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The Pitch for Cry Me Out
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The Pitch for Cry Me Out


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  • 1. Pixie Lott Cry Me OutCharlene, Sophie, Zahra, Tomi& Rosie
  • 2. Meaning of the song.She’s telling her ex lover to get over her.There wont be a second chance for him so her may as well ‘cry her out’!
  • 3. Concept of our Video.• The girl is singing hoping it telepathically gets to her ex boyfriends head to cry her out. However she is being hypercritical as she is not exactly over him – due to him cheating on her.• She walks in the park (ally pally) and walks past the places she created memories with him.• Its only in the interlude/bridge of the song where she remembered the fact he cheated on him and she thinks to herself “why am I sobbing over you, you cheated on me! Its time to get over yourself mate”• Then she becomes more relieved that’s she is finally over him, deletes him off her contacts, then meets her new date.
  • 4. How it will differ?• Well the most significant difference would be from Goodwinstheory of music videos. The original video is more of Disjuncturewhereas my group and I aim for a more Amplified Music video.• One where it flows, creates a story and moves well with thelyrics - doing so will add more of an emotional effect on thesong, it will have a deeper meaning and the song and its lyricswill be taken a lot more seriously.•We will not be using black and white throughout the video, onlyin some parts.•You will see more of the guy as there is a storyline to our video.•Not as much eye contact to the camera as Pixie does.
  • 5. Potential Locations.• We will be filming in a number of locations which include filming in Rosie’s house. When filming in Rosie’s house we will be using her bedroom and her kitchen.• We will also be filming parts of our music video in a park in Alexandra Palace. We will also be filming at night time so we get a good view of the night life in London.
  • 6. Characters – Charlie Jayne• Age: 19• Key Features: Eyes, Smile.• Depressed, heartbroken in the beginning.• Then relieved, happier. Heart is mended.• Part time work – waitress.
  • 7. Characters - James• Age: 20• Key Features: Eyes, toned body.• Quick tempered, jerk, flirty, cheater, player, defensive, arrogant• “thinks he’s all that”
  • 8. Who is our audience?• The type of audience we want to attract for our music video is mainly young girls aged from 16 and over who have been heartbroken, cheated on by someone. Although we want other people to listen to our music video, this is who are main target audience is.
  • 9. Goodwin’s theory For the video we decided to choose amplification for our music video, allowing us to explore more into a different story but at the same time include the long term meaning of the song instead of picking out to many lines to illustrate. It Follows amplification through the fact of being lonely, so we decided to have a heartbroken girl, as she had been cheated on by her boyfriend. We feel that this will appeal to our audience through understanding specially young people who are going through the same problem now
  • 10. Risk Assessment• As we are filming most of our video outside, we have to make sure that the weather is the same and if there is any chance of it raining that we either have a back up plan or umbrellas to keep the artist and equipment dry.• For the next part of filming we are filming in Rosies house, for this their are a few risk, such as; filming down the stairs and getting the lighting correct for all the same shots. We will also be using Rosies dog as one of the props/characters, so we will need to make sure that he is familiar with everyone and is used to be around them. Also one of our characters is allergic to dogs so we need to make sure she is away from the dog at all times.
  • 11. Record Label• Universal is one of the Big 4, with many big time artists signed to it. For example, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey.• These big time artists are very similar to our genre and character in the video, as Bieber and Swift are both young. As for Carey, her style of singing is similar.• However as it is British based we will use the record label Mercury Records UK which the child company of Universal.