Mlearning for hiv_aids_care


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Med-e-tel 2009

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Mlearning for hiv_aids_care

  1. 1. mLearning for HIV/AIDS care in Peru M. Zolfo C. Kiyan D. Iglesias, I M Zolfo, C Kiyan, D Iglesias I. de Waard, Waard K. Castillo C., L. Fucay, E. Llacsahuanga, L. Lynen, J. Echevarria Z.
  2. 2. Background ‘mLearning’ or "mobile learning" means learning happening across locations locations, taking advantage of learning opportunities offered by portable technologies Health care workers have indicated the need for an autonomous mobile solution that would enable to access the latest medical information
  3. 3. Objective Design and evaluate innovative approach to healthcare workers’ training, through an educational mobile application application, which allows: downloading of the latest medical information g g knowledge sharing and data contribution
  4. 4. Methodology A set of learning scenarios (clinical modules) are developed and adapted to mobile devices Learning outcomes are assured by multiple choice questions at end of each module A platform, web-based (MLE Moodle), is offered to support the learning events, tracking students’ progresses over time
  5. 5. Target population/setting Health care workers involved in HIV/AIDS care 20 Clinics in Department Capitals (urban p p ( and peripheral)
  6. 6. Mobile devices
  7. 7. CLINICAL MODULE Pre-test (day 1) -access LCMS ( MLE Moodle) -via email -website Summary Day 1: Evaluation with focus in this topic Day 3: Send Clinical cases with questions and start discussion. Day 10: Conclusion of clinical cases Day 11:Summary of module (articles and review) Day 15: Post test of this topic Clinical Case (day 3) -3d movies (podcast deliver using itunes) ) -Questions related with clinical case (start discussion forum Moodle) -Critical thinking Post-test (day 15) wifi Conclusion of discussion (day 10 --strengthening network - Send summary material Website Link (day 11)
  8. 8. Some tools used for mLearning
  9. 9. Impact Increased availability and access to information Increased knowledge and experience sharing in communities and network Increased collaboration and innovation Production of standardized knowledge, applicable to multiple operating systems/ countries
  10. 10. Acknowledgements This work is a result of the collaboration between the eLearning teams of Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp and the Medicine, Institute of Tropical Medicine Alexander Von Humboldt, Lima Thank you! This Thi project is supported by j ti t db REACH-Tibotec 2008, Educational Grant
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