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Is It Anything Like Hot Fuzz?
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Is It Anything Like Hot Fuzz?


This slide presentation was given as part of the Careers After Biological Science seminar series at the University of Leicester, March 2010. …

This slide presentation was given as part of the Careers After Biological Science seminar series at the University of Leicester, March 2010.

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  • 1. So is it anything like Hot Fuzz?
  • 2. What happened after Leicester?
    • Graduated BSc (Hons) Medical Biochemistry July 2008
    • Joined Metropolitan Police Service
    • August 2008
    • Graduated Hendon Police Training School January 2009
  • 3. Why the Police? Excitement Bored with academia Thought it would be easy ! Too many cop shows Wanted to help people Didn't want a 9-5 Couldn’t think of anything else to do. Didn’t want to listen to my family
  • 4. Posted to London Borough of Harrow Currently on a response team Where am I now?
  • 5.
    • Team Structure
    25 PCs Current Shift Pattern E =07:00- 19:00 N= 19:00-07:00 RD= Rest day 3-4 Serg 1 Inspector 1 RD 2 RD 3 E 4 E 5 N 6 N 7 N 8 RD 9 RD 10 RD 11 8-4 12 E 13 E 14 E 15 N 16 N 17 RD 18 RD 19 RD 20 RD 21 RD 22 E 23 E 24 N 25 N 26 RD 27 RD 28 RD
  • 6. What could I be doing on any particular day?
    • Foot patrol
    Gaoler Cordon Officer Operator (Area Car, Irv, Van)
  • 7. No such things as an average day Domestics Mispers Assaults Burglaries “ Suspects On” “ Foot chase” “ Urgent assistance” Sexual Assaults Drug raids “ Fail to stop” 136 MHA Warrant Enquiries Robberies Threats to kill Fraud
  • 8. England vs Egypt Arsenal vs Fulham Afghanistan Conference Break from the ordinary Order of the Garter Magistrates Court Crown Court Coroner’s Court Parliament Square Tamil demonstrations
  • 9. Pros Making a difference Adrenaline rush : “I calls”, Physical confrontation Job humour Camaraderie Self discovery Catching criminals Meeting famous people Variety Early responsibility
  • 10. Cons “ What do you do for a living?” “ Too much knowledge can be a dangerous thing” “ Don’t I know you from somewhere?” “ Going to be late for dinner again” “ Officer Safety Warning”
  • 11. The future?
    • Probation ends in 6 months
    Divisional CID Traffic Operation Trident/ Trafalgar Safer Neighbourhoods Sapphire CAIT Homicide Economic Crime Covert Policing Firearms TSG Dogs Mounted Branch Counter terrorism Protection
  • 12. Application Process Step 1: Application Form Step 2: Day 1 Assessment Centre Step 3: Day 2 Medical and Fitness Step 4: References and Security check Personal details Competency questions A 20-minute structured interview A 12-minute numerical reasoning test A 25-minute verbal logical reasoning test Two written exercises Four 5-minute interactive role-play scenarios. Bleep test, Push and pull Eye test, Doctor’s examination Core competencies Respect for race and diversity Effective Communication Decision Making Personal Responsibility Team work Problem solving Resilience
  • 13. Training Location: Hendon or Satellite sites. Non-residential 18 week Content: Marching, Officer Safety training, ELS, Legal powers, Criminal Offences, Role Play Duration : 25 weeks (18+5) 2 weeks holiday 5 week content: Coached patrol module
  • 14. Pay and Benefits £28,605 on commencing service £32,610 after two years' probationer training £31,176 on completion of initial 31 weeks' training Free travel Free police gym membership High Street Discounts Key worker housing Sports and social clubs
  • 15. What makes a good police officer? Passion for Justice Hot courage Cold courage People person Compassion with detachment Long memory/ Short memory Self Motivated Confident Talker Cool head
  • 16. Useful websites/ Publications http://www.policecouldyou.co.uk/officers/ http://www.met.police.uk/careers/newconstable/index.html Not for the faint hearted by Sir John Stevens Gilbert was wrong by Robin Oake Wasting Police Time by PC David Copperfield Jane’s Police Review Police Blogs