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DPCA  Social Media 09/10 Berlin Presentation

DPCA Social Media 09/10 Berlin Presentation






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  • Many existing members will find us , but they are not primary goal ; we have them in DBThat means they are probably less politically active + motivated than our core members.
  • encourage

DPCA  Social Media 09/10 Berlin Presentation DPCA Social Media 09/10 Berlin Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Democrats Abroad
    Social Media 2009/2010
    EMEA Regional Meeting Berlin
    Fall of the Wall November 2009
  • social media: what is it ?
  • Definitions of Social media on the Web:
    Social media is content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies. ...
    A category of sites that is based on user participation and user-generated content. They include social networking sites like LinkedIn or Facebook, social bookmarking sites like Del.icio.us, social news sites like Digg or Reddit, and other sites that are centered on user interaction.
    An umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words and pictures. ...
    Social Media are primarily Internet- and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings. ...
    Online technologies and practices that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other.
    Social media are works of user-created video, audio, text or multimedia that are published and shared in a social environment, such as a blog, wiki or video hosting site.
  • social media: what is it ?
    a conversation
    using multiple ‘social networking platforms’
  • as Wiki says: Examples of social media software applications include:
    Blogs: Blogger, LiveJournal, Open Diary, TypePad, WordPress, Vox, ExpressionEngine, Xanga
    Micro-blogging / Presence applications: Twitter, Plurk, Tumblr, Jaiku, fmylife
    Social networking: Bebo, BigTent, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Orkut, Skyrock, Hi5, Ning, Elgg
    Social network aggregation: NutshellMail, FriendFeed
    Events: Upcoming, Eventful, Meetup.com
    Wikis: Wikipedia, PBwiki, wetpaint
    Social bookmarking (or social tagging)[5]: Delicious, StumbleUpon, Google Reader, CiteULike
    Social news: Digg, Mixx, Reddit, NowPublic
    Opinion sites: epinions, Yelp
    Photo sharing: Flickr, Zooomr, Photobucket, SmugMug, Picasa
    Video sharing: YouTube, Vimeo, sevenload
    Livecasting: Ustream.tv, Justin.tv, Stickam, Skype
    Audio and Music Sharing: imeem, The Hype Machine, Last.fm, ccMixter
    Reviews and Opinions
    Product Reviews: epinions.com, MouthShut.com
    Business Reviews: yelp.com
    Community Q&A: Yahoo! Answers, WikiAnswers, Askville, Google Answers
    Media & Entertainment Platforms: Cisco Eos
    Virtual worlds: Second Life, The Sims Online, Forterra
    Game sharing: Miniclip, Kongregate
    Information aggregators: Netvibes, Twine (website)
  • so social media can be
    any thing any where that helps jumpstart a conversation
    in DA’s case it is anything that lets us reach out :
    to engage with members
    find the missing millions of Americans
    and help us register the clueless
  • So social media
    engage with the Democrats Abroad global community of members
    find the missing millions of Americans who do not know how to vote from abroad
    and help us register the clueless over the easy secure VoteFromAbroad.org wizard
  • of course there is our DA website
  • social media: why use it ? in addition to the website
  • Con leveraged on many platforms
    the more content
    in more places
    the more chances
    we will find more US Democrats living abroad
    and get more members
    and more voter registrations
  • Some social media best practices: Communicate + Collaborate
    Reach out Post content that will get your members talking to you. Then keep the conversation alive with comments + replies.
    Keep it Fresh Put up new content regularly. Keep it short. Linked. Digestible.
    Partner Find other DA groups doing interesting work and promote each other. Share content
  • DA on
  • outreach
    primary goal is reaching people we are not reaching otherwise.
  • outreach
    potential members don’t follow politics as we do
    SO not place for complicated articles about technical aspects of healthcare reform or troop withdrawals
  • outreach
    ARE the places to post encouraging updates:
    The Public Option is Still Alive !
    Healthcare Bill passes in Senate!
  • DA on
  • DA F pagefacebook/demsabroad
    Has 1000 fans now
    Look at kinds of listings that attract many reactions, and those that attract few.
    Most fan reactions are to POSITIVE news: marriage equality or Washington, DC.
    Obama family portrait by Annie Liebowitz
    Think good news over opinion or debate !!!!!
  • Keep it Non Controversial
    Remember, this is the public face of the Democratic Party.
    It is not up to us to take sides,
    for example, on trigger or opt out.
    It is Great if people want to Comment, or express their own Opinions --- but OUR postings should not take stands that might contradict our President.
  • Goal
    Here -- and in everything that we do – is
    To support the President’s agenda.
  • F pages vs. groups
    Limit # messages to Group now up to 5,000 (from 1,000)
    Groups intended for interaction between members.
    If you do do Group do not make it closed (requiring approval). Facebook should not be exclusive members only place.
    Pages in tended to be public face of group or celebrity.
    Given that our goal is outreach, not interaction for existing members..
    Page has Favorite Pages option … so we can all point to each other.
  • outreach
    outreach outreach outreach
  • DA Brand Narrative
    IN a million channel world, the brands that tell the best story break through.
    Our simple story in 2010
  • Register To Vote From AbroadAny Time Any Place
      Our Story :
     Democrats Living Abroad,
    Still Connected to America,
    Making an Impact.
    (Who we are + what we do.)
  • some platforms where DA uses social media
  • DA on
  • DA photos on
  • DA on
  • DA on
  • there are other potential platforms for DA to leverage content
    Need more people to help us reach out through other platforms using base DA content from our
  • DA Marketing Toolkit
  • DA giveaways
  • DA bookmarks
  • DA flyers
  • DA t-shirts
  • DA email sigs
  • DA social media @ 2010
  • social media: international leadership
    Why DA Matters
    How DA Makes a Difference series
    Featuring International Chair, VC, RVCs
    One minute videos on:
    Community, Lobbying, Registration, History 2008! + What you can do
    to be featured on Facebook, YouTube, and DA website
  • social media: country leadership
    Goes to Work (2010)
    VFA banner as it
    registers voters world
  • the vfa banner does traditional work,
    but is also seen in front of iconic monuments, or uniquely visual places as it finds and registers voters through VotefromAbroad
  • VFA goes to Work 2010
    WHO? Volunteer Country Committee or Chapter every two weeks
    City 1: ? Berlin
    City 2: ? Paris
    City 3: ? Rome
    City 4: ? London……OR YOUR CITY....
    Sign up now !!
  • Pics to Picasa
    Build our photo library
    Best to be pushed through Facebook
    Best Banner of two week period to be put on front page of DA website
    Possibility to create video jornal or blog about the banner’s adventures
  • Social media: Global Membership
    I Vote From Abroad
    15, 30, 60 second video entries
  • An example of
    What an I Vote From Abroad Video submission could look like
  • social media: blogger initiative
    Reach out past our own website
    Post new and original content about our initiatives and the 2010 content search
    Get to finding the missing millions
    And registration of the clueless
  • social media: last + most important goal
    Add our social media info to your email signature….
    Ask your members to add it to their signatures in 2010
  • Our best methods of outreach
    Join us @
  • Engage with us on
  • http://twitter.com/demsabroad
  • Register to Vote