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Jeopardy review mfe 3 Jeopardy review mfe 3 Presentation Transcript

  • Go With The Flow: Under Pressure The Fluid Pressures Math of Life Float This Fluid Idea Theory 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4
  • Fluid Math 1 • Equations for this chapter are: • Pressure =? And units? • Density= ? And Units? • (four answers must be correct!)
  • Fluid Math 2 • A tree falls into a river. It displaces 1020 kg of water. What is the strength of the buoyant force on the tree?
  • Fluid Math 3 • A person’s 2 shoes cover a total area of 200 cm squared. The pressure each shoe exerts on the floor is 5 N/cm squared. What is the weight of the person?
  • Float this Idea 1 • Which soda has more buoyant force acting on it?
  • Fluid Math 4 • One piston in a hydraulic device has 5 Newtons of force applied to it. Its area is 10 cm squared. The other piston 50 cm squared. • What is the pressure in the hydraulic device? • How much force does the larger piston apply?
  • Under Pressure 1 • Name the 3 things you can do to a container of gas to get the gas to change its pressure
  • Under Pressure 2 • What causes pressure to exist in fluids? (2 things)
  • The Pressures of Life 3 • Why does the balloon inflate with air? • What body organ does the bottle with the balloon in it represent? • What body organ does the balloon on the bottom represent?
  • The Pressures of Life 1 • When I was a kid, my best friend’s mom would smoke cigarettes all the time. When she drove us somewhere, she would crack her window open a little so the smoke could escape. Would more smoke get sucked out if the car was parked, or if it was going slow, or going fast? • What principle does this show?
  • The Pressures of Life 2 • You want to get across some very thin ice in order to get a cookie. Without anything to use but your own body, what are going to do to get across the ice without breaking it? • HINT: One trick has direct use of concept of pressure.
  • Float this Idea 2 • Watch the demonstration with the rock in the boat and answer Mr Jones’ question
  • Under Pressure 3 • Would you expect a bubble of air to stay the same size as it rises from deep in the ocean? Defend your answer.
  • Under Pressure 4 • Balanced pressure systems cause weather to move from one place to another (T/F?)
  • The Pressures of Life 4 • If a fish goes deeper into the water, why doesn’t it get crushed?
  • Fluid Theory 1 • Fluids hold their shape easily (t/f)
  • Fluid Theory 2 • Can pressure of a fluid be expressed in pounds per inch?
  • Float This Idea 3 • Oil is thick and has high viscosity. This makes oil denser than water. (t/f) • Support your answer
  • Float this Idea 4 • When Mr Jones squeezes the Cartesian Diver, it sinks. How can its density change to make it dive?