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These slides are from a careers talk about Librarianship and Information Management given as part of the 2008 series of Careers After Biological Sciences seminar series at the University of Leicester, …

These slides are from a careers talk about Librarianship and Information Management given as part of the 2008 series of Careers After Biological Sciences seminar series at the University of Leicester, UK

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  • 1. Careers in Librarianship and Information Management Selina Lock Information Librarian University of Leicester
  • 2. What am I going to do today
    • Personal skills needed for librarians
    • Study routes for librarianship
    • Careers in librarianship
    • Questions
  • 3. Personal Skills for Librarianship
    • Is this a typical librarian – No!
    • Have to be outgoing and able to sell selves and services.
    • Computer literate – cutting edge technologies.
    • Excellent Web skills.
    • Good management - Able to cope with money, people management and politics.
    • Want to help people and be able to adjust to their level – toddler to Nobel prize winner
    • E teaching skills and teaching skills in general.
  • 4. Do not apply
    • If you are mouselike!
    • Librarianship does not allow you to avoid:
    • People
    • Stress
    • Change
    • Librarian’s today have to be multiskilled – not enough to just like books.
  • 5. From BSc Molecular Biology to Librarian – How & Why?
    • Couldn’t work in lab – allergic to chemicals.
    • Didn’t want to work in sales or management.
    • Like to help people.
    • Library assistant @ Loughborough Uni for 2 years.
    • MSc Information Science (FT)
    • Clinical Librarian @ Huntleigh Healthcare for 8 months.
    • Information Librarian here since 2000.
  • 6. Only one year to become a qualified librarian!
    • Post grad qualification in librarianship.
    • FT/PT or DL.
    • Finance a problem – same as any other PG.
    • It is much easier to find a place on a postgraduate course than to find finance for it.
    • Government funding for postgraduate study is limited – Competition for funded places is fierce.
    • Science degree can give you an advantage.
    • You can also gain a qualification in post by producing a portfolio – must work two years in librarianship to go via this route.
    • See CILIP website for more info on qualifications:
  • 7. Careers in Librarianship – Vampire Slaying – optional sideline
    • Three main areas of work:
      • Public Libraries
      • Specialist Libraries
      • Academic Libraries
    • Related careers:
      • Archives & Conservation
      • Copyright
  • 8. Public Libraries
    • Involved in National Schemes to encourage literacy.
    • Specialise e.g. Children’s Librarian.
    • Need to deal with a huge range of enquiries.
    • Need to deal with members of the public.
  • 9. Specialist Libraries
    • Clinical – NHS or Pharmaceutical/Industrial
    • Law Firms
    • Business
    • Prisons
    • Might be:
      • “ One Man Band”
      • Part of a Research Team.
      • In a Large Company.
  • 10. Academic Libraries
    • Schools
      • Tend to be on own and in charge of all aspects of library.
    • Further Education
      • Tend to be part of a small team.
    • Higher Education
      • Specialise: Subject Librarian, Public Services, Cataloguing & Classifying, Systems, Special Collections and Projects.
  • 11. CSI Librarian
    • Kerry Johannes, the Librarian at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine in Melbourne, – her literature searches go with papers to the Coroner to help decide on cause of death in difficult case
  • 12. Not a great career for gaining wealth..
    • Pay for Library work is low
    • Librarians not usually money driven – so pay stays low!
    • Most salaries between £15k - £28k.
  • 13. Every major organization has a librarian, researcher, information scientist, knowledge gatekeeper, web manager….
    • Most organizations have someone or several people who do information management jobs
    • May have a different name as Librarian not cool enough – ditto library
    • In addition you can branch out… once you get into an organisation and show your abilities, opportunities arise – if you will take them!
  • 14. Questions?