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Unit Overview

Unit Overview

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. The Great Depression Unit Overview
    Multimedia Thematic Project Part III
    Cassandra Burchett
    University of Phoenix
    Designing and Producing Educational Technology
    Mona McCarty
    January31, 2011
  • 2. Viewing Note
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  • 3.
  • 4. Lessons
    Photo Story
    When given 30 photos the student will work in a group to create a presentation using a minimum of five pictures and 200 words to describe the causes and consequences of the Great Depression.
    Create a Webquest
    Using documents provided students will analyze the documents within their previously formed groups. Using what they have learned to attempt to create a webquest.
  • 5. Homework
    Discuss in our Online Forum
  • 6. Online Forum
    The primary purpose of this online discussion forum is really to offer all students the opportunity to participate.
    The forum is available at all hours so students may participate when they feel most comfortable and have internet access.
  • 7. Creating a PhotoStory
    The Great Depression was an era of many stories.
    Select a minimum of 5 pictures to tell a story about the causes or consequences of the Great Depression.
    overproduction, underconsumption, stock market crash, drought and unemployment
    May incorporate music.
    Write a 200 word summary.
  • 8. Creating a PhotoStory
  • 9. Creating a Webquest
    Attempting to create a Webquest will offer students the opportunity to compile what they have discovered.
    They can duplicate online the line of inquiry that lead to their understanding of the Great Depression.
  • 10. Creating a Webquest
  • 11. Creating a Webquest
  • 12. ASSURE model
    Analyze Learners by general characteristics, entry competencies, and learning styles.
    Students were previously analyzed. This data was used to form learning groups. They come from various socioeconomic environments; however, the majority of the students are white, middle class Americans who live in a rural area. Students have been determined to be Exceptionally Gifted. Students prefer interactive multilevel assignments that involve both minimal debate/discussion and writing.
  • 13. ASSURE model
    State Objectives using the ABCD format, which consists of audience, behavior, conditions, and degree.
    1. Preparation – (5 mins)
    a. Students will briefly review the chapter.
    b. Students will form groups of four (or five). c. Students will obtain the following materials from teacher.
    1) Copies of Historical Documents
    2) Writing materials or computer
    2. Organize & Brainstorm in Group– (10-15 mins)
    1) Consider which documents are most closely related with what has been read.
    3. Create rough draft – (30-45 mins)
    a. Compare the documents
    b. Compare and contrast the historical and fictional accounts
    4. Revise – (5 mins.)
    a. See that minimum word requirements have been met.
    b. Check for spelling and grammar errors
    c. Practice presentation
    d. Be sure that explanation is logically supported by what you know about the era
    5. Submit the webquest
  • 14. ASSURE model
    Select Methods, Media, and Materials including the rationale and explanation of how each multimedia resource is appropriate.
    The method chosen was small groups. The lesson will begin with the use of a LCD projector and a large screen to introduce the activities. The projector and screen are available in the classroom. The author chose that the students design a WebQuest because it is ideal as an instructional tool that integrates technology and involves students in higher order thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
  • 15. ASSURE model
    Utilize Materials by previewing materials, preparing the materials, preparing the environments, preparing the learners, and providing the learning experience.
    Materials and environment are prepared to optimize student learning.
    Require Learner Participation including practice and feedback.
    Students are required to participate in groups in the creation of a webquest.
    Evaluate and Revise including an assessment of learner achievement and evaluation of instruction including media and methods.
    Student peer evaluations will be considered, webquests will be evaluated by teacher, students are required to review all group webquests.
  • 16. Resources