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Jeopardy review for mfe exam
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Jeopardy review for mfe exam


some of the links from the first page are messed up. I recommend you just go through it in order …

some of the links from the first page are messed up. I recommend you just go through it in order
I also meant cm squared on the pressure units, slide 23

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  • 1. Moving Right May the ma Be Go With the Simply EnergizerAlong With You Flow, Yo Working It Bunny 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5
  • 2. Moving Right Along 1• An airplane travels at a rate of 400 km/hr. Its destination is 1200 km away. What is the flight duration?• If the plane has to fly into a wind that averages 100 km/hr, what is the new flight duration?
  • 3. Moving Right Along 1• 3 hours• 4 hours
  • 4. Moving Right Along 2• How are speed and velocity different?
  • 5. Moving Right Along 2• Speed is just distance/time• Velocity is the same with direction
  • 6. Moving Right Along 3• On a distance-time graph, if the graph line curves, then you know the object being graphed has _________________?
  • 7. Moving Right Along 3• accelerated
  • 8. Moving Right Along 4What is the momentum equation?What does momentum measure?
  • 9. Moving Right Along 4• Mass times velocity• How hard it is to stop a moving object
  • 10. Moving Right Along 5• If the earth orbits around the sun at the same speed all the time, is it accelerating? Why/ why not?
  • 11. Moving Right Along 5• Because it is changing direction
  • 12. May the ma be with you 1• When forces are unbalanced when acting upon an object, the object will do what?
  • 13. May the ma be with you 1• accelerate
  • 14. May the ma be with you 2• Objects are hard to get moving because of this property of matter• This property of matter is measured by measuring the object’s __________
  • 15. May the ma be with you 2• Inertia• mass
  • 16. May the ma be with you 3• Name the 4 types of friction
  • 17. May the ma be with you 3• Static• Moving• Rolling• Fluid• Sliding
  • 18. May the ma be with you 4• Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation states that gravity depends on an object’s ___________ and ___________ .
  • 19. May the ma be with you 4• Mass and distance
  • 20. May the ma be with you 5• Use 2 of Newton’s 3 Laws of motion to explain what is not valid with this video clip.
  • 21. May the ma be with you 5• The little droids should have kept moving with the spaceships. (1st Law. In space, there’s no outside force acting on them b/c there’ no air in space)• When the little droids get flown back it implies they are reacting to a force from air that doesn’t exist in space. (air pushes, droid gets pushed back…however no force pair exists without the air…not following Newton’s 3rd law)
  • 22. Go with the flow, yo 1• Equations for this chapter are:• Pressure =? And units?• Density= ? And Units?• (four answers must be correct!)
  • 23. Go with the flow, yo 1• Pressure = force/area• Units= n/cm3• Density= mass/volume• Density= g/mL
  • 24. Go with the flow, yo 2• Name the 3 things you can do to a container of gas to get the gas to change its pressure
  • 25. Go with the flow, yo 2• Heat it up• Make container smaller• Pump more fluid into the container
  • 26. Go with the flow, yo 3• Why does buoyancy exist in fluids?
  • 27. Go with the flow, yo 3• Because pressure is greater with depth, the greater pressure something experiences at its base, which pushes up on it.
  • 28. Go with the flow, yo 4• Which soda has more buoyant force acting on it?
  • 29. Go with the flow, yo 4• Regular coke
  • 30. Go with the flow, yo 5• When I was a kid, my best friend’s mom would smoke cigarettes all the time. When she drove us somewhere, she would crack the window open a little so the smoke could escape. Would more smoke get sucked out if the car was parked, or if it was going slow, or going fast?• What principle does this show?
  • 31. Go with the flow, yo 5• Faster• Bernoulli’s principle
  • 32. Simply working it 1• Equations for the chapter:• Work =? Units=?• Power=? Units=?• Mechanical Advantage= ? Units=?• Efficiency =? Units =?
  • 33. Simply working it 2• List the six simple machines’ names
  • 34. Simply working it 2• Lever• Pulley• Screw• Inclined plane• Wheel and axle• Wedge
  • 35. Simply working it 3• A single fixed pulley multiplies force as it changes the direction of the force. (T/F?)
  • 36. Simply working it 3• False• Only changes direction (ma=1)
  • 37. Simply working it 4• The output distance of a machine with an MA of 5 will be• A) 5 times longer than input distance• B) 5 times shorter than input distance• C) the same as input distance• D) greater, but by how much depends on friction
  • 38. Simply working it 4• B
  • 39. Simply working it 5• Name the classes of these levers:• Scissors• Hockey Stick• Wheelbarrow• Pliers
  • 40. Simply working it 5• Scissors 1st• Hockey Stick 3rd• Wheelbarrow 2nd• Pliers 1st
  • 41. Energizer Bunny 1• List which of the five forms of energy are potential• Then, list which of the five forms of energy are kinetic
  • 42. Energizer Bunny 1• Potential: nuclear and chemical• Kinetic: heat, electromagnetic, mechanical
  • 43. Energizer Bunny 2• If an object has a mass of 50 kg and is moving at 2 m/s, what is its kinetic energy?• If the same object is held 3 meters high above the ground what is its gravitational potential energy?
  • 44. Energizer Bunny 2• 100 J• 1470 J
  • 45. Energizer Bunny 3• After the car is lifted up the first hill, a rollercoaster runs on gravity. If the energy of the coaster is equal to its starting GPE, why must the rest of the hills be lower in height than the first?
  • 46. Energizer Bunny 3• Because of the law of conservation of energy, the coaster’s height on successive hills can never be higher than the starting, otherwise, it would be gaining energy.• In fact, it loses a lot of energy as noise and heat due to friction as it travels: requiring even lower hills later
  • 47. Energizer Bunny 4• Describe an energy conversion that involves turning mechanical energy into heat.
  • 48. Energizer Bunny 4• Rubbing hands
  • 49. Energizer Bunny 5• If a ball is thrown upward into the air at a release height of 2 meters, goes up, then falls back to earth, its speed at its starting height is:• A) greater than the speed thrown at (because of gravity)• B)less than the speed thrown at (because of friction• C) equal to the speed thrown at (just because)
  • 50. Energizer Bunny 5• C: KE at that height is equal (what you put into system is what you get out…..energy is conserved.)