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Digital libraries power point

  1. 1. Digital Libraries Excerpt from Technology for the School Librarian: Theory and Practice Presentation By Cathryn Dozier
  2. 2. Characteristics of DigitalLibraries Enormous number of digitized texts are available Tools have been developed Copyright issues Standards Design is student-centered
  3. 3. Digital Libraries and OnlineEducation Cyber Schools Digital Schools
  4. 4. Digital Libraries VersusTraditional Libraries Information system would be an intranet in the school Not just on the Internet School system available 24/7
  5. 5. Digital Contents Dimensio Factual and Conceptual Procedural MetacognitiveGeneral Considerations Productivity suite Variety of graphics Creation software Communication tools Distance education software
  6. 6. Digital Contents: Specific Areasand Resourceso Full textso Tailor reference siteso Age-appropriate materialo Interactive material
  7. 7. Advantages of Digital Libraryo 1. Give a starting pointo 2. Ideal supporto 3. Excellent opportunitieso 4. Access to informationo 5. Customizedo 6. Full control
  8. 8. Possible Disadvantages ofDigital Librarieso Access is equity issueo Too many resources]o Cut and pasteo Googleo Copyrighto Budget
  9. 9. TermsAdvantages- Benefits 1. 2. Disadvantages- Negative aspects 3. Content- Makes up something 4. General- Not specified 5. Digital-Computerized 6. E-books- Digital books 7. Characteristics-Descriptions 8. School Library- Place in the school where multiple resources are found 9. Resources- Materials 10. Digital Library- Information system that is an intranet to a school
  10. 10. Responses to Questions Intranet versus Internet: An information system would be an intranet in the school system. This means that the system would only be available in the firewall of the school district. It would not be available twenty-four hours a day. Pupils need access to library resources for a distance education environment. The system cannot be effective, if it is only utilized as an intranet. The system must be available on the Internet. Home access is also necessary for all of the parts. I recommend the Internet. web page: The middle school, elementary school, and high school websites were excellent. Resources were on the sites as well as e-books and other products. After reviewing the checklists, the three websites had most of the necessary content. This content included the following: (1) Digitized texts, (2) Tools for retrieval of networked information, (3) Design, and (4)Copyright issues. The sites did not contain standards.
  11. 11. Summary The ideal library would provide all thenecessary resources. There is a challengewhen librarians try to make sure that theyhave the correct resources. Digital librarieshave advantages and disadvantages.
  12. 12. Other Resources Videos
  13. 13. URLs to Support /