Abstraction through reorganization
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  • 1. Collage is a great way to attempt toabstract an image that you are attractedto.This collage was achieved by slicing oneimage into pieces. Each piece of thispuzzle has another piece of the same sizewithin the image. To reorder thephoto, pieces of similar shape weresimple switched to create a new andinteresting way to look at this image. Randy Grskovic
  • 2. This collage was achieved in the sameway– the image was sliced into threeshapes and the top and bottom shapeswere switched while the center anoutside remained in place. This hascreated an interesting abstraction usingonly one image.As we look at these collages for drawinginspiration, notice that they have beenmade by using straight lines and simplegeometric shapes(squares, rectangles, and triangles). Youwill be working in this same way to createa collage to draw from. Randy Grskovic
  • 3. To create this collage the artist had tohave more than one copy of the imageshe was working with. Sliced sectionsof one image have been added to anoriginal to create this explodingsensation. Lola Dupre
  • 4. This collage uses a single image. Foursquares of descending sizes were cut outof the image, the outer two have beenturned upside down to disrupt theimage– this can be another interestingway to reorganize an image. Randy Grskovic
  • 5. Two images have been used in this collage. They were sliced into long triangles andreordered. Lola Dupre
  • 6. This is another instance where the artist used multiple copies of the same image todeconstruct and reorder the image. Lola Dupre
  • 7. This artist began with multipleimages and cut them apart usingsimilar shapes– both diamonds andtriangles. In a way you can likenthese sort of reorganizations topiecing a quilt. You will be fittingimages together using simplegeometries.
  • 8. Achieved by using twoimages of faces, this collageworks well because the artistsimple cut the photos intosame diamondshape, making it very easy toreorganize the image. Noticethat the artist decided tokeep the pieces all orientedin the proper direction inthis image making it possibleto use to still see the originalfaces.
  • 9. Your assignment is to make asmall collage by reorderingone or two images as wehave seen in the previousexamples.Once the collage is completeyou will make a drawingbased on the collage. You willhave two class periods tocomplete the collage andresulting drawing.