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  • So now that you have eliminated LTTE, President Rajpaksha, have you-
    1) Allowed Tamil as 2nd language
    2) Hindu as 2nd religion
    3) Equal educational opportunities
    4) Awarded special funds to reconstruct their lives & homes
    5) Have they been given their lands back
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  • Another question for Sri Lankans-
    #1) What should Tamilians have done other than what they did from 1948 onwards?

    #2) What would you have done if you were in their shoes?

    #3) Don't you think killing Prabhakaran's 12 year old son in cold blood was cowardice. State could have taken custody of him from his parents but to kill him at point blank and his companions when all they did was go to the SL forces to surrender????
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  • Questions for Sri Lankans:
    #1) Why were Tamils discriminated against immediately after Britain handover the reins of the country to the Sinhalese?
    #2) Why were the Tamils brutalized when they were merely protesting, sticking to the path of non-violence?
    #3) Why were their reasonable demands not met- denial of language, religion, equal educational opportunities, etc.?
    #4) Why did SL Army engage in a brutal civilian massacre?
    #5) Why did SL Army lie to Tamils and outside world in 1st announcing no-war-zones and then attacking the same zones?
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    One flag one country One flag one country Presentation Transcript

    • One Country…
      One Flag…
      One Nation…
    • 18th May 2009
    • Heroes of
      Second Independence
      War of
      Sri Lanka
    • Lieutenant General DenzilLakshmanKobbekaduwa RWP,RSP,VSV,USP, reds,psc, SLAC  
      One of the greatest General in Sri Lanka. He died along with 9 other military officers in one of the tragedies in Sri Lanka civil war.
      (July 27, 1940-August 8,1992).
      The legendary War Hero of our times and eight other military leaders including Major General WijayaWimalaratne and Rear Admiral Mohan Jayamaha falls (August 8).Lieutenant Colonel H.R Stephen, Lieutenant Colonel G.H. Ariyarathne, Lieutenant Colonel Y.N. Palipana, Lieutenant Commander AsangaLankathilaka, Major Nalin de Alwis, Lieutenant Commander C.B. Wijepura and Private W.J. Wickremasinghe were the other war heroes who perished in an LTTE terrorist blast at Araly point, Jaffna.
    • Colonel FazlyLafir gave his life on July 19, 1996 in an attempt to save 1500 comrades when the LTTE terrorists laid siege to the Sri Lanka Army Camp at Mullaitivu. Volunteering to lead the rescue mission, Fazly was airborne with his troops even before the operation was finalized. He was heli-dropped under heavy fire and made radio contact with the besieged troops. It was a morale boosting moment. As mortar fire rained on their positions that night, Fazly’s made a sardonic comment, ``Tonight is the most beautiful night of my life.’’On the morning of July 19, a piece of shrapnel fatally wounded this gallant soldier. He was posthumously awarded the ParamaVeeraVibushanaya, the highest medal awarded for gallantry.All his associates remember Col. Lafir as a strong, silent and caring man but above all as the epitome of an officer and a gentleman.
      Colonel FazlyLafir
    • Colonel Tuan NizamMuthaliff RWP, MI (July 12, 1966 - May 31, 2005) (O/60727) was the former Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion Military Intelligence Corps.(MIC)
    • Lieutenant Colonel J.A.L Jayasinghe WWV, RWP, RSP, SF was an officer of the Special Forces Regiment of the Sri Lanka Army who was twice decorated with the Weera WickramaVibhushanaya (WWV) the second highest award for combat bravery in the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. He was killed in November 2008, while leading an eight-man Special Forces team on a covert operation 30 km behind enemy lines into territory held by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)
      Jayasinghe was a specialist in long range reconnaissance patrol operations, and had helped achieve many victories for the Sri Lanka Army during the Sri Lankan Civil War. This includes participating in the assassination of Vaithilingam Sornalingam, alias Colonel Shankar, a senior commander of the LTTE, its intelligence leader Charles (killed in January 2008), and Sea Tiger Deputy Leader KangaiAmaran in June 2001.
    • Lt Gen PSB (Parami) Kulatunge
      Deputy Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army, along with his driver Sgt. Gomez and bodyguard Corporal Buddhika paid the supreme sacrifice to the Motherland on June 26, 2006 at Pannipitiya. They were killed by an LTTE suicide bomber.
      When the LTTE killed Parami they killed a man who worked positively to help bridge the divide between the majority community and the minorities. It was among the Tamils he did best. He counted many Tamil friends while in school and in Jaffna and Vavuniya during his tours of duty.
      The insane LTTE murdered an exceptional officer and gentleman who bore no malice and harboured no prejudice. While he carried out his duties fearlessly he held fast to his beliefs that decency and humanity mattered very much especially in war.
    • Lance Corporal GaminiKularatne, holding two grenades in his hands, dashed out towards the oncommig bulldozer tank, clambered up the tank's ladder and tossed the two grenades inside it, disregarding the numerous injuries he himself had suffered by then from the bullets of LTTE. Within seconds, fiery bursts of fire accompanied by a series of explosions occurred. Lance Corporal GaminiKularatne was flung to the ground lay motionless.Thus the siege of Elephant Pass Army Camp was broken and one of the most ferocious battles in Sri Lanka's modern history ended. The camp was finally saved from the LTTE.
    • Major General JanakaPerera
      RWP, RSP, VSV, USP, rcds, psc, CR
      (1 February 1946 - October 6, 2008) was a Sri Lankan General and politician. He served as the Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army and is considered one of the most distinguished generals in Sri Lankan history.
      Cop. ChamindaYakandawala.
      Army Commander SarathFonseka soon after regaining his consciousness in a hospital bed inquired for Corporal ChamindaYakandawala by gesturing a motor cycle as he knew very well that he had managed to escape the target of the suicide cadre inside his own premises and was safe in a hospital bed today because of Yakandawala's absolute devotion to save his commander….
    • Inspector Sunil Thabrew
    • General SarathFonseka
      Air Chief Marshal RoshanGunathilaka
      Admiral WasanthaKarannagoda
      Director General SarathWeerasekara
    • Brigadier Shavendra Silva – 58 Division
      Brigadier Prasanna Silva – 55 Division
      Major General Jagath Dias – 57 Division
      Brigadier KamalGunarathne – 53 Division
      Brigadier NandanaUdawatte– 59 Division
    • Brigadier SathyapriyaLiyanage – Task Force 3
      Brigadier RohanaBandara – Task Force 2
      Colonel NishanthaWanniarachchi – Task Force 4
    • Major General G.A. Chandrasiri, Competent Authority, Northern Province
      Major General JagathJayasuriya, Commander, Security Forces Headquarters-Wanni
      Major General MendakaSamarasinghe,
      Jaffna security forces commander
      Brigadier SumithManawadu
      Brigadier ChagiGallage
    • "The war against the LTTE is not a war against Tamil people; Our aim was to liberate our Tamil people from the clutches of the LTTE; Our heroic forces have sacrificed their lives to protect Tamil civilians; The victory we have gained by defeating LTTE is the victory of this nation and the victory of all people living in this country. Protecting the Tamil speaking people of this country is my responsibility.
      That is my duty. All the people of this country should live in safety without fear and suspicion. All should live with equal rights. That is my aim. Let us all get together and build up this nation"
    • Tribute to War Heroes….