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Last presentation... Enjoy!

Last presentation... Enjoy!

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  • 1. Social media marketing ChanYong Jung
  • 2. This is my blog!!• Welcome~~• First time using blog but it seems fun!
  • 3. my blog• Blog started...... ? 23. September. 2011• How many Post did I made......? 10 posts• Total comments......? 5
  • 4. The Most fun time• Posting about the knowledge was the most fun part!!• Personally enjoyed writing about what I like and sharing the knowledge
  • 5. Vlog........• Worked with my friends and it was the most embarrassing time ever..... I think i’ve tried at least 15 time......... Most embarrassing time but it was too much fun!!
  • 6. Why face book is so popular..?? • Facebook is popular because....... • It is just too much fun! • It can be used as great tool for your marketing!I was facebook user since 2007 So to me, it was not so hard for me to usebut! I learned that Facebook can be very useful to as advertisement, socialmarketing
  • 7. 2 face book accounts.• Starting this class, I had to open up with new facebook account!• It was very hard for me to manage the both account and as you can see....... so failed on managing 2 accounts at the same time.
  • 8. Twitter• First of all... I’m not a huge fan of Twitter• Easy to write message.• Very quick and convenient • I am Following 6 groups
  • 9. LinkedIn • First time using linkedin • Very beneficial to make connection • Connection = Self Advertisement! • 6 connections so far...... • Willing to use this tool for my future and think it can be very helpful to me!!
  • 10. FInally... the end• Through out the course, I have learned skills and how to use tools(facebook, twitter, linkedIn, blog)• Communication with people and be ready what you want to say.• use your time well!• The most important thing..! CONFIDENT