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This is a presentation w/ link to (webcast recording) showcasing the ASUG SNC Demo Service powered by CSC.

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  • ASUG demo service is a free service made available to all ASUG members.. It provides a way for you to independently “kick the tires” on SAP solutions w/o an accompanying sales pitch. Self-guided live demonstrations are provided for several in-demand applications including SNC. You can access the service from the ASUG website.
  • Quentin 60 seconds – overview od CSC practice. Message CSC is not new to Mobility, re-tooling not developing practice. CSC has been focused on mobility solutions for years. With over 150 mobile projects and managing more than 120K mobile devices for our clients, CSC brings a wealth of experience to our clients globally. You can feel confident that CSC brings a complete end to end ability from strategy to solution architecture, install, develop, connect and management of applications. SNCF (note call it French Railway System) – 16,000 train workersRoyal Mail – 27,000 postal workersEDF – 10,000 Field EngineersQuentin hands off to Kent Sanders
  • P2 directionsAdd the logo to this slideIn the purple box please reorder with the following:Program Execution - delete after actionBusiness Analytics and ReportingAircraft TelematicsMaster Data ManagementBusiness and Technology planningEnterprise information managementYellow Box – reorder for the followingCyber securityHosted EngineeringITAR / export controlFAR complianceIP and data loss protectionBlue Box orderMission Critical InfrastructurePerformance Based LogisticsSpare Parts PlanningFast maintenance Cycle timesTraining and SimulationGreen BoxIntegration of PLM ERP and MES SystemsProcurement TransformationSupplier DevelopmentLarge complex system designSales and operations planningLean Six SigmaJeff K – question for you: where are we doing aircraft telematics – ATG group in NPS – what contract and what is the context? Second question Enterprise Information management vs master Data Management – difference between the two
  • SNC is SAP’s core collaboration engine for near real-time interaction with your trading partners. It’s a way of extending your SAP enterprise footprint to your supplier’s suppliers and customers’ customers. It takes traditional IDOC/EDI messaging functionality to the next level by allowing for open web-enabled XML web-based messaging. It also adds a web-user interface to provide for collaboration even when B2B messaging is not possible or desirable or as adjunct to B2B messaging. SAP SNC also incorporates demand forecasting and replenishment functionality akin to APO functionality.
  • The SNC solution is composed of 12 out-of-the box business process covering both ends of the SC collaboration spectrum i.e. both supplier-facing and customer-facing collaboration. The 3 customer-facing scenarios are highlighted. The scenarios run the gamut from VMI replenishment, Procurement, Contract Mfg, etc.
  • ASUG SNC Demo Service

    1. 1. ASUG SNC Demo Service Webcast note: an audio/video recording of the entire webcast is available at <br />
    2. 2. 2<br />Learning Points<br />What is the ASUG SNC Demo Service?<br />Who is CSC?<br />What is Supply Network Collaboration (SNC)?<br />Return On Your SNC Responsive Replenishment Investment <br />What is the initial scope for the SNC Demo Service? <br />SNC Responsive Replenishment and Demand Collaboration <br />Demo Outline / Story Board<br />What does the live demo look like? <br />Q&A<br />For More Information… <br />
    3. 3. ASUG SNC Demo Service – powered by CSC<br />3<br /><br />
    4. 4. Since 1959, We’ve Helped Clients Achieve Competitive Advantage<br />$16.2B In Revenue<br />Operating in Three Lines of Business (LoBs)<br />Government<br />Commercial<br />North American Public Sector (NPS)<br />$6.0B Revenue<br />Business Solutions & Services Sector (BSS)<br />$3.7B Revenue<br />23%<br />37%<br />Managed Services Sector (MSS)<br />$6.6B Revenue<br />40%<br />Across Six Vertical Industry Groups<br />Health Services<br />7%<br />Chemical, Energy &<br /> Natural Resources<br />6%<br />14%<br />Hi-Tech, Consumer, Distribution<br />Public Sector<br />41%<br />15%<br />Manufacturing<br />16%<br />Financial Services<br />
    5. 5. Studies<br /> CSC SAP Global Practice- one of the top 5 largest SAP consulting organizations in the world<br />Enterprise Mobility Leader, Delivering 150+ Mobile Projects, Managing more than 160,000 Mobile Devices. Analytics - a core component of CSC’s Mobility Strategy.<br />6,500+ SAP Consultants<br />17,000+ Technology Consultants<br />900+ BW/BI/BOBJ<br />200+ Mobility Consultants<br />150+ Mobility Projects<br />CSC Globally<br />3,250 SAP Consultant<br />73 Mobility Consultants<br /> 66 Mobility Projects<br />1,700+ SAP Consultant<br />65 Mobility Consultants<br /> 53 Mobility Projects<br /> CSC EMEA<br />CSC North America<br />Mobility Centers of Excellence<br />Chicago<br />Wiesbadden<br />London<br />Sao Paulo<br />Noida<br />Ho Chi Min<br />Sydney<br />1,580 SAP Consultant<br />62 Mobility Consultants<br /> 31 Mobility Projects<br />CSC Asia and Pacific<br />350 SAP Consultants<br />CSC Latin America<br />Complete End-to-End Capability from Strategy to Solution Architecture,Install, Develop, Connect, Outsourcing and Management of Applications – over 2000 implementations<br />
    6. 6. CSC’s SAP Practice Overview<br /><ul><li>Multi year Pinnacle Award for Customer Satisfaction
    7. 7. 2010 Pinnacle Award for Sustainability Partner of the year
    8. 8. Gartner Leader’s Magic Quadrant
    9. 9. 2010 Award for SAP BusinessObjects OEM Partner of the Year
    10. 10. 2009 Pinnacle Award for Outsourcing Partner
    11. 11. 2010 EMEA Quality Awards
    12. 12. Certified SAP Global Services Partner
    13. 13. Certified SAP Global Hosting Partner
    14. 14. Certified Global SAP App Maint Partner
    15. 15. Certified SAP Cloud Services Provider
    16. 16. Certified SAP All-in-One Partner
    17. 17. Certified Value Academy
    18. 18. Upgrade Solution Toolkit
    19. 19. Key focus EC&O, Chemicals</li></ul>A&D, Prof Services, <br /><ul><li>SAP Corp Real Estate
    20. 20. SUP / Afaria Mobility
    21. 21. HANA / BOBJ</li></ul>Delivering Results<br />Professionals<br />Market Recognition<br />Solutions & Offerings<br /><ul><li>Over 6500 Consultants Globally
    22. 22. Global aligned organization with consultants in 30 countries
    23. 23. Over 10 years average SAP experience
    24. 24. Over 15 years average industry experience
    25. 25. Professional & SAP Certifications (PMP, CPA, CPIM, 6Sigma)
    26. 26. Over 2000 completed implementations
    27. 27. Vis-Edge Advantage
    28. 28. Accelerated Value Realization
    29. 29. End-to-End Delivery Capabilities
    30. 30. Recognized by major analyst firms as leader in SAP delivery</li></ul>CSC / SAP Partnership for over 30 years<br />
    31. 31. Collaboration – Six major challenges to success<br />Expertise: Can my business partners and my employees work effectively with the solution?<br />Networking: Can I synchronize my business with all involved partners?<br />Investment: Does the solution help me to get a quick ROI?<br />Response time: Can I increase the speed of my business and order cycles? <br />Visibility: Can I manage my ‘white spots’?<br />On-boarding: Can I add new Business Partners easily over time?<br />
    32. 32. What is Supply Network Collaboration (SNC)? <br />8<br />
    33. 33. Supply Network Collaboration (SNC) Process Overview <br />9<br />
    34. 34. 10<br />Best Practices<br />Statistical Forecasting<br />Adaption of forecast algorithms to specific demand patterns<br />Incorporation of promotional uplifts<br />Consensus based planning w/ tolerance-based alerting <br />Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR)<br />Use of customer supplied forecasts in forecasting VMI demand <br />Near-real time customer feedback on replenishment plans<br />Near-real time transaction integration between trading partners <br />Transport Load Building<br />Replacement of VMI EDI transactions with web-based XML messaging <br />
    35. 35. Rapidly Expanding Customer Base750+ Customers, 50+ Reference Customers<br />High Tech<br />“SAP is a key enabler of our corporate strategy. SAP Supply Network Collaboration ensures we are tightly integrated with our manufacturing partners to maintain service, control costs, and uphold lean IT practices.”<br />Jon Harding <br />CIO<br />Conair Corporation<br />Consumer Products<br />“We have already seen significant benefits, and we expect more in the future.”<br />Gary Botine <br />VP Information Technology<br />Sauer Danfoss<br />IM&C<br />“By the time the analysts start their work day, forecasts and replenishment plans have been updated, based on information about retailer activity that happened the previous day. “<br />Nicholas Daddetto<br />Senior Manager<br />Colgate- Palmolive Company<br />Life Science , A&D, Auto<br />SOLUTION TODAY<br />© SAP AG 2010. All rights reserved. / Page 11<br />
    36. 36. 12<br />Return on Investment<br />SNC Responsive Replenishment and Demand Collaboration provides ROI by … <br />Reducing VMI inventory levels <br />Minimizing potential for stock outs especially during promotions<br />Increasing sales revenue and market share<br />Improved responsiveness to short-term fluctuations in customer demand<br />Improving transportation asset utilization <br />Reducing administrative costs <br />Eliminating legacy EDI transaction costs <br />Increased cash-flow and faster order cycle times while increasing service levels <br />
    37. 37. Sales Order<br />Inventory, Sales/ Forecast, Promotions<br />Data Import Controlling<br />Forecasting & Promotion Planning<br />Replenishment Planning<br />Transport Load Building<br />Order Generation<br />Shipping Notification<br />Purchase Order<br />Inbound Delivery<br />Goods Receipt<br />Goods Issue<br />Outbound Delivery<br />Customer<br />Vendor<br />ERP (e.g. SAP ECC)<br />SAP ERP<br />SNC<br />Responsive Replenishment Process<br />
    38. 38. Demo Story Board – Supply Chain Map<br />14<br />
    39. 39. Demo Steps – A Day In The Life Of A VMI Planner <br />Card Board, Inc. receives daily sales, stock, and forecast feeds from it‘s VMI customer (Pizza Heaven)<br />Once a week - the VMI Planner carries out a statistical baseline forecast run based on corrected VMI sales history. <br />Next using the Collaborative Sales Forecasting (CSF) process the VMI planner compares the latest customer-provided forecast to Card Board, Inc.’s baseline forecast and determines a consensus forecast.<br />The VMI planner then fine tunes the consensus forecast by executing a short term forecast run which incorporates the current week’s sales. <br />15<br />
    40. 40. Demo Steps – A Day In The Life Of A VMI Planner (cont.) <br />Each evening a Replenishment Planning run is carried out. A net requirements calculation is performed in this step based on the short term sales forecast, updated stock positions, and planned receipts. <br />The VMI planner then reviews the results from the replenishment run i.e., proposed replenishment orders (RO’s).<br />The planner then firms and publishes the RO’s. The RO’s show up as in Card Board Inc.’s ERP system as SO’s and in the customer’s system as PO’s. <br />16<br />
    41. 41. 17<br />Live Demo …<br />A recording of entire webinar, including the live demo, is now available …. just paste the following link into your Internet browser: <br />Please note that this player is required to view the recording:<br />
    42. 42. 18<br />Questions…<br />Please email any questions you have to<br />
    43. 43. 19<br />For More Information …<br />Visit the ASUG Demo Service webpage:<br />Contact Info:<br />Charlie Bienvenu<br />Director, CSC SAP SCM Practice <br />Email:<br />Mobile: 936-827-6241<br />Joanne Hildebrand <br />Partner, CSC SAP Americas Practice <br />Email:<br />Mobile: 801-824-2043<br />Ganesh Vellore<br />Solution Manager, SCM - SAP Labs<br />Email:<br />
    44. 44. 20<br />Key Learnings<br />What the ASUG SNC Demo Service provides<br />Who CSC is and how we can help<br />What is the Supply Network Collaboration (SNC) solution <br />How SNC Responsive Replenishment can provide significant ROI <br />Initial Scope for the SNC Demo Service<br />Live demo touch and feel <br />Where to get more information <br />