setup Unpack Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch (These commands will configure the switch to optimally run with Avaya IP Office) using IP office installation guides. 3500 series PoE switch. Step 4. Automated script settings for Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch • Voice VLAN ID = 42 • IP Office Call server address = • Voice VLAN 42 gateway IP = • IP Office File server address = • Data VLAN ID = 44 • Switch port 1 – IP Office • Data VLAN 44 gateway IP = • Switch port 2 – WAN / ADSL Router • Switch Management IP = • Switch port 3 & above – IP Phones, PCs, • Default route to printers and other data devices.Step 2. Connect PC to Console port on the SwitchConnect PC with serial cable to switch RJ-45 console port using Windows Hyperterm or Step 5. Connect Avaya IP Office, Avaya IP Phones & other devicesother terminal emulator. Set the terminal protocol on the terminal or terminal emulationprogram to VT100 & VT100/ANSI. Following the port assignments indicated, use the illustration below to connect your Avaya(Use DB9 Female to RJ-45 integrated console cable: AL2011022-E6 or Avaya RED DB9 Female to RJ-45 IP Office, WAN Router, IP Phones and devices to the Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch.adaptor: AL2011020-E6 with Cat5E straight cable to RJ-45 console port.)Terminal emulation settings Property Value RJ-45 Name Requirement Jack Baud Rate 9600 bps 1 RTS (Ready To Send) Optional - can swap Data Bits 8 or link with pin 8 RJ-45 8-Pin optional Female Jack Stop Bits 1 2 DTR (Data Terminal Ready) Optional Parity None 3 TXD (Transmit Data) Mandatory Flow Control None 4 DCD (Carrier Detect) Optional 5 GND (Ground) Mandatory 6 RXD (Receive Data) Mandatory 7 DSR (Data Set Ready) Optional 8 CTS (Clear To Send) Optional - can swap or link with pin 1NOTE: RJ-45 Console ports on Avaya switches have a BLUE line aound the port.
  2. 2. Avaya ERS 3500 and IP Office solution reference diagrams Avaya IP Office 500 + ERS 3500 for 2-22 users Avaya IP Office 500 + ERS 3500 for 2-22 users Physical solution reference architecture Logical solution reference architecture Avaya IP Office 500(standard or premier version) Voice VLAN (VLAN 42) WAN port LAN port (rear) (Not connected) (to ERS 3500 Port 1) Avaya IP Office 500 Supported on: Avaya ERS 3500 ERS 3526T-PWR+ (PoE Switch) ERS 3510GT-PWR+ ERS 3524GT-PWR+ Avaya 16xx/96xx IP Phones (PoE) WAN Router or ADSL Modem WAN / Office Avaya ERS 3500 server WAN / (PoE Switch) Internet Internet Data VLAN (VLAN 44) Office Avaya IP Phones (PoE) printer WAN Router or Wired & Wireless Devices Office ADSL Modem Office server Laptop/desktop PCs (DHCP Server) (connected to IP Phone data port) Wireless AP (802.11b/g/n)
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