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7th grade nov 29 dec 3
7th grade nov 29 dec 3
7th grade nov 29 dec 3
7th grade nov 29 dec 3
7th grade nov 29 dec 3
7th grade nov 29 dec 3
7th grade nov 29 dec 3
7th grade nov 29 dec 3
7th grade nov 29 dec 3
7th grade nov 29 dec 3
7th grade nov 29 dec 3
7th grade nov 29 dec 3
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7th grade nov 29 dec 3


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  • 1. 7 th Grade Economics November 29-December 3
  • 2. Monday’s bell work
    • What does the word economy mean?
    • What does renewable and nonrenewable mean?
  • 3. Monday’s assignments
    • Define economy, renewable and nonrenewable.
    • Give examples of each.
  • 4. Energy Project
    • Students will create a collage using pictures found in a magazine representing renewable and nonrenewable resources. The collage will be clean, neat, colorful and creative. The information in the collage is well organized, spelling, punctuation and grammar of text within the collage are accurate. Each class will be given a specific color of construction paper. Use your textbook , or the internet to get examples of renewable and nonrenewable resources. The project will be due Friday, Dec. 3, 2010. This is an out of class project. Points will be taken off each day the project is late.
    • 7-1 yellow
    • 7-2 blue
    • 7-3 red
    • 7-4 green
  • 5. Tuesday’s bell work
    • What resources are found in Tennessee?
  • 6. Tuesday’s assignment
    • Students will create a map of Tennessee identifying major resources, agricultural products and natural resources found in TN. Students map will have a title, appropriate labels and a compass rose.
  • 7. Wednesday’s bell work
    • Name the three divisions of Tennessee.
  • 8. Wednesday’s assignment
    • Continue working on the resource map of Tennessee. The map is due Friday, Dec. 3.
  • 9. Thursday’s bell work
    • Name three items that are imported into the United States.
  • 10. Thursday’s assignments
    • Students will work in groups. Each group will be assigned a world region, and the group will research how the economic concepts relate to their assigned region. These are the economic concepts. Imports, exports, barter system, tariffs, closed and emerging markets, supply and demand, inflation, recession, depression.
  • 11. Friday’s bell work
    • Which resource is more important to you , renewable or non-rewable?
  • 12. Friday’s assignment
    • Turn in energy collage.
    • Continue working on energy concept.