Claire kampman flipbook assignment


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Claire kampman flipbook assignment

  1. 1. By: Claire Kampman
  2. 2. Source: “Breaking up in the digital age is difficult study says.” Image from Flickr by Robert S. Donovan
  3. 3. Source: “How Facebook ruined dating (And Breaking Up Too)”
  4. 4. Source:“I Now Pronounce You FBO:Facebook Official”
  5. 5. Turning down their friend request issimple, easy and much morecomfortable-for both parties-thantelling someone “I’m not that intoyou.”Source: “I Now Pronounce You FBO:Facebook official.” Image from MorgueFile by Dzz
  6. 6. Updating your social-network status. Or, asit is commonly called,becoming FacebookOfficial, or FBO. “Thisstatus is a newmilestone for couples.”Source: “I Now Pronounce You FBO: Facebook Official.”Image from MorgueFile by grietgriet
  7. 7. Image from MorgueFile by ardelfin Source: “I Now Pronounce You FBO: Facebook Official”Deciding to go FBOmeans laying youremotional cards on thetable, face up.
  8. 8. Social networking sites canopen a Pandoras box ofrelationship destroyers --unleashing everything fromaffairs, the rekindling ofpast toxic relationships andjealousy...Image from MorgueFile by Ladyheart Source: “Relationships can shift in digital age”
  9. 9. It may be burdensome, particularlyif partners’ expectations or benefitsdo not match.Source: “I Now Pronounce You FBO: Facebook Official.” Image from Flickr by Eli Jerma
  10. 10. Some said they had a hard time moving forwardbecause seeing a ex-partner on Facebookconjured up old wounds or left pangs of jealousybecause partners moved on.Image from Flickr by hang_in_there Source: “Breaking up in the digital age is difficult, study says.”
  11. 11. There is an addedproblem of having toexplain breakups tofriends who arent closeto the situation.-Whittaker-WhittakerImage from MorgueFile by mantasmagorical Source: “Breaking up in the digital age is difficult, study says.”
  12. 12. There is also the problem of whether or not tounfriend ex-partners and their friends or familyImage from Flickr by Evil Erin Source: “Breaking up in the digital age is difficult, study says.”
  13. 13. We have learned thehabit of cleaning uphuman relationshipswith technologySource: “The Flight From Conversation.” Image from MorgueFile by pippalou
  14. 14. Source: “From Bullying to Relationships: Mapping our online communications.” Image from Flickr by Carissa GoodNCrazy
  15. 15. As a result, thoseconversationstend to be moreinteresting thanconversationsface-to-face orover the phoneImage from Flickr by Source: “From bullying to relationships:Mapping our online communications.”
  16. 16. Source: “He Texts, She Tweets-Are They E-Compatible?” Image from Flickr by Cargo Cult
  17. 17. Source: “He Texts, She Tweets-Are They E-Compatible?” Image from Flickr by Jason A. HowieTherefore......"The idea that I have tomonitor my Twitteraccount, email, Facebook,cellphone and land line inorder to keep in touch—and to keep straight howother people prefer to talk—is too much."->Turkle
  18. 18. How well we negotiate electronic communication in ourpersonal relationships can make or break them, experts saySource: “He Texts, She Tweets-Are They E-Compatible?” Image from MorgueFile by imelenchon
  19. 19. Image CreditsImages sourced from Google Images, Flickr and MorgueFile. All imagessourced fell under the creative commons Attribution License.
  20. 20. Sources1.