K Frog Media Kit 3 31 09


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K Frog Media Kit 3 31 09

  1. 1. Riverside/ Station Overview San Bernardino Co. KFRG 95.1 – Country Serving Riverside/San Bernardino Market (Inland Empire)/Los Angeles & Orange County; Core Audience: Adults 25-54 K-FROG has been the #1 station in the Inland Empire for 38 consecutive Arbitron books. This is the exclusive heritage country station which dominates the Riverside/San Bernardino Market. www.kfrog.com “Temecula Frog” KXFG 92.9 – Country Serving Temecula/Murietta/Sun City; Core Audience: Adults 25-54 “K-Frog 92.9” is the “local frog” for the Temecula/Murrieta area. Same great music and on-air personalities as KFRG programmed with local weather, traffic, promotions and commercials. Nominated in Temecula as “Gold Business of the Year”, K-Frog 92.9 is a clear and dominate marketing force for Temecula/Murrieta Valley. www.kfrog.com “High Desert Frog” KVFG 103.1 – Country Serving the High Desert (Victorville/Hesperia/Apple Valley) Core Audience: Adults 25-54 “K-FROG 103.1” is the “local frog” for the Victorville & Hesperia area. Same great music and on-air personalities as KFRG programmed with local weather, traffic, promotions, events, traffic and commercials. “K-FROG 103.1” is a leading media outlet in the community. www.kfrog103.com KRAK 910AM – Adult Standards/Nostalgia Serving the High Desert (Victorville/Hesperia/Apple Valley) Core Audience: Adults 35+ Local and national programs targeting niche audiences. Playing hits from Frank Sinatra to Barry Manilow and special talk programs covering topics of interest to the local market; sports (Los Angeles Dodgers & High Desert Mavericks), finance, health and community news. www.stardust910.com KEZN 103.1 – Soft Rock Serving the Palm Springs Market (The Coachella Valley) Core Audience: Adults 25-54 EZ-103.1’s strategic mix of music, combined with talented personalities and adult-oriented promotions make it a leading station in the Coachella Valley! Local news, traffic and commercials combined with community participation make EZ-103.1 a popular choice amongst residents and visitors to the Palm Springs area. www.ez103.com
  2. 2. STATION PROFILE Facility: KFRG 95.1FM - 50,000 Watts 3,419 foot antenna heights above sea level Audience: Active, affluent adults in the prime 25-54 consumer demographic. Music: “K-Frog California Country” “60 Minutes Non-Stop on K-Frog”” Info: Award-winning news coverage anchored by Jeff Davis Personalities: 5a-9a Scott and Tommy, “The Frogmen in the Morning” 9a-12p Heather Froglear 12p-3p Christy McLeap 3p-6p Leapin’ Lee 6p-12m Donald Jump 12m-5a Dennis Hopper Ownership: In the Inland Empire, Temecula Valley, High Desert & Palm Springs, CBS Radio owns and operates KFRG, KXFG, KVFG, KRAK, KEZN. Promotion: Foreground on-air promotions designed to keep our active listeners involved with station and receptive to your message. Advertising: The most aggressive radio station in advertising and marketing. When Los Angles TV Station, KNBC Channel-4 wanted community updates, they chose “The “Frogmen In The Morning” to do a segment each weekday morning. K-FROG 95.1’s carefully researched music mix, combined with warm personalities and adult-appeal promotions, provide a foreground for your business message!
  3. 3. 28% AUDIENCE COMPOSITION 17% 12% 12% 12% 10% 9% T12-17 A18-34 A25-34 A35-44 A45-54 A55-64 A65+ Source: Arbitron Riv/SB Metro; PPM Feb.‘09/Jan.’09/Dec.‘08; AQH Comp %; M-Su 6a-12m; P12+ 73% 73% ETHNIC LISTENING At Home, 25% 25% 44% Away From 2% Home, 56% 2% Black Hispanic Other Source: Arbitron Riv/SB Metro; PPM Feb.‘09/Jan.’09/Dec.‘08; AQH Comp %; M-Su 6a-12m; P12+ 86% 71% 86% 71% Any Health Some College or 373,057 304,805 Insurance more 68% 84% 68% 84% 364,265 Own Computer 293,192 Home Value $300K+ 82% 65% 82% 65% Access To The 281,623 Any Investment 351,990 Internet 63% 63% 81% 81% 273,553 348,821 Adults 25-54 Own Home 79% 341,038 58% 79% 58% Any Restaurant 250,145 Any Casino Pst Yr Pst Wk 42% 76% 42% 76% Have Mutual Funds 183,223 326,991 Own 2+ Vehicles Over 1 In 5 Listeners Plan To Buy 23% 23% PTB New or Used 69% 98,120 Are Buying Or Leasing 69% New Or Used Vehicle 298,314 HHI $50,000+ Next Year Yr Veh Nxt A New Or Used Vehicle In The Next Year Source: Scarborough Research; Aug. ’07-July ‘08; LA DMA; M-Su 6a-12m; A18+
  4. 4. KOLA KFRG 348,821 Own Residence 280,152 293,192 Market Value of Owned Home $300,000+ 237,578 298,314 Household Income $50,000+ 228,737 304,805 Some College or More 243,881 282,944 Married 255,442 273,553 Adults 25-54 238,088 Plan To In The Next Year… 72,712 Buy High Definition Television 44,006 72,505 Buy or Lease NEW Vehicle 65,305 15,295 Buy Primary House or Condo or 2nd Home 4,825 5,685 Buy Power Boat 2,646 5,458 Buy Personal Watercraft 3,121 Household Owns/Has 364,265 Computer 279,316 351,990 Access To The Internet 288,315 326,991 2+ Vehicles (own or lease) 278,991 281,623 Any Investment 244,049 36,613 Motorcycle 27,806 30,339 RV 18,066 13,660 ATV (all-terrain vehicle) 9,242 Primary Decision Maker of HHLD Items 219,801 New Vehicle (not used) 194,700 238,293 Furniture 196,825 245,758 Large Kitchen Appliances 202,474 Source: Scarborough Research; Adults 18+; M-Su 6a-12mid; Aug. ’07-July ‘08; LA DMA Survey Area
  5. 5. 348,821 281,623 282,944 253,251 234,793 202,433 197,546 192,832 165,032 107,297 89,501 73,117 58,219 46,551 Own Residence Home Value Any Investment IRA Certificate of HHI $75,000+ Married $500K+ Deposit (CD) KGGI KFRG 304,805 223,395 183,223 93,270 60,909 58,998 57,403 47,936 36,613 28,881 28,646 15,412 Some College Grad Own 2nd Home Own Pool or Spa Own Motorcycle Have Mutual Fund Used Full Service or more Stock Broker KGGI KFRG Source: Scarborough Research; Los Angeles DMA; Adults 18+; M-Su 6a-12m; August ‘07-July ‘08
  6. 6. Inland Empire Radio Station Listener Profile KCAL-FM (Active Rock): 185,733 Listeners; Over 63% are Men; Over 61% are 18-34 yrs old; Over 36% are renters. KCXX-FM (Alternative): 164,760 Listeners; 49% are 18-24 yrs old; 80% are 18-34 yrs old; 8% are looking for work; Over 44% have blue collar jobs; Only 5% are college grads or more. KGGI-FM (Rhythmic Contemporary Hit): 548,336 Listeners; Over 44% are 18-24 yrs old; 73% are 18-34 yrs old; Over 46% are renters; Only 9% are college grads or more; 11% are looking for work. KOLA-FM (Classic Hits): 398,159 Listeners; 68% are 45+ yrs old. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ KFRG-FM (Country): 432,128 Listeners Over 97% of listeners are 25+ yrs old; 63% are 25-54 yrs old; 69% have household incomes of $50,000 or more; 81% own their homes; Over 25% are college grads or more; 71% have some college or more. Source: Scarborough Research–Inland Empire English Speaking Stations; M-Su 6a-12m Persons 18+– LA DMA Survey Area – August ‘07 to July ’08.
  7. 7. For The Last 7 Years, K-Frog Has Raised Money For Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital! And, Every Year, Our Listeners Give More & More!! The 6h Annual Radiothon Held The 7th Annual Radiothon Held October 16th & 17th, 2007 October 14th & 15th, 2008 Raised Over $608,025!! Raised Over $483,000!! This picture was later in the day so it did not reflect KOLA raised about $161,000 the final total! FYI, KOLA raised $180,000. The 4th Annual Radiothon Held The 5rd Annual Radiothon Held October 18th & 19th, 2005 October 17th & 18th, 2006 Raised Over $443,000! Raised Over $506,305! The 2st Annual Radiothon Held The 3rd Annual Radiothon Held Dec 2-3, 2003 During The Deadly Wildfires October 19th & 20th, 2004 Raised Over $294,510! Raised Over $366,495! San Bernardino/Riverside/Orange Co./LA Temecula Valley/Sun City/Murrieta Victorville/Hesperia/Apple Valley
  8. 8. Myth vs. Reality for Riverside/San Bernardino Advertisers! Myth: Cable reaches everybody. Reality: Only 54% of the Riverside/San Bernardino households subscribes to cable. That leaves almost ½ of the market uncovered by cable. - Almost 91% Adults 18+ in Riverside/San Bernardino listen to radio each week! - Almost 96% Adults 25-54 w/HHI $50K+ in Riv/San Bern. listen to radio each week! Myth: Cable advertising is efficient. Reality: To effectively buy cable, an advertiser must buy multiple zones. And, of course, with each zone an advertiser adds, the cost goes up. Radio reaches the ENTIRE metro with every single commercial it airs. Because, cable TV gives the viewer so many different channels to choose from, its very fragmented. And, a LARGE number of cable viewers are turning in for a non-commercial environment (HBO, Showtime, etc.). As you can see by the ratings, unless it’s sports, wrestling or on Nickelodeon, they’re watching network television. Example of Nielsen Top 10 Cable Shows: Week of 3/16/09-3/22/09 Program Network 1) WWE Entertainment (WWE Raw) USA 2) Saturday Movie “Northern Lights” LIF 3) WWE Entertainment (WWE Raw) USA 4) Spongebob NICK 5) NCIS USA 6) Hannah Montana DSNY 7) NCIS USA 8) Spongebob NICK 9) Spongebob NICK 10) NCIS USA Myth: Cable is unaffected by Satellite TV. Reality: 43% of the Adults 18+ subscribe to satellite TV instead of cable and on Direct TV, there are NO local commercials. With Adults 25-54 w/HHI $50K+ it goes up to 55% that subscribe to satellite TV. Source: Scarborough Research; Adults 18+; Aug. 07-July 08; Riverside/San Bernardino Metro; Nielsen Rating Media Research
  9. 9. Crowded Roads Lead To More Radio Listening You can’t read the paper or watch TV in your car so these commuters are spending a lot of time with their radio! v There are over 2.8 million vehicles registered in the Riverside/San Bernardino Metro – that’s a 40.4% growth since 2000. (DMV, June 2007 and U.S. Census) v 1 out of 5 people in Riverside/San Bernardino left for work before 6am in 2006. (US Census 2006 American Community Survey, released September 2007) The Riverside/San Bernardino area was ranked as the 13th worst place for traffic NATIONWIDE ! Commuters in urban Riverside and San Bernardino counties spend 49 hours a year stuck in gridlock! v 70% of working adults in the Riverside/San Bernardino Metro have driven 100+ miles in the past week. 36% have driven 250+ miles in the past week. (Scarborough, February 2006 – January 2007, Riverside/San Bernardino Metro) v People in the Riverside/San Bernardino Metro drive over 13.5 billion miles per year. (Texas Traffic Institute, 2007 Urban Mobility Report) v 93% of Persons 12+ say they use their AM/FM Radio in the car, and 74% say it is the device they use most often in their vehicles. Bridge Ratings, Digital Audio Growth Projections, August 15, 2007) Annual Hours of Long Term Change Delay Per Traveler From 1982 to 2005 2005 2004 1995 1982 Hours Rank 3rd 49 Riverside-San Bernardino, CA 47 28 5 44 THE INLAND EMPIRE RANKED 3RD IN THE UNITED STATES FOR LARGEST INCREASE OF DELAY HOURS FROM 1982! Source: Texas Transportation Institute Annual Study; Urban Area Report from 1982 to 2005
  10. 10. WHY COUNTRY ROCKS! Country rocks, and not just in a boot-scootin’ boogie. Today’s country has hip-hop’s “hip” and rock’s backbeat – and a whole fresh generation of singers and fans. In recent years, country music has broadened its base beyond its traditional red station, good-ol’-boy fan base and now counts as many urban/hipster listeners as conventional rural ones. Country superstars include the young, the restless, the seriously rocking, even tortured alt-indie darlings. Time to stop fretting over hip-hop and rock ‘n’ roll and just run with that country sound you know you love. Here are the top 10 reasons why country is cool: 1. Country is sexy. Sugarland would soar even if Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush weren’t so damn cute, but it doesn’t hurt. Brad Paisley and sweet “Firecracker” Josh Turner bring on audiences’ collective sighs. 2. Country’s blurring musical boundaries. Sugarland teamed up with Bon Jovi and fans on both sides of the musical aisle went wild; same with Loretta Lynn and Jack White. Kelly Clarkson brings her Joplin-like belting to her sweet duet with Reba. LeAnn Rimes duets with Brit-soulster Joss Stone. Pop darlings Rascal Flatts ended 2006 as the top-selling musical act – of ALL genres. 3. Country may just be the new hip-hop. It’s been said that the two styles of music have far more in common than their differences, with both styles starting in poor, disenfranchised groups and then crossing over to touch millions. And just how middle-class suburban kids embraced hip-hop, arty city slickers have begun to embrace their inner twang. Is the let-loose Gretchen Wilson anthem “Here for the Party” really all that different from R. Kelly’s “Freaky in the Club”? 4. Country embraces the old with the new. It’s great to see new and ultracreative work from longtime faves such as Reba McEntire, George Strait – even semi retired Garth Brooks, back on the charts after years of lying low. Brooks & Dunn, Kenny Chesney and others are gradually making the transition from hot new thing to living legends. 5. Longtime indie faves are finally being recognized in the country mainstream. Case in point: Alison Krauss, who toured the small time fiddle circuit as a teen phenom for years before showcasing her angelic voice and finally moving front-and-center as Nashville royalty. 6. Country’s laid back. Need we look any further than longtime beach boy, and current nominee Jimmy Buffett, who teamed up with Strait and Alan Jackson for “Hey Good Looking.” 7. Country’s all jacked up. If you want to get on your feet, look no further than Gretchen Wilson, the Dixie Chicks, Rascal Flatts, the Wreckers, Sugarland or Kenny Chesney. 8. Country rules and American Idols reign. Taylor who? Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler are the new princesses of the charts, courtesy of their country leanings. 9. Country’s got serious talent – and room for it to flourish. Martina McBride and Sara Evans have two of the all-time great pop-singer voices and could give Beyonce or Whitney Houston a run for their money. And Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, LeAnn Rimes and Faith Hill are just a few crossover stars on the pop charts. 10. Country’s family values rock us all. Post-Sept. 11th, Americans have embraced their own country and also put more emphasis on family. It’s country that gives a voice to that, and not all in a jingoistic way (though Toby Keith, we salute you). On scales large – proud of country and our troops – and small – when Faith Hill goes all “Keep your hands off my man” – how can we not applaud that? COUNTRY REFLECTS WHAT’S REAL AND IMPORTANT !! 1. * Reprinted from a article on MSN.com on 10/23/07; Written by Kati Johnston a freelance writer specializing in entertainment and a frequent contributor to MSN.com
  11. 11. Why Not Other Media? NEWSPAPERS Combined, the three leading daily newspapers in Riverside, San Bernardino and Ontario do not reach 69% of Inland Empire households. They share the problem of newspapers all over the United States - shrinking share of time spent with newspapers. Example: All newspapers combined get only about 1/4th the time spent on radio daily. TELEVISION Commercial television in the Inland Empire is Los Angeles based T.V. that puts it far beyond the price range of almost all Inland Empire advertisers (not to mention that 80% of the circulation is waste). Inland Empire T.V. stations are either home shopping, Hispanic or public. CABLE There are almost a dozen competing cable companies with systems in the Inland Empire. None provides separately any significant coverage. Programs available to local advertisers have very small audiences - a 2 rating (i.e. 2% of the households) is exceptional. Cable is largely a children’s medium - 43 of the 50 leading cable shows are on Nickelodeon. LOS ANGELES RADIO Of the 70+ stations that serve the Los Angeles metro area, only three or four deliver the same share of audience in the Inland Empire as in the Los Angeles - Orange County market. Unlike Orange County, where all the leading stations are Los Angeles-based, three of the top five stations in the Inland Empire are Riverside-San Bernardino based. DIRECT MAIL There are at least a dozen varieties of direct mail. All are very expensive per household reached. The least expensive direct mail exceeds $30 a thousand. It is the kind of junk mail supported by neighborhood merchants who can’t afford anything else. Studies show that it is routinely discarded by the most desirable households. More effective direct mail, using purchased lists, costs $300 - $500 per thousand and often fails because the lists are inaccurate and outdated.