Alcatel-Lucent SMB RCE Roadmap (OXO


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Presentation Alcatel-Lucent SMB roadmap (2011). mobility with Femto cell technology powered by Bell Labs Innovations

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  • tdmcpe only isdnintro new world, adapt oxo = changing, telecom changing/ continue current well known oxo, OR change, how: natural outcome > s6 strategy.
  • New oxo = OXO RCE new hardware new platform new sw(amplifier) We are not lookingatourself, lookingoutsideRCE is the connectorMore to ipmultimediasubsystem, to mcs, to video, enabler for cloud services, partners, Reach cm = oxo more relevant to business of smbmixing technologies on one platformcoreroutingpresence, acd -> creatingadded value for smb = using oxo theycan have thingsthat help daily busWewillinvest for next release<< 2011Will continue to make oxo relevant for smb bus
  • Also key for smb(very close to consumer), //mobile is U everything : personalised widgets, applications, environment, communicationDo same on oxo make more personalSIP infra = foundation User experience, personalisation important for uc mob conversatMake that more personal with presence im conf vidContext based routing = reach customer management = no lost call = no lost bus
  • How do we see oxo future: World is changing, application enablement ims/ltesaas, immersive,oxo stays in middle – missing piece of the puzzle - without no new servicesEvolution path. We have aggressive ambition and we stay relevant on this market
  • Alcatel-Lucent SMB RCE Roadmap (OXO

    1. 1. Rich Communication for Everyone<br />Every SMB can access Next Gen<br />
    2. 2. Transformation is the key!<br />“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.It’s the one that is the most adaptable to change »… Charles Darwin <br />
    3. 3. SMB market evolution<br />TDM Systems<br /><ul><li> Pure analog/digital PBXs (no IP capability)</li></ul>IP & Hybrid Systems<br /><ul><li> Can beconfigured (sold) as a mixed TDM/IP, or pure IP system</li></ul>NextGeneration Systems<br /><ul><li>Includes convergence of ToIP/UC based on SIP at the core</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) accelerating migration from TDM to IP in SMB
    4. 4. Hosted (including IP Centrex) Telephony could potentially be disruptive to IP Telephony (…but<5%)
    5. 5. Push/Pull dynamic of Mobile technologies in the enterprise</li></ul>SMB Trends, changes and issues<br />
    6. 6. Help SMB solve business problems<br /><ul><li>Verticals (Health,…)
    7. 7. Presence based
    8. 8. ACD extension
    9. 9. Cloud enabled</li></ul>Leverage SP applications<br /><ul><li>Mobility / Presence
    10. 10. Advanced SIP trunking
    11. 11. Femto IMS mobility
    12. 12. IMS enterprise roaming
    13. 13. IMS certification is key</li></ul>Reach Customer Management<br />IMS Core<br />Augment our UC offer through partnership<br /><ul><li>IBM Live
    14. 14. Microsoft </li></ul>MCS Services<br /><ul><li>Reach the SoHo market
    15. 15. FMC applications
    16. 16. Rich desktop environment</li></ul>OXO<br />RCE“Amplifier”<br />Partnership<br />IMS/RCS<br />Leverage Next Gen development as a service<br /><ul><li>Next Gen Hosted UC
    17. 17. Hosted/Netbased/IMS deployment flexibility
    18. 18. Next Gen inside !</li></ul>Entry video for SMB<br /><ul><li>Lifesize entry system
    19. 19. On demand video services</li></ul>Immersive<br />Communication<br />UC in the Cloud<br />“Change the game!”<br />
    20. 20. The Communication is becoming Personal<br />Chloe, Joe, Sacha<br />Software development<br />Steve<br />Sales<br />Willy Project leader <br />Context based routing<br />Presence, IM, Multi-media Conferencing, Immersive video <br />Jimmy <br />COO<br />MMC Session<br />OmniPCXvoice server<br />Contextorchestration<br />Multimodal conversationsUC & Mobility<br />Immersiveconferencing<br />Personalization framework<br />Converged SIP infrastructure<br />SIP trunkingIP and SIP end pointsEase of deploymentIP DECT, VoWLAN500+ telephony features<br />
    21. 21. RCE User Experience Evolution<br />
    22. 22. Unified Client, Strategy of convergence “MCC to MyIC”<br />Unified Personal Experience!<br />MyIC Phone<br />MyIC Mobiles<br />MyIC Office<br />BICS<br />OXE<br />OXO<br />
    23. 23. Helping the SMB to solve Business problems!<br />MyIC Executive … Secretary / Manager use case<br />
    24. 24. Key RCE Values for SMB<br />Rich Communication <br />+<br />Femtocell<br />
    25. 25. Private Network<br />Mobile Expertise<br />Home, Enterprise, Metro<br />3G and LTE Radio Expertise<br />Bell Labs Flat IP, Self-X, security & Motive HDM<br />Business/innovation partner<br />FMC Plug-and-Play<br />Small cell @ the office<br />Leverage mobility solutions<br />Transform a PBX into a Mobile PBX<br />PBX Expertise<br />SMB, Mid Enterprise Telephony<br />Unified Communications<br />Innovative RCS/IMS<br />RCE Femto Opportunity for SMB<br />MCC Clients<br />Femto<br />Offsite & Onsite <br />mobility convergence<br />
    26. 26. Femto PBX Integration<br />Fixed / Mobile convergence<br /> Onsite & Offsite mobility convergence BENEFITS <br />Optimized connectivity (3G)<br />> Increase productivity<br /> > Cost saving<br />Free of charge local communications<br />One single device <br />Automatic switch (onsite / offsite)<br />
    27. 27. Femto PBX Integration<br />Fixed / Mobile convergence<br /> Office Communication Solution (Current Solution)<br /><ul><li>Onsite Mobility : DECT / WiFi(basic telephony functions)
    28. 28. Offsite mobility :GSM / Smart Phone
    29. 29. One number (your mobile is your business phone)
    30. 30. Mobile virtual desktop (web based collaboration services)</li></ul> Rich Communication Edition (New 2010)<br /><ul><li>New user interfaces, user experience and services
    31. 31. MCC Office (PC, Mac, Linux)
    32. 32. MCC Mobile (iPhone, Android, Blackberry *)</li></li></ul><li>Femtocell PBX Integration<br /> New potential services<br />Localisation<br />Security monitoring<br />Enrich presence information<br />Automatic service activations<br /><ul><li>Automatic “out of office” message management
    33. 33. Automatic back-up of files from your phone
    34. 34. Automatic One Number Service
    35. 35. Automatic SMS alerts when your (selected) colleagues arrives
    36. 36. Automatic presence status update locally and on social networking websites.
    37. 37. Automatic synchronization of your favorite data (calendar, contacts …..)</li></li></ul><li>IMS/RCS to expand the scope of communication universality<br />Vertical applications<br />Etc.<br />RCS<br />Web 2.0<br />Existingcommunicationservices<br />Apps store<br />MM communication<br />Enhancedmessaging<br />Data sharing<br />Application innovation boosted by exposure of a universal set of communication means <br />Context-aware<br />Traditional Telephony<br />
    38. 38. IMS / LTE<br />is the new benchmark for Carrier Services<br />Cloud/SaaS<br />is the new business model for service delivery<br />OXO<br />RCE<br />Immersive Communication<br />is the next step after instant communication<br />RCS Enterprise Client<br />is the new benchmark for Rich user experience<br />OXO RCE at the heart of Application Enablement for SMB<br />
    39. 39. Office Communication Solutions Q4 2010 <br />Adapt our Office offer!<br />Sustain our core CPE market at the right price<br />Focus on IP, with a new future proof, SIP ready, communication platform<br />Simplify the offer and ease our selling process & tools<br />Keep up with SIP/IMS evolutions (Rich Communication Edition)<br />
    40. 40. Four new platforms (C,S,M,L)<br /><ul><li>More powerful CPU with VoIP at the core
    41. 41. Optimized hardware</li></ul>Renewed VoWLAN offer<br /><ul><li>New price effective OmniTouch 81xx WLAN phones
    42. 42. Full range of new 802.11n compliant access points</li></ul>Redesigned Call Center<br /><ul><li>OmniTouch Call Center Office application enhancements (CLI table extension, customer identification,…)
    43. 43. New user experience for Agent & Supervisor applications
    44. 44. Flexible commercial offer</li></ul>Multi company welcome<br /><ul><li>Provides a customized welcome for each company with specific 10-minute music on hold</li></ul>SIP ready! <br /><ul><li>SIP trunking enhancements to enlarge SIP network coverage and standard compliance
    45. 45. SIP client ready for next step: My IC Phone & SIP conferencing module & SIP phones</li></ul>OmniPCX OfficeRich Communication Edition<br />
    46. 46. Engage<br />SMB Customers<br />Solve<br />SMB Problems<br />All RightsReserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2010<br />