Crissy Turner Facilities PowerPoint - FRIT 7132


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Crissy Turner Facilities PowerPoint - FRIT 7132

  1. 1. Worth County Elementary School Media Center Facility Plan FRIT 7132 Crissy Turner October 29, 2012
  2. 2. WCES Media Center Profile  Serves approximately 700 students in 3rd to 5th grades  Serves over 60 faculty members  One full time media specialist  One full time clerk
  3. 3. Media Center Location  Media center is strategically located in the center of the school.  Media center is easily accessed by all faculty and students.
  4. 4. A110B Office A110 Storage A106 Conference A107 Media A105 Workroom Restroom A103 Bell A108 AV Storage A110A Office A102 Storytelling Current Facility Floor Plan Computers NewBooks Enter/Exit Reference Materials
  5. 5. Media Specialist Office and Circulation Desk o The media specialist’s office is appropriately located near the circulation desk. o A restroom is located right of the office. o The media specialist can see the media center because of windows.
  6. 6. Seating Eight tables are joined together to make a “u” shape. Small sofas grouped together for reading.
  7. 7. Computer Area  Computers are arranged on the wall to help students locate books and/or help with research skills.
  8. 8. Teacher Work Room Die cut and paper trimmer is located in this room.
  9. 9. Technology Room o Televisions with DVD and VHS players used for closed circuit television is located in this room. o Laminator and poster maker are also located in this room.
  10. 10. Audio/Visual All DVD and VHS movies are located in this storage area.
  11. 11. Story Telling Pit This area is used for story telling or presentations.
  12. 12. Facility Use  Book Check - In/Check – Out  Technology Equipment Use (Digital Camera, Video Recorder, Laminator, etc.)  School and Faculty Meetings  Speech Pathologist’s Office  Psychologist’s Office  Parent Coordinator’s Office  Special Events
  13. 13. Special Programs Book Fairs o WCES participates in two books fairs a year. Visiting Authors o WCES welcomes authors for the annual kickoff campaign for reading Special Programs o WCES participates in read-a-thons, Read Across America Day, and also Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math
  14. 14. Positive Survey Results  “It is very spacious and new.”  “Bright and cheerful surroundings”  “Modern, bright, natural light, and a nice area in one corner for story telling”  “Friendly and helpful to students & faculty!”  “Very willing to help with needs, and tries to find books if requested”  “Very helpful, inviting environment for the children”  “People are willing to help, plenty of books, well organized for children”
  15. 15. Negative Survey Results  “Students need more instruction on how to use the media center to research topics being studied.”  “Need another media center parapro”  “Needs another assistant to help children, could use bigger, better labels of sections”  “Need more teacher resources”  “Would like to see more grade / content specific books and upgraded technology.”  “Would like for children to have more comfortable seating in a different place where the sun is not as bright.”
  16. 16. Key Findings in Survey  85% felt that the location of the media center was extremely adequate.  85% felt that the media center staff was friendly and helpful.  57% felt that WCES’s media center was adequate with their collection of fiction and nonfiction books.  14% felt that seating was somewhat adequate.  42% felt that audio/visual aids were adequate.
  17. 17. A110B Office A110 Storage A106 Conference A107 Media A105 Workroom Restroom A103 Bell A108 AV Storage A110A Office A102 Storytelling Revised Facility Floor Plan Computers NewBooks Enter/Exit Reference Materials Rug Cushions **Revisions are in orange. BulletinBoards New Signage
  18. 18. Media Center Improvements Problem: Students do not have any where comfortable to sit freely. Sofas are not comfortable. Solution: Comfortable seating for children in the story telling area. Colorful Overstuffed Beanbag Chairs 93" Circumference WP14117110 $42.39
  19. 19. Media Center Improvements Problem: Needs another assistant to help children, could use bigger, better labels of sections. Solution: New Signage Sign Frame 5 1/2" x 7" (A) Sign Frame 7" x 11" Black WE14684130 $6.04 EA Sign Frame Magnetic Base (B) Magnetic Clip Black WE14684260 $11.14 EA Self-stick Clips 2/PKG
  20. 20. Media Center Improvements Problem: Tables and chairs are uncomfortable. Solution: Bright, colorful rug will entice children to read more and invite media specialist to do more class read alouds. Carpets for Kids® Reading by the Book Carpets Commercial grade nylon cut pile to prevent unraveling Kidply® Backing helps prevent wrinkling & creasing. Increased sound & thermal insulation; unmatched softness & flexibility. Antibacterial treatment & double-stitched serged edges. Carpets meet or exceed the Class 1 Flammability Rating. Reading By the Book Carpet 8'4"W x 5'10"D Rectangle WP12113040 $276.23 EA
  21. 21. Media Center Improvements Problem: Storytelling pit is uncomfortable. Solution: Comfortable Reading Cushions Square Cushions are fire retardant, foam- filled. Cushions have a child-proof hidden zipper that won't scratch. Vinyl covers clean easily with soapy water. Round cushions are styrene-pellet-filled. Reading Cushion Round Foam Red 3"H x 16" Diameter WF12840150 $30.99 EA
  22. 22. Media Center Improvements Problem: No bulletin boards above computers. Solution: Add bulletin boards. Best-Rite Manufacturing Valu-Tak Natural Cork Board w/ Aluminum Frame (12' W x 4' H) $139.88 each
  23. 23. Media Center Policy Circulation Policies • Students are allowed to check out a total of 3 books. • Students may only check out one new book which is located at the front of the media center. • Books are loaned for a two week period. • Students are not fined for overdue books. • Students are fined for lost and/or damaged books.
  24. 24. Media Center Policy  Accessibility • The media center operates on a flexible schedule. • Reading classes are allowed to sign up for 30 minute blocks of time for checkouts or renewals. • It is open daily from 7:30 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. for staff use. • Teachers may use media center from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. • Staff members who remove materials during those times are asked to adhere to media policy. • NOTE: Grades may not be lowered because a student has lost or damaged a media center book. Report cards may be held only at the end of the year. *Red text indicates recommended change to Facility Policy