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Moogilu's Product Development and Technology Capabilities are presented.
Moogilu is a full service software technology consulting company!

Moogilu offers technology solutions from concept to development to sustenance. This covers the entire gamut of product planning, product management, system architecture, software architecture, software design, coding, QA, Database planning, and IT services. We view Product development as a system science and we pay attention to every detail. By approaching product as a systems, we have reduced risks for our customers, and have built great products at reasonable costs.

We strive very hard to keep our customers happy by paying extraordinary attention to every detail.

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Moogilu Technology Consulting Services

  1. 1. Moogilu Services
  2. 2. Moogilu –Who are we? Moogilu was founded by Silicon Valley veteran to provide quality programming and IT services to all verticals, big companies, mid-size companies, and smaller companies Services include –Software Architecture, Development, Coding, Testing, Database Design, IT Services, Cloud/Hybrid hosting, and 24x7 support Company founded on the principle –service matters Every company and every project matters Deeply care about customers, employees, and partners
  3. 3. Moogilu –Management Differentiation Founders are deeply technical and understand what it takes to build products/services or support them Entire management including project managers are deeply technical and can help customers Hire engineers with passion to excel and help customers succeed
  4. 4. Moogilu –People Differentiation Technology, Skills, and Service matters Recruiting –hire engineers only if they have fundamental knowledge and can be creative Every engineer hired have to pass appropriate tests testing their knowledge and skills Their work is reviewed continuously Engineers have ability to work in a team and help customers succeed
  5. 5. Moogilu –Product Differentiation Every service offered is viewed as a product Teams with heterogeneous skillsets that will define the product Understand the “big idea” and execute incrementally without missing the big picture Communicate effectively –over communicate than otherwise A prototype is worth a “thousand words”
  6. 6. Our Services
  7. 7. Moogilu –Technology Services Product Management Services -Product Concept, Product Management, Product Tools Hosting -Application and Programming Services Custom Applications -Web, Mobile (iPhone, Android), and Enterprise Software Services -Software Architecture, Design, and Coding Big Data Services -Big Data, Hadoop, Real-time Analytics, and Predictive Analytics
  8. 8. Moogilu –Technology Services Hybrid, IT and Cloud Services-IT Architecture, Network Architecture, Sys Admins –Cloud or Datacenter QA Services -QA Automation, Regression Testing, White/Black Box Testing, Load Testing Data Services -Data Architecture, Data Modeling, Physical Design, DBA Support Services -24x7 IT Support, 24x7 Application Support
  9. 9. Moogilu –Product Management Services Product Management -Moogilu Product Managers help with day-to-day product management User Interface Design Services -Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Information Architecture, Art Design, HTML, CSS Product Management Tools Hosting and Management -Wiki, Trac, SVN, FTP, or any other tools desired by customers that are open source Product Planning -Competitive Landscape, Build vs Buy, Product Roadmap, Technology Assessment, Launch Plan, etc. Agile Methodology -Milestone based development and Effective Releases
  10. 10. Moogilu –Software Services Software Design, Architecture, and Coding -System and Risk Management Approach to Software Development Test Driven Development -Testing at every level –methods, component; continuous testing API and Component Based Development -Every module and component have API that makes test automation easier Custom Software for Web, iPhone, Android, Desktop, iPad, and Cloud -Deep expertise in a variety of languages and platforms Coding Standards and Design Patterns -All programmers do follow standard coding standards
  11. 11. Moogilu –Big Data Services Big Data Architecture and Development -Architect and integrate with existing data Big Data Hosting -Host Big Data on Hybrid environment -Stack we support –Hadoop, Hive, Hbase, CouchBase Real time Analytics -Support low latency and million ops/second; Reactive Programming -Analysis and Reporting in near real-time Predictive Analytics -Modeling real world problems and hosting the platform -Applying the right algorithms -Algorithm Design
  12. 12. Moogilu –Hybrid Cloud and IT Services Infrastructure Architecture -Network, System, Security, and Application Deployment Architecture Hybrid Cloud and Data Center Services -Hybrid Cloud Hosting, Data Center Management, Network/Server/Application Provisioning, Log Management Monitoring, Build Automation, Release Deployment -Application, Network, System Monitoring -Cloud and Data Center Based , 24x7, Dev-Ops services Runbook Management and Automation -All application failures and root cause analysis and correction thereof documented in Runbook Augmentation Services -Add Dev-Ops and Sys-admins (Window, Linux, iOS), Desktop IT support, Network Engineers as and when you need Hosted Applications -Custom Applications, Wordpress, Nagios, Cacti, SugarCRM, Drupal, Joomla, Wiki, Trac, SVN, FTP, Phplist Email Marketing, Big Data –Hadoop, Hive, Hbase, Elastic Search, Couchbase, Database –MySQl, Oracle, SqlServer
  13. 13. Moogilu –QA Services QA Architecture -Design the right QA system to test the application effectively Regression testing, Integration and Release testing -Every release will go through above testing Performance and Load testing -Simulate loads on Cloud Blackboxand Whitebox testing -QA with specific language/platform deployed for Whitebox testing QA Automation -Automate test suites whenever possible
  14. 14. Moogilu –Data Services Data Architecture and Security -Make Data access scalable; provide data security at file and database level Database Architecture -Schema Design; Database Deployment Architecture; Fail-over Database Scaling -Query Optimization; Load Analysis DBA Support -24x7 Database monitoring and DBA Support
  15. 15. Moogilu –Support Services 24x7 IT support -Sys-admins are available 24x7. This is in addition to monitoring. 24x7 Application Support -Applications hosted within Moogilu or elsewhere supported by our application support staff. Developers are available under extraordinary circumstances. Most application built by Moogilu will have Engineers on rotation. 2ndLevel Support -We provide 2ndlevel support. The first level support is provided by the customers. Runbook Automation -Runbooks are automated. IT team follows the Runbook to determine root cause and take corrective actions
  16. 16. Contact Channagiri Jagadish +1 408 884 0325 THANK YOU!