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Intro to social media day 2 09-11 Intro to social media day 2 09-11 Presentation Transcript

  • By Chris Kieff
    Intro to Social Media Day 2
  • Agenda
    In depth social media platform review:
  • Facebook In Depth
    Best Practices
  • Facebook Profile Privacy
    Messages always stay at the privacy level of the message originator
    The Question: Who Started the Thread?
    Assuming: You and Them have changed privacy settings from Everyone (default) to messages visible to Friends Only. (Vs. Friends of Friends)
    Message Visibility:
    Me starts- visible to both You and Them, and My other Friends. If You or Them respond to this message visibility remains unchanged.
    You starts- visible to Me not Them, and You’s other Friends.
    Them starts- visible to Me not You, and Them’s other Friends.
  • Facebook Page Privacy
    Pages are public.
    Everything anyone writes on your business page is public unless you change it
    Exception- Facebook’s moderation rules
    You mark a message as spam
    You can disable users ability to write on your wall- but why?
    You can set your page to display only messages from you
    However, other messages are still there users just need to click to see them. And they’re in their Newsfeed.
    Your Page
  • Facebook Pages
    Recommended for every business
    Free and easy
    Don’t set and forget
    Send blog and post regular updates
    Make it look professional
    Always respond to any comment
    You get email notifications up to 10,000 fans
    Remove spam comments, get rich quick, work from home
    Monitor with Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Co-Tweet, Sprinklr etc.
    Also Known As: “Fan Pages”
    Install Google Analytics
  • Facebook Groups
    Open- anyone can read everything
    Closed- anyone can see members but not content
    Secret- can’t see members or content or know of it’s existence
    Uses for Groups
    Horizontal or Vertical communications
    Non-Friend connections
    Customer groups (?!)
    Trade Groups (legal issues)
    Limitations- about 250 people max (recommended no real limit). Remember email is defaulted on!
    Old Lists- personal groups
  • Facebook “Likes”
    Over 1 MM sites with “Like” buttons
    People who click on “Like” buttons click 5.3X more links and have 310 Friends (vs 130)
    Using faces on the like button increases CTR 5-10X
  • Facebook Advertising
    Advertising on Facebook is NOT a social media tactic
    Excellent demographic targeting
    Very similar to Google and other online advertising- auction, CPM, CPC…
    Except- don’t run multiple simultaneous ads because they will compete, not rotate (diff from Google.)
    Use images, best performance is for links on Facebook.
    Test different ads to find the best performing
    Use Google Analytics to track- FB reports are poor.
  • Facebook Research
    Use the Facebook Advertising System
    Conduct demographic research to better know your target demo in a geography. (understanding the Facebook skew)
    You don’t need to run ads to do research
  • Facebook Edgerank
    Edgerank is how Facebook decides if your updates make it to “TOP NEWS”
    Each Edge has three components important to Facebook’s algorithm:
    Affinity Score: between the viewing user and the item’s creator — if you send your friend a lot of Facebook messages and check their profile often, then you’ll have a higher affinity score for that user than you would, say, an old acquaintance you haven’t spoken to in years.
    Weight: A comment probably has more importance than a Like, for example.
    Time. The older an Edge is, the less important it becomes.
  • FacebookApps for Business
    Top 75 Apps for Enhancing Your Facebook Page
    Woobox (Static iFrame, Coupons, Sweepstakes…)
    Involver (Free Apps, Twitter, etc.)
    North Social (Excellent Apps)
    Networked Blogs (Free Blog Sharing)
    RSS Graffiti (RSS Feed display multiple Blogs, etc.)
    Slide Share (PowerPoint)
    WildFireBuddyMedia (Contests $$)
    Yelp Reviews (Yelp)
    Contact Me (Form)
    Email, Ecommerce, Appointment Scheduling, Polls, Quizzes, FAQ, Live Chat, YouTube, Reviews, etc.
  • Facebook Contest TOS
    Terms of Service
    You can’t hold a contest without Facebook’s consent, and must use one of the approved apps!/promotions_guidelines.php or look up “promotions” in help
    You cannot:  Condition entry in the promotion upon a user providing content on Facebook, such as posting on a Wall of a Page,  uploading a photo, or posting a status update.
    You can: Use a third party application to condition entry to the promotion upon a user providing content to the application. For example, you may administer a photo contest whereby a user uploads a photo to a third-party application to enter the contest.
    You cannot:  Administer a promotion that users automatically enter by liking your Page, checking in to your Place or connecting to your Platform integration.
    You can: Require entrants to like your Page, check in to your Place or connect to your Platform integration before they provide their full entry information, such as name and contact information.
    You cannot:  Notify winners through Facebook, such as through Facebook messages, chat, or posts on profiles or Pages.
    You can: Collect an email or address through the third-party application for the promotion in order to contact the winner by email or standard mail.
    You cannot:  Instruct people (in the rules or elsewhere) to sign up for a Facebook account before they enter the promotion.
    You can: Instruct users to visit the third-party application to enter the promotion (as described in Section Since users must have a Facebook account in order to access an application on the Facebook Platform, if you give this instruction, they will be prompted to sign up for a Facebook account if they do not already have one.
  • Facebook Review
    Profiles = People
    Pages = Everything else + some people
    Understand and respect privacy
    Research opportunity
    Apps for your page
    It’s not a numbers game- it’s an engagement game.
  • Twitter in Depth
    Best Practices
    Link Shorteners
  • Twitter Terminology
    Following/Follower= asynchronous
    Tweet = post
    @UserName (Handle) = account
    DM or Direct Message = private message
    RT or ReTweet = like
    #HashTag = search term
    Trending Topics = ET tonight
    Tweetup = meetup arranged on Twitter = shortened URL
    Get a account they’re free and provide stats
  • Twitter Best Practices
    7-10 Tweets per day
    50% promotional/ 50% informational
    Follow back (real accounts not spammers)
    Show your personality
    Dialog- not monologue
    Retweet often
    Give Credit
    Support Other Brands
    Run Contests and Promotions
    You don’t have to always be on topic
  • Twitter Accounts
    Create special purpose accounts as needed
    Create accounts for promotions (broadcast only)
    Create placeholder accounts for any names you may use in the future
    Create accounts for major customer facing departments
    2000 Following limit, 90% rule above that
    Most Follow 30-50 with similar Followers
  • Twitter Lists
    Public or Private
    Track friends, competitors, industry, influencers, with private lists
    Recommend great tweeters, good sources, funny, insightful, helpful or interesting accounts with public lists
    Good indicator of influence- more lists=better
    Follow people without them knowing you’re following them
    Create automatic lists-
  • Twitter #HashTags
    #HashTags mark keywords or topics in a tweet so others can easily find it via searching.
    Twitter will automatically search on a #hashtag if clicked.
    Often used for conferences and gatherings
    #Hashtags make TweetChats happen
  • Link Shorteners
    Because of Twitters 140 character limit long URL’s need to be shortened. (TweetDeck) (Feedburner) (HootSuite) offers free account with tracking
    Hootsuite requires paid account ($6/mo.) for tracking over 30 days.
  • Twitter Tools (twitter)
  • Twitter Review
    Influencers, press, media, competitors
    You don’t have approve Followers
    You don’t have to Follow Back
    Requires more updates and activity
    Big potential for reaching influencers
    Some tricks, vernacular, but friendly
  • LinkedIn In Depth
    Best Practices
  • LinkedIn Capabilities
    Download email list (unique)
    Search for former employees
    Determine how many employees
    Locate many employees
    Limited communications (Paid is unlimited)
    Can be updated from Hootsuite/TweetDeck, etc.
    500 Connections is the magic number
  • LinkedInSearches
    New hires
  • LinkedIn Groups
    Groups are where all of the action is
    Formal associations – trade, industry, professional
    Informative – similar products, publications, blogs, news sites
    Post your articles, blogs and links in groups
    Be active, ask and answer questions
    No tools for posting to groups (except multiclippers like M8 Free Clipboard)
    Limited to 50 groups per account
  • LinkedInBest Practices
    Create a business listing for your company
    Link your blogs and sites
    Look at other profiles for leads on how to improve yours
    C-Level executives should have profiles
    Stay active in groups, start one if none exists
    Answer questions
    1 Good Reason 2011 LinkedIn Guide for Business
  • LinkedIn Maps
    Clickable zoomable network map from LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Review
    Most powerful for white collar business, especially B2B
    Great research tool to find leads
    Become active in groups, participate, respond, engage
    Build out your profile &your company’s profile
  • YouTube In Depth
    Best Practices
  • YouTube Channels
    Collections of your videos
    Encourages additional viewing by visitors
    Vanity URL’s available
    Logos, colors- major customers can get more customization
    Invite subscribers- and track them
    Respond to comments
    Add to your Facebook page
    Track Insights
  • YouTube Videos
    Short is best 2-3 minutes
    People not things- do interviews
    Use a mic whenever possible
    Add titles and credits (with keywords), brand name, and URL
    Always post a description with keywords
    Promote your video on other social sites
    Always post your videos to many places (
    You have 27 characters before …
    Fill in the Tags
    Use a URL first and it’s clickable
  • Video Best Practices
    Use a posting service like to post to many different sites, Google, Vimeo, Viddler, Yahoo, etc…
    Release the video to Creative Commons so others can post it too, don’t restrict it
    Don’t be insulted if they use it wrong, it’s still exposure
    Use a Tripod and a Mic (Kodak Zi-8) whenever possible
    YouTube has a keyword suggestion tool
    Complete the location info too
    Encourage people to rate the video, higher ratings mean more viewers
  • Lab Time
    Looking at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
    Sharing finds on the Facebook Group