Pron mini lesson 1: "th" and "i" sounds

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This was focused on the "th" (voiced and voiceless) and the /i/ (ee) and short "i" sound. …

This was focused on the "th" (voiced and voiceless) and the /i/ (ee) and short "i" sound.
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<a>Pronunciation Mini-Lesson 1</a>

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  • 1. PRONUNCIATION MINI-LESSON 1:/θ/, /ð/, /i/ AND /ɪ/.B Y M S . C A N D I C E Q U I Ñ O N E S , FA L L 2 0 11
  • 2. CONSONANT SOUNDS OF THE DAY• /θ/ as in “think”, “nothing”, and “teeth”• /ð/ as in “the”, “weather”, and “bathe”
  • 3. PRODUCTION• Both /θ/ and /ð/ are pronounced with the tongue between the teeth.• The difference is in the voicing. • /ð/ is produced by vibrating the vocal cords • /θ/ is produced with out the vocal cords vibrating
  • 4. INDIVIDUAL SOUND PRACTICE• /θ/ • The three threatening thimble thieves thought the thrifty thinker had nothing in his sword’s sheath.• /ð/ • Though they were wearing clothes, the weather was so hot that my mother, father, and brother bathed in the cool, soothing water of the pool.
  • 5. NOW PRACTICE THE SOUNDS TOGETHER• There once were thirty thirsty thieves that thought they could steal their own teeth.• These loathesome, blathering thugs thundered threatening oaths with thumping and thrashing as they were thwarted by their throbbing thumbs.
  • 6. VOWEL SOUNDS OF THE DAY• /i/ as in “eat”, “peel”, and “candy”• /ɪ/ as in “it”, “fish”, and “dip”
  • 7. PRODUCTION• /i/ is produced by pulling the lips back into a “smile” and keeping your tongue forward and up in the mouth.• /ɪ/ is produced with your lips slightly open and the tongue slightly forward and midway up in the mouth.
  • 8. INDIVIDUAL SOUND PRACTICE• /i/ • Each preacher needs to eat three green beans before he can reach for the cream.• /ɪ/ • Lily is itching to dip this carrot stick into the dish. She’ll go to the gym and take pills to keep slim and trim.
  • 9. NOW TRY THE SOUNDS TOGETHER• Phil and Neal still think they need to seal the deal to build the bridge in Hillsville. Sheena and Jill think Phil and Neal need to really see how much it will take before they fill out the forms.