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FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
FedEx Delivers
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FedEx Delivers


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Group presentation about the corporate culture at FedEx

Group presentation about the corporate culture at FedEx

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  • 1. Fed Ex Delivers Mark Baun, Lauren Lipari, Jason Lewis, Alex Cohen-Smith, David Staples, Brian Maina, Alex Kaplan, Matthew Hudson, Lindsay Campbell
  • 2. Innovating and Outperforming the Competition
    • FedEx Growth
    • Tapping Employee Creativity and Commitment
    • Defining Creativity in the Business World
  • 3.
    • The Three Step Process
    • The PSP Philosophy
    • Positive Package Tracking and On-Time Guarantee
    Innovating and Outperforming the Competition
  • 4. Innovative Journey of FedEx
    • "Looking back on 25 years at the forefront of a dynamic and evolving industry, two things have remained constant at FedEx: change, and the ability and willingness of our employees to embrace change on behalf of our customers." -Fred Smith, Founder and CEO of FedEx
    • For a competitive advantage businesses must continually innovate
    • No such thing as a sustainable competitive advantage
    • Changes took place every week, sense of urgency, accessible management
  • 5. Growth of FedEx During this Innovation Journey
    • Revenue from $4 billion to $22 billion
    • Average daily shipment grew from 60,000 to 4.7 million
    • Named World's Most Admired Companies from Fortune
    • Named "Best/Top Places to Work”
  • 6. Notable Innovations
    • The Overnight Letter
    • First to offer delivery at 10 am
    • Online Tracking
    • Integrated, Seamless International and Domestic Network
  • 7. Needs for Creativity and Innovation Figure 3.1 Page 42 Employees’ Perspective Need An inherent need to develop and unleash one’s natural creative potential through self- expression Results Realized When Need Fulfilled Making a difference through creative contributions A Natural, mutually supportive relationship. Businesses’ Perspective Need Creative thinking and innovation at all levels of the organization in order to stay ahead of the competition Results Realized When Need Fulfilled A thriving Innovation Culture
  • 8.
    • Lack of…
      • Supportive Leadership Practices and Organizational Processes
      • Understanding that Innovation is Imperative
      • Collaborative Thinking Across Departments and Disciplines
      • Balance Between Innovation Expectation and Employees Ability to Deliver
      • An Easily Understood and Replicable Innovation Culture Model
    Why Organizations Do Not Innovate
  • 9. Five Dimensions of Culture
    • Engaged, Growing, Secure, Collaborative, Committed
    • Putting it all together
    • Three Step Innovation Process
    • Right Brain Thinking
    • Imagination
    Figure 4.7 Page 79 Engaged People Growing People Secure People Collaborative People Committed People
  • 10. How to Engage your Employees
    • Share the company's strategies and goals
    • Include employees at all levels in customer service initiatives
    • Tell employees regularly how they are making a difference
    • Set measurable goals for improving customer value propositions
  • 11. Sharing is Caring
    • Meetings at all levels of the organization, formal and informal help to maintain dialogue about vision and goals
    • Frontline managers at all facilities hold brief meetings at beginning of each shift with all employees
    • FEDEX TV: internal global television broadcast system
    • "A Satisfied Customer Made This Possible"
  • 12. Service Quality Indicator (SQI)
    • 12 Critical points in value chain that customers value, weighted by importance
    • Measured daily, disseminated daily to all employees
    • Allows employees to see how their work affects ability to deliver value to customers
    • Employees know customer expectations + how close company is to achieving expectations = Creative tension for achieving goals
  • 13. Knowledge Base
    • Emphasis on customer and business environment
    • Individual responsibility
      • Growth plan
      • Accountable mechanisms
    • Organization commitment
      • Leadership
      • Job rotation
  • 14. Creativity
    • What if’s scenarios
      • Fred Smith Involved
    • Guest Speakers
      • Different Fields
      • Serve as moderators
    • Selling ideas
      • Identify the key decision makers
      • Facilitate dialogue
  • 15. Create a Secure Environment for Expression and Acceptance of Creative Idea
    • Institutionalize Effective Communication Network
    • Solicit Ideas and Innovation – Reward, Don't Punish
    • Permission Statements
    • Talk It Out – (Away From the Desk)
  • 16. Create a Secure Environment for Expression and Acceptance of Creative Idea
    • Stress Free - Family and Life 1st. Work 2 nd
    • Keep Ego in Check
    • Failure is NOT Failure
    • Integration & Leadership
  • 17. Create a Secure Environment for Expression and Acceptance of Creative Idea
    • Checks & Balances
    Career Self People Self Actualizing (Spiritual) Self Leisure Self Figure 7.2 Page 145
  • 18. Encourage Collaborative Development of Creative Ideas
    • Lead by example: Practice collaborative problem-solving
    • Create the needed processes and infrastructure for collaboration
    • Break down hierarchical and departmental barriers through social activities
    • Recognize and celebrate teamwork
  • 19. Practical Ideas for Encouraging Collaboration
    • Establish joint performance objectives with peers in other departments that serve the same customer.
    • When work groups are not cooperating with one another, focus on rectifying the situation instead of casting blame.
    • Create collaboration awards and ask employees to nominate one another.
    • Encourage members of your work group to work part time in departments that are collaborating with your team.
  • 20. Tap Employees' Commitment for Successful Implementation of the Developed Ideas
    • Leadership Practices that help achieve this result
      • Build mutually trusting relationships
      • Let appreciate flow from the heart
      • Involve employees in the development of implementation plans
      • Listening to understand instead of listening to respond
    Implementation Step Acceptance Step People Planning Implementation People Developing The Raw, Creative Idea Figure 9.2 Page 181 More Ideas More Ideas Raw, Creative Ideas The Three Step Innovation Process