Conduction rate lab


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Use this powerpoint to prepare for the lab

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Conduction rate lab

  1. 1. Conduction Rate Lab The set up…
  2. 2. Materials• Ring stand and clamp• matches• candle• Aluminum, steel, brass and copper rods (1 of each)• Bunsen burners• Tin foil• 12 paper clips• Goggles• stopwatch
  3. 3. Materials
  4. 4. The rods
  5. 5. Setting up the rods• Place the ruler on the tin foil.• Lay a rod alongside it and place 3 paperclips at 5 cm. Intervals.• Light a candle. Be sure to have on your goggles.• Drip 3 drops of wax at the point where the paperclip touches the rod.• Allow a short amount of time for the wax to cool and harden.
  6. 6. 5 cm increments
  7. 7. Light a candle
  8. 8. Add 3 drops of wax
  9. 9. 3 clips attached
  10. 10. Setting up the Bunsen Burner• Firmly push the hose onto the gas nozzle located on the lab table.• One partner should prepare a match while the other gets ready to turn on the gas (the gas is on when the handle is over the nozzle, off when it is at a 90° angle to the nozzle).• Light the match. The partner should turn on the gas.• Adjust the flame so that it is blue and controlled.
  11. 11. Attaching the hose
  12. 12. Attaching the rods to the stand• To attach the rods to the ring stand, use the screw found on the side of the elbow clamp.• Bring the stand and rod over to the lit Bunsen burner.• Use the other screw to adjust the height of the rod so that when placed in the flame it will be about 1.5 cm above the bottom of the burner, directly in the flame.
  13. 13. Clamping the rod
  14. 14. Adjusting the height
  15. 15. Testing• Once the rod is placed in the blue flame, start the stopwatch.• Continue timing as the heat conducts through the rods and paperclips fall off.• Record the time when the 5 cm., 10 cm., and 15 cm. paper clips fall off.• DO NOT STOP THE STOPWATCH AS PAPER CLIPS FALL OFF.
  16. 16. Timing
  17. 17. Paper clips falling off
  18. 18. Recording data
  19. 19. Clean up• Once all 3 paper clips have fallen off, carefully remove the rod and place it hot side down in the coffee can filled with water.• Scrape all wax off of the paper clips onto the tin foil (not like in the picture!).• Dump all excess wax into the garbage.• Set all materials up as they were when you entered the lab.
  20. 20. Cooling off the rods
  21. 21. Scrape wax off the paper clips
  22. 22. Dumping the excess wax
  23. 23. Making Mr. Rand happy with a clean lab.
  24. 24. Resetting the station