Cataloger's Toolkit Topic 2: Other Toolkit buttons that may be of interest

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  • 1. Cataloger’s Toolkit Topic 2: Other Toolkit buttons of interest Céline Carty June 2010
  • 2. Email a record Select a recipient or use Add to enter name & email address Check your settings in Options>Button details>Email a record
  • 3. Needle & thread
    • Allows you to save fields from a variety of records and then paste these fields into other records at a later time
    • The saved fields are retained in memory until deleted
    • You can change the tags (to 1XX, 6XX, 7XX, etc) or paste as it is
  • 4. Fixed fields editor Use up/down arrows to move around F2 gives you list of possible values Grey = can’t be edited; black = valid; red = not valid green = obsolete
  • 5. Copy to clipboard
    • Can copy whole record or just record number into Windows clipboard, to paste into other programs in formatted manner
    • Go to Options>Button details>
    • to set preference for whole record or record number
  • 6. Review & print item records
    • In Voyager, cannot view all of item record at once, cannot see circulation history without Circ module, cannot print Item record
    • This button allows you to view a single item record, a holdings record with all attached item records or a bib record with all attached holdings and item records.
    • There is also circulation history information
    • You can print the display
  • 7. Series untraced to traced
    • If you have an authority record for the series, then this button converts 490 -0 (untraced) to 490 1/830 -0 (traced)
    • Open the series authority record, click on the button (with a border will change multiple records, without a border changes one record at a time), open the bib record you want to change; click on the 490/830 button again
    • Toolkit will check with you about numbering, subtitles, etc if it is unsure
  • 8. Find classification numbers used with subject headings
    • Enter subject heading (truncation or floating headings allowed)
    • Select type of subject heading (LCSH, MeSH)
    • Select call number type (UL, LC, etc.)
    • Click search for results, can look at list of bibs
  • 9. Find Headings
  • 10. Big Red Cross
    • Simple form
    • Get information from an authority record if you know that a 4XX has been used as a heading
    • Or from the BAM report
  • 11.  
  • 12. Split headings