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  • Good afternoon. My name is Charles Michal. I thank you for inviting us here. I will introduce you to the others in a moment. But first, I want to cover a few points. We are here to explain to you why this project is one we both wish to do and can do well…
  • This presentation will be organized in three parts. Initially, we want to show you that, as our tag line says, we believe that design matters. Also, we want you to understand the process that has been refined through much experience to lead you from a mere expression of need to an occupied building. In the second segment, I’ll ask Tom to talk to the forces and influences unique to both your program – a children’s center, and your site, that can shape the outcome. In the third segment I will present to you an idea that germinated when Tom and I visited the site together January 18 th – less than 10 days ago. I will ask Andy Lane and Cara Cleveland to comment on the project from their unique professional perspectives. After this third segment, Tom will bring the presentation to a close by sharing with you some more of what we know and have done in the field of early childhood education and childcare design. Then we will stop and entertain your questions.
  • These images hopefully convey that to us design is more than functionality, it is a chance to be expressive, to contribute to a pleasing environment on all levels – tactile, auditory, visual – even spiritually.
  • Design Matters

    1. 1. Logo on Black Field “… because design matters”
    2. 2. “…because design matters” Architectural design is a process of successive refinement toward the solution of a unique set of needs. Architecture deals with problem solving at all scales, from the largest strategic planning aspects to the smallest of details. Why? “… because design matters”
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    26. 26. Black End Slide Thank you.