Tasty opportunities: working in the food industry


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Tasty opportunities: working in the food industry

  1. 1. Tasty Opportunities- Working In The What is Co-crystallized Food Industry technology? Tom Sanders- Tate & Lyle Sugars
  2. 2.  History Pharmaceutical Di-Pac® (P) • - Graduated in 2006 with 2:1 in Biological Sciences • - Spent summer working on a conservation project in Indonesia • - Applied for multiple PhDs • - Started first job in Food industry October 2006 •
  3. 3. ‘Science’ Jobs in Food -Product Development -Technical/ Regulatory -Quality Assurance -R&D -Packaging -Process Development -Sales Support -Lab/Analytics
  4. 4.  Pharmaceutical • Di-Pac® (P) Manufacturer of various foods from chicken to pizzas • Graduate Management Scheme Technical/ Operations Manufacturer of Flat breads and Mexican food products • Technical CoOrdinator • Packaging Development Manager • Innovation Manager Worlds Largest Sandwich and salad manufacturer • Senior Concept Developer Largest Cane Sugar refiner in the world. • Applications ManagerSpeciality Sugars
  5. 5. What do I do? • Applications Manager - Report to Speciality Sales Director in Europe and CTO in USA • Link between our products and our customers • Aid our customers in the development of their products • Recommending products from our portfolio and doing trials to investigate this • Developing new products to service their needs • Building business cases for the pro active development of new products or platforms • Recommending new targets to our sales teams based on knowledge of market 8
  6. 6. What skills are required for NPD • A little bit of science goes a long way! • Communication is number one skill required • Lots of presentations and Excel work • Confidence to advise senior colleagues on projects at very early stage • Pro active attitude to find out things yourself or track down the people who are in the know • Not afraid to get hands dirty. 9
  7. 7. Why choose Food? - Recession-proof industry - Something we are very good at in the UK - Depending on the sector it can be very fast paced but always challenging - Options in many areas of the business - Industry is completely based on science and as such values the opinions of scientists very highly - Provides an option to use your degree in a commercial environment which can give good financial rewards. 10
  8. 8. Bad Bits? - Can sometimes be dirty/smelly work- depending on sector - Long days if job requires travel - Job security is based on performance of company in a very competitive area - Competition - Talking science with non-science people can be frustrating - When your big idea doesn’t work out… 11
  9. 9. Questions? 12