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  • Now, students use their blogs to post book reviews, respond to text, share  new learning in inquiry projects and ask questions of our blogging community.
  • Digital devices presentation

    1. 1. Digital Devices Explore possibilities, enhance instruction, engage students.
    2. 2. Opening ActivityO Download QR Reader O i-nigmaO Socrative survey O Download app – Student Clicker-Socrative OR O
    3. 3. What devices?O Smartphones O Portable Media O iPhone, Android, Devices Blackberry, etc. O iPodO Tablet Computers O Laptop/Netbook O iPad, Android Tablets, etc. O eReader O Kindle Fire (limited)
    4. 4. QR CodesO Book reviews Record & attach to bookO Homework help Open how-to video Khan Academy, or a student/teacher generated video from your class.
    5. 5. QR CodesO Share digital files Easy access to documents.O Link to website Easily open site for classO Scavenger Hunt
    6. 6. InstructionO Screen recording O Teacher explains missed problems on test for independent relearning. O Kindergarten student explaining math. O Student explaining factor trees.O Activities O Annotating documents O Mindmapping
    7. 7. InstructionO Research O Search for an answer or solution. O Research a topic, screenshot, highlight & take notes on text.O Multimedia O Take pictures, record audio or video to create a presentation. O Take picture of written work to submit to teacher. O Record audio or video of book review.
    8. 8. ConnectO Digital file sharing O Submit work O Distribute materials (no copies!)O Collaboration on projects O Online sticky notes – linoit example O Presentation-using Google or web toolO Blog O Communicate with classmates and/or public, quick assessments, reflections, writing pieces, etc. O
    9. 9. AssessmentO Blogs O Students type reflection on blog. Parents can see and teacher can read. ( embedded)O On-screen quiz or surveyO Quizlet (study tool)O Socrative (app) & websiteO Google Forms O Instant results by student & question. O Can be practice for state testing. O Google Forms How-to. (1:07)
    10. 10. Content Area -QR on maps for -Screen record steps certain locations to of solving problem look up -Khan Academy or Math -digital timelines Train videos -write digital story -Practice withabout historical event flashcards-record video of event -Scavenger hunt with or life of historical QR Codes figure -Google maps in geography
    11. 11. Content Area-Free ebooks of some novels -research animals or habitats -Use digital document to correct grammar -create video oror identify themes/key presentation on steps points or results of experiment-journaling/blogging -take pictures -digital storytelling outdoors to create a -Writing pieces in presentation digital form -use image of animal-podcast or video book or plant & label parts. reviews (or chapter (best with touchscreen) reviews) O Ideas?
    12. 12. Resources O O Be amazed at what students can do! These two teachers blog almost daily about the technology in their classroom & show videos/pictures! O O Middle school teacher blogs almost daily about technology in his math classroom with videos! Great explanations about the individual learning of his students!Cami Knapp