An Introduction to C.J. Kemp and SunTrust Mortgage

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A brief description on C.J. Kemp, SunTrust Mortgage, and our Loan Programs.

A brief description on C.J. Kemp, SunTrust Mortgage, and our Loan Programs.

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  • I’ve prepared a brief presentation that highlights some information about me, my company, and my marketing strategy.


  • 1. Stability. Strength. Service. Now more than ever, I’m here for you.
  • 2. An Introduction to C.J. Kemp and SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. “ Help People and Institutions Prosper”
  • 3. Meet C.J. Kemp SunTrust Mortgage Mortgage Banker 8510 Connecticut Ave., #240 Chevy Chase, MD 20815 (301) 651-4189 Cell (301) 961-0901 Office (301) 657-5649 Fax [email_address]
  • 4. My Goals!
    • Build relationships with empathy and mutual respect.
    • 2. Help homeowners create a mortgage strategy that builds wealth for their family.
  • 5. How to build relationships with empathy and mutual respect?
    • We must always keep in mind that clients are coming to us with their most cherished hopes, their most personal information – financial and otherwise. They are placing a sacred trust in our hands. When clients know they are respected, they will, in turn, respect and value what we do for them and how we go about doing it.
    • Listen first! Then focus on relationships and transactions!
    • A Professional Mortgage Banker - Treat every client as high-value, regardless of
    • his or her account balance or financial statement. Safeguard client assets and
    • privacy as if they were your own.
    • Put myself in the client’s shoes, striving to understand their situation.
    • Provide information, education, and advice to enable clients to make smart
    • financial decisions.
    • Known for excellent communication, integrity, loyalty, and exceptional knowledge
    • of the mortgage industry - Has helped many people achieve their goal of
    • homeownership.
  • 6. How to help homeowners create a mortgage strategy that builds wealth for their family?
    • Establish a Mortgage Plan – drill down total cost over time, demonstrate the wealth creating difference between programs and payment strategies, and track the wealth growth vs mortgage balance.
    • Conduct a total cost analysis
    • Restructure debt to create wealth
    • Experience in all types of loan programs and maintains strong relationships with realtors, settlement attorneys, builders, and accountants.
    • Has a solid understanding of the local real estate market and what it takes to close the loan with efficiency and expertise.
    • Local and Available 24/7
    • 5+ years in the mortgage business
  • 7. Who is SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.?
    • National mortgage company with local presence
    • Subsidiary of a Top 10 bank, SunTrust Bank - Stability
    • Top 10 in purchase mortgage originations nationally
    • Respected brand in all markets – deposit and lending
    • Nationally recognized for superior customer service – JD Powerhouse
    • Track record of consistent earnings
    • Laptop originations
    • Local management support from origination to closing
  • 8. SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. – Business in Brief
    • Ownership : Subsidiary of SunTrust Bank
    • SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. originates loans throughout locations within SunTrust Bank markets (VA, DC, MD, NC, SC, GA, AL, TN, & FL) and adjacent states; maintains correspondent and broker relationships in 49 states; and services loans in 50 states and the District of Columbia.
    • Year to date as of June 30, 2008:
    • Servicing portfolio: $158.8 billion
    • Loans originated: $17.5 billion
    • Loans purchased: $3.5 billion
    • Total production: $21.1 billion
    • Number of loans serviced: 954,550
    • Number of locations: 205 locations
    • Number of brokers: 12,692
    • Number of correspondents: 1,345
    • Headquarters: Richmond, VA
  • 9. Geographic Locations - Retail Source: STM Branch Listing 201 locations in Florida Over 70 locations throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Over 157 locations in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama 75 locations throughout North and South Carolina Numbers include stand-alone mortgage offices and locations within SunTrust Bank branches 1,564 Loan Officers throughout the Eastern United States
  • 10.  
  • 11. Guarantees! • All calls returned within 15 minutes • Loan approvals within 48 hours of application and weekly updates • Closing Statements (HUD I) within 24 hours of closing • Attend all refinance and purchase loan closings • A partner that will help you build your business • A mortgage expert designed to create raving fans of your customers
  • 12. Summary of the Loan Process – Buyer Education Purchaser C.J. Kemp Mortgage Banker office (301) 961-0901 / cell (301) 651 4189 e-mail: Caran Policicchio Mortgage Loan Coordinator office (301) 961-0904 e-mail: Underwriter Mortgage Loan Coordinator Closing
    • Contact Loan Officer for financing information
    • Gather information needed for application
    • Start looking for a new home
    • Discusses qualifying, monthly payments, and cash needed for closing
    • Explains various loan programs available and quotes interest rates
    • Assists in completing the loan application
    • Runs the application through the underwriting engine
    • Communicates with you on items necessary for loan closing
    • Pre-underwrites and prepares loan for approval
    • Works with all parties
    • Renders final decision on loan
    • Requests additional documentation
    • Works directly with Loan Officer and Mortgage Loan Coordinator to approve the loan
    • Assembles package for closing day
    • Sends package to Closing Agent’s office
    • Contacts you for Home Owner’s Hazard Insurance information
    • Prepares Settlement Statement and emails it to the Processor for review
    • Processor contacts you to review the settlement figures and cash for closing 48 hours prior to closing
    • Processor e-mails Settlement Statement to all parties 48 hours prior to closing
    • Takes place at Closing Agent’s office
    • Bring a certified check to closing
    • CONGRATULATIONS on your new home!
    Closing Agent
  • 13.  
  • 14. Variety of the Standard Product Options
    • Conventional and Jumbo - Fixed and Arm Products
    • Interest only and fully amortizing options
    • First-time homebuyer programs
    • Primary residences, second homes, and investment properties
    • Government Programs – FHA/VA
    • Fannie Mae MyCommunityMortgage
    • Home Equity Line of Credit at below prime
  • 15. 6 additional Niche Loan Programs that differentiate SunTrust from our competitors!
    • 100% Affordable Housing Program
    • 100% Doctor Loan with no mortgage insurance
    • FHA
    • Bridge Loan
    • Construction permanent financing
    • Premier Advantage
  • 16. 1. Affordable Housing Mortgage Program
    • An additional vehicle to address the needs of home financing for low-to-moderate individuals
    • 100% Total Financing up to $429,900 with No MI – Better than FHA
    • 4% seller contribution allowed and may be used for down payment.
    • Only $500 needed into the transaction.
    • Gifts allowed
    • 33/41 Debt to income ratios
    • 620 Middle Credit Score
    • Borrower must occupy as primary residence and may NOT own any other real estate at the time of settlement.
    • Specific areas do not have income limitations
  • 17. 2. The Doctor Loan Program
    • Includes access to special mortgage pricing discounts
    • 100% financing up to $1,500,000 for medical doctors who completed their residency – No Down Payment
    • 100% financing up to $417,000 for medical doctors who are currently residents/interns – No Down Payment
    • No mortgage insurance required – Lower housing payment
    • Programs include fixed rates and arms
    • No minimum loan amount required
    • Interest only and fully amortizing options available
    • Eligible properties include single family homes, attached or detached properties, condos, puds, townhouses, and row houses.
    • Student loans are not counted in total debt if borrower can provide documentation to verify that loan payments will be deferred until at least 12 months after closing.
    • Eligible on purchase and rate/term refinances
  • 18. 3. FHA – The “Comeback Loan”
    • Greater flexibility in accommodating a borrower’s need or preferences
    • Only 3% Down Payment, 97% Financing
    • 1 Loan
    • Lower credit score requirements
    • Seller can pay up to 6% of sales price towards closing costs
    • 100% gift allowed for down payment – family member
    • No income limit restrictions
    • Conventional and Jumbo Loan Amounts
  • 19. 4. Make contingency contracts a thing of the past!
    • The Bridge Loan is designed to help you purchase a new home without having to use the proceeds from the sales of your existing home.
    • No out of pocket mortgage payments for the first six months of the loan.
    • Allows up to 12 months to repay the debt while you are selling your current home.
    • Gives you the ability to borrow up to 90% of the value of your current home to use as a down payment on the new home that you are purchasing.
    • You pay interest only portion of the borrowed amount during the 12 month period.
  • 20. 5. The Construction/Permanent Loan
    • When your client is ready to build a primary resident or second home, take advantage of our construction/permanent financing.
    • One application! One closing! One approval! Saves time and paperwork.
    • Available for new construction, renovation, and tear downs
    • Extended locks for up to 15 months – Rate Protection!
    • During construction, borrower make interest only payments based on Prime of the outstanding balance
    • Borrower has the option to modify loan programs
  • 21. 6. The Premier Advantage Mortgage
    • Intended for potential SunTrust Bank customers with strong assets, income, and credit scores.
    • Loan Amounts up to $3,000,000
    • Both Fixed and ARM programs available
    • Interest Only option available – payment recalculated once principal curtailment is received.
    • No mortgage insurance required – Lower housing payment.
    • 1 Piece Loan up to 89.99% CLTV / $750,000 Loan Amount
    • 2 Piece Loan up to 89.99% CLTV / $1,000,000 Loan Amount
    • 2 Piece Loan up to 85% CLTV / $1,500,000 Loan Amount
    • 2 Piece Loan up to 80% CLTV / $2,000,000 Loan Amount
    • 1 Piece Loan up to 65% CLTV / $3,000,000 Loan Amount
    • Deposit relationship pricing discounts
    • Special Exceptions Considered
    • SurePay
  • 22. Also….Sports & Entertainment Banking
    • Established in 1988, SunTrust’s vision is to become the preferred bank for the Sports and Entertainment Industry.
    • SunTrust understands the complex financial needs of professional athletes, musicians, and the professionals in the surrounding sports and entertainment community.
    • Personal and Business Services
    • Mortgage exceptions with reduced interest rates granted
    • Serve 30 Nascar Nextel Cup Drivers – immersed in the culture of motor sports – team/car financing, operating business line of credit, team credit cards, aircraft, and yacht financing.
    • 18 Grammy Winners
  • 23. More Ways to Encourage New Buyers
    • SkipIt – seller pays up to six months principal, interest, tax and insurance on behalf of the new homebuyer
    • Buyers’ Bonus – seller pays up to six months principal and interest for new homebuyer
    • Temporary rate buydowns – seller pays to reduce homebuyer’s interest rate for the first two or three years of their loan
    • Permanent rate buydowns – seller pays discount points to reduce homebuyer’s interest rate for the life of the loan
    • Single premium mortgage insurance
    • Closing cost contributions – up to 9%
  • 24.  
  • 25. Strategic Marketing - a program that can help you grow your business…
    • Co-Branded Open House Flyers – 3 styles to choose from!
    Single photo with financing Home featured with five photos Five photos with financing
  • 26. Strategic Marketing
    • Product Flyers
  • 27. How C.J. and SunTrust Mortgage differentiate themselves in today’s fiercely competitive market?
    • Committed and focused on providing all of my customers with exceptional service
    • Priorities are straight. Has the right values.
    • Establish a trust with my client
    • Solid Solutions
    • Stable Lender
    • Powerful Products
    • Valuable Knowledge
    • Partnership opportunities – Succeeding through teamwork
    • Professional marketing
    • In the mortgage business for the long run
    • Should you have additional questions regarding loan products and features mentioned in this presentation, please call me and I would be happy to assist you.
  • 28. Referrals
    • Anne Killeen – Real Estate Agent John Ferguson - Attorney
    • Washington Fine Properties Main Street Settlements
    • (301) 706-0067 (301) 570-3633
    • Michael Matese – Real Estate Agent Ramona Greene – Real Estate Agent
    • Washington Fine Properties Long and Foster
    • (301) 806-6829 (202) 494-2557
    • Buster Maurer – Real Estate Agent Bobby Y. Lee - Attorney
    • Remax Realty Centre Sage Title Group
    • (301) 520-2476 (301) 654-2560
    • Greg Dyer – President, CPA Joy Sigel
    • Dyer & Associates, P.C. Settlement Pros - Attorney
    • (301) 654-6200 (301) 907-8100
  • 29. To Our Future Together