… Just ask David Meerman Scott, Author of  The New Rules of Marketing and PR.
Millions of people worldwide use social networking sites.
Approximately 250 Million users…
Over 70 Million
Google is awesome!
Out with the old…
… In with the new
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Final NMDL Presentation


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Final Presentation for Summer '09 New Media Driver's License Course.

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  • The New Media Drivers license course equips students with the tools needed to master the next generation of marketing and public relations. Traditional methods of marketing and public relations are being replaces by a newer, more technologically based methods utilizing the internet and all it has to offer. Traditional methods of marketing and public relations are being replaces by a newer, more technologically based methods utilizing the internet and all it has to offer.
  • In The New Rule of Marketing and PR, Scott challenges readers to rethink the traditional rules of marketing and PR and to evolve with the times. Social Media and Blogging are popular methods of networking that can revolutionize the way businesses gain exposure and connect with its’ customers.
  • Millions of people worldwide use social networking sites or write on blogs. Why not use them to spread the word? With over thousands of sites to chose from, the exposure possibilities are too great to measure.
  • Facebook has approximately 250 million users. Facebook is an excellent tool to market a business venture-absolutely free. With the capability to build a network of “fans” or “friends” marketers can use facebok as an opportunity to post pictures of a new facility or completed project, write notes highlighting a special achievement or milestone or post status messages alerting customers of sales, special events or current news.
  • Twitter is a great way to promote anything newsworthy. With the capability to constantly update status messages, businesses can update their twitter pages with urgent news, new campaigns, upcoming events and other pertinent information. With over 8 million users, the exposure a corporation could potentially gain using this up-to-the minute network is limitless. A friend of mine owns a Sneaker Boutique in Royal Oak. I recently started to follow him on Twitter and found Tweets notifying followers of back to school sales, musicians making appearances in the store and upcoming shoe releases.
  • Bloogers are sometimes referred to an unofficial journalists. As people have experiences with different aspects of life and exchange stories with each other, the blogging world has increased exponentially. These “unofficial” journalists chronicle their experiences using multiple online platforms, many of which are free or very inexpensive to use. Several free platforms are available and can be customized to suit each individual’s preferences. Blogs are easy to use, look professionally customized and gives the user the ability to control and monitor the content. When news breaks, bloggers are often the first to make it public and people rely on blogs and social networking sites just as much as other online news sources.
  • Many networks are free and allow you to post as much information as you wish. Traditional Marketing/PR methods require a corporation/business to spend large amount of money when online social networking can be much less expensive (many times free) and much more effective in terms of reaching a mass audience.
  • The internet and all the tools available can help you reach millions of people. Blogs, social networking sites, an online Public relations sites allow relevant information about your business to be disseminated to millions of potential customers instantaneously. Corporations can utilize these vehicles to increase their visibility on the web and create a presence in these communities.
  • -There are a number of Google tools to assist in management of information pertaining to a business/corporation’s “name” or “brand.” -Google Analytics-gives insights to website traffic -Google Keyword Tool-helps with keyword ideas -Google Maps-helps patrons find business locations and allows pertinent business information such as hours of operation, methods of payment and notice of sales or special events. -Google Earth-satellite imagery -Google Adwords-gives the ability to advertise on Google -Google Webmaster Tools-provides detailed reports regarding visitors and problems occurring on the site.
  • -Google tools plus social networking sites allow users to feel connected to your product. According to David Meerman Scott, customers want “participation, not propaganda.”
  • -Scott gives 9 new rules for marketing & PR that involve walking away from the old rules. Some of those old rules: -The only way to get PR is to go through the media. -Press releases were not to include customer testimonials or quotes from analysts or experts. -PR & marketing are viewed as separate disciplines managed by people with opposing strategies and goals. DMS cautions that if the old rules continue to lead our marketing & PR efforts, we will be left behind!
  • Scott outlines 13 new rules of marketing and PR that override any previous, outdated rules. They include: -PR is about buyers seeing you on the web and not about your boss seeing your company add on TV. -Marketing is more than advertising & PR is for more than a mainstream audience -Customers should be driven to buy through great online content.
  • In a nutshell, NMDL has helped us to realize that a new wave of marketing and PR methods will propel us into the future. New methods ought to be embraced to match the current trends in communication and in the end, maximize exposure.
  • In recent searches for positions in the PR and marketing arenas, I’ve found companies looking specifically for social media managers to lead the way for the organization’s marketing efforts. This should signal to us that this new, emerging trend in social media is catching on and will be around for years to come.
  • Through this course, we’ve been given the information an tools to succeed in helping any organization we work for achieve it’s marketing and public relations goals. Even if you were not an expert at the beginning and still don’t feel 100% comfortable today upon the completion of this class, we’ve been given some great building blocks for success in social media marketing.
  • Final NMDL Presentation

    1. 2. … Just ask David Meerman Scott, Author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR.
    2. 3. Millions of people worldwide use social networking sites.
    3. 4. Approximately 250 Million users…
    5. 6. Over 70 Million
    6. 7. SAVE YOUR MONEY!
    8. 9. Google is awesome!
    9. 10. JOIN US!
    10. 11. Out with the old…
    11. 12. … In with the new
    12. 13. IN A NUTSHELL