The school librarian, technology, and the future


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The school librarian, technology, and the future

  1. 1. The School Librarian,Technology, and the Future Excerpt from Technology for the School Librarian: Theory and Practice Presentation by Cathryn Dozier
  2. 2. Technology forInstructors• Interactive instruction• Personal response system• Mobile assessment tools
  3. 3. Technology for Inclusion• There must be a huge improvement in technology , so that there is equity in the classroom.• Hardware and software are available.
  4. 4. Technology Innovations• Mobile computing device• GPS systems• Android• Tagging• Scrapbooking• Software
  5. 5. Technology InnovationsMicrobloggingSocial content and Innovations networkingIntegrationE-books Social networking andDevices microblogging E-books and devices
  6. 6. More TechnologyInnovationso Cloud softwareo RSS groupso Podcastingo Custom Searches
  7. 7. Technology Innovations
  8. 8. Termso Inclusion- Students with special needs take regular education classeso Twenty first century-Nowo Innovations-New thingso Technology-Applied scienceo Assessment-Tests to check for comprehension
  9. 9. Termso Teachers-Educatorso Streaming- Bringing in videoo Software- Computer programmingo Future- Will happeno Application- Act of applying
  10. 10. Response to QuestionsWays in which technology will enhance my role as a librarian: As a librarian, my role will be enhanced. With technology, I will be able to provide students with information in a variety of ways. The usage of the technology will help me to promote higher order thinking skills in my pupils. Also, they will be able to communicate in different ways.Strengths and Weaknesses in Technology: My strengths are emailing, downloading software, using blogs, researching various information, and using basic technological skills
  11. 11. Response to QuestionsAddress the Weaknesses: I will continue to address my weaknesses by noting them and researching professional development and collaborating with colleagues.Plans to Stay Current: I plan to go to workshops and attend webinars.Continue Professional Growth: As I attend various workshops and professional development, I will implement the learned strategies and continue to learn other
  12. 12. Summary• This presentation outlines relates the school librarian to technology and the future. The ways in which technology may change are outlined. It is best for the school librarian to be abreast of the innovations and implement them in his or her library.
  13. 13. Other Resources and URLs  2 Videos: YKl5ZeWGo • bed/jMus6tZifGY • URLs • ex.php/articles/school-library- future/ • /
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