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Nb17 leadership formula for slideshare

  1. 1. We all know the ailment • Traditional organizations rely on traditional practices based upon the ‘command and control’ management, resulting in red tape and underperformance. • What we need to maintain is - a very high employee morale to optimize the level of creativity and commitment. • This will achieve the performance required for long term survival in our more competitive global markets.
  2. 2. CK’s Leadership Formula If people in your Organization… • Know the vision of the organization and their role in creating success? • Are committed to give their personal best efforts and did not hold back because of fear of failure or criticism? • Freely contribute to the organizational goals without worrying about who gets the credit? • Value each other's thoughts and ideas and treat everyone with respect ? • Positively respond to performance feedback without arguing? • Are willing to listen without questioning the motives? • Operate with determination and not resignation? • Freely admit they are not “know it all” and are open to new learning? They are not just your wildest dreams, they are characteristics of highly successful Teams.
  3. 3. CK’s Leadership Formula In order for you to realize those objectives, you would have to •Create a sustainable competitive advantage for your organization, •Build a high-performance culture that relies on the principle of business and life coaching •Utilize a path breaking Leadership Formula which uses fundamentally different way of approaching the process of leading others to enhance their performance. •Nurture the employees through exposing them to latest training on people centric tools, techniques and practices •Encourage partnerships amongst people that transcend the traditional boss/subordinate roles.
  4. 4. TNI Leadership Formula You really want to know the way to achieve those objectives… and make a difference in your organization? Well you have a direction! A 2-day path breaking workshop (crux of the workshop: next slide)
  5. 5. The way we think and feel depends on our Being It also depends on COMPETENCY of thinker Positive Results (+ve) or NegativeIf the results are –ve, we Results (-ve) are dependent on the person’s thinking Think & Feel Actions & Behavior CK’s Leadership Formula We can also “re-think” for new actions to improve the results Mind Past Belief Experiences System Information traditionally reflect back onto our actions Results are dependent upon our actions and way of being +ve Results The Action and Behaviour depends upon the way we think and feel -ve Sequential Growth Past Experience, Information and Belief System determine our ‘Way of Being’ Multiplicative Growth CK’s Leadership Formula shifts the ‘Way of Being’ as it opens up a different way to THINK and therefore creates New Possibilities in a Mindset of Leadership
  6. 6. CK’s Leadership Formula Improving your workforce’ way of being is fast emerging as a significantly more powerful approach to leading people in today's flatter organizations by bringing out the best in teams, leaders, and the results they create together
  7. 7. CK’s Leadership Formula The Promise of this Workshop •Your organization can also be high-successful and rich in creativity and empowerment. •Shifting the mind set from being “A Boss” to being “The Mentor” is one of the most powerful transformations a leader can make as they develop their capacity to lead with the Leadership Formula. •With our coaching, leaders can reinvent themselves and transform their subordinates; and therefore also reinvent and transform their organizations.
  8. 8. CK’s Leadership Formula An Invaluable Investment •Organizations which are open minded and are willing to invest in their people are destined to make an impact in their balance sheets, market share and will be the darling of the workforce. •It’s certain that the leadership styles of the leaders who apply this Leadership Formula will be positively effected. •It will be an invaluable investment in developing new age leadership competencies in leading this . generation of workforce working in our organizations.
  9. 9. What else you will get? • We promise connecting with your people to discover what makes them excited and motivated - a rich and unexplored source of genuine influence and power. • Leadership Formula provides the frame-work for creating this deeper level of trust, mutual support and empowerment that leads to the Path Breaking results. • There are workable, proven, affordable solutions to the performance problem all organizations experience. • All the people in an organization can be coached directly as well as indirectly to achieve specific competencies by using this Leadership Formula.
  10. 10. CK’s Leadership Formula About the facilitator Over the past 32 years, CK Arora, affectionately called the “CK”, has worked with leaders and their teams around the world to create sustainable high performance output by means of his unique style of Coaching. He has been working in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Singapore and Oman for more than three decades. Being MBA from prestigious FMS (Delhi Univ), CK excelled in the areas of Management Consulting, Strategy and Quality. CK is the living example of his own theories on how to create breakthroughs in productivity enhancements, goal setting, goal achievement and total transformations. CK is a Certified Peak Performance Leadership Trainer, NLP Practitioner and an excellent Motivational Speaker.
  11. 11. LOGISTICS DATES: 1st-2nd March 2014 (Sat and Sun) TIME: 9:30am till 5:00pm – both the days PROGRAM FEE: Rs 12,500/Early Bird FEE: Rs 9,500/- (till 23rd Feb 2014) (Inclusive of lunch, tea and snacks, 10% discount for group registration, Rs 2000 additioanl discount for students) VENUE OF THE WORKSHOP D333, Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024 For online registration and payment, please visit http://nc01.doattend.com/ CK Arora Business and Life Coach info@trainersnetwork.in +919810608500