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Endangered species list.

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WildEarth guardians

  1. 1. Endangered Species Settlement Agreement: U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceObligations in FY 2011 [Updated: September 26, 2011]On May 10, 2011, WildEarth Guardians entered into a sweeping settlement agreementwith the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that resolved years of litigation and should accelerate specieslistings under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Under the agreement, the Service will address ESAlisting for 252 candidate species by September 2016. The agency will also prepare petition findings,listing determinations, and other rules for more than 600 additional species. Altogether, nearly 900species are covered by the agreement.Judge Emmet Sullivan (Washington, D.C. District Court) approved the settlement agreement onSeptember 9, 2011. The Service consented to take action on a significant number of species by the endof fiscal year 2011 in the agreement (September 30, 2011). The agency is obligated to: Publish final listing rules (with or without proposed/revised/final critical habitat designation) for 14 species. Actions taken to date: 12 species. Publish proposed listing rules (with or without proposed/revised critical habitat designation) or ““not warranted”” listing determinations for 40 species. Actions taken to date: 30 species. Publish 12 month listing determinations for 56 species. Actions taken to date: 39 species. Publish 90 day petition findings for 516 species. Actions taken to date: 458 species. Publish proposed/revised/final critical habitat designation or other actions for 105 species. Actions taken to date: 102 species.FY 2011 Final Listing Rules (Proposed/Final Critical Habitat Designation) FWSRegional Species Required Action Action Taken? Office Final listing rule, final rule for 3 Ozark hellbender protection under CITES, app. III Final listing rule and 4 Altamaha spinymussel final critical habitat designation. 3 species listed as Final listing rule and Georgia pigtoe, interrupted rocksnail, rough ““endangered”” with 4 final critical habitat hornsnail critical habitat designation. 11/02/11 5 Southeast fishes (Cumberland Darter, Rush Final listing rule and 5 species listed as 4 Darter, Yellowcheek Darter, Chucky proposed critical ““endangered”” Madtom, and Laurel Dace) habitat designation. 08/09/11 Listed as ““threatened”” (DeBeque phacelia, Final listing rule and 3 Colorado plants (DeBeque phacelia, Parachute penstemon) 6 proposed critical Parachute penstemon, Pagosa skyrocket) and ““endangered”” habitat designation. (Pagosa skyrocket) with proposed critical habitat
  2. 2. 07/27/11 Final listing rule and Listed as ““endangered”” 8 Casey’’s June Beetle final critical habitat with critical habitat designation. 09/02/11 Species Addressed (to date) 12FY 2011 Proposed Listing Rules (Proposed/Revised Critical Habitat Designation) or ““Not Warranted””Listing Determinations FWSRegional Species Required Action Action Taken? Office Proposed listing, proposed 4 Llanero coqui critical habitat designation or ““not warranted”” determination. Proposed listing or ““not 2 Cactus ferruginous pygmy owl1 warranted”” determination. 2 species proposed ““endangered”” Proposed listing or ““not 3 Sheepnose, spectaclecase 01/19/11 warranted”” determination. (critical habitat not determinable) Dunes sagebrush lizard (aka Sand Proposed listing or ““not Proposed ““endangered”” 2 dune lizard) warranted”” determination. 12/14/10 2 species proposed Proposed listing or ““not 3 Rayed bean, snuffbox ““endangered”” warranted”” determination. 11/02/10 2 species proposed 2 Arizona springsnails Proposed listing, proposed ““endangered”” with 2 (Pyrgulopsis bernardina, P. critical habitat designation or critical habitat trivialis ) ““not warranted”” determination. 04/12/11 8 Gulf Coast mussels (round ebonyshell, southern kidneyshell, Proposed listing, proposed narrow pigtoe, southern 4 critical habitat designation or sandshell, fuzzy pigtoe, Choctaw ““not warranted”” determination. bean, tapered pigtoe, Alabama pearlshell) 23 species proposed Proposed listing, proposed ““endangered”” with 1 23 Oahu species critical habitat designation or critical habitat ““not warranted”” determination. 08/02/11 Species Addressed (to date) 301 The Fish and Wildlife Service consented in a separate settlement agreement with the Center for BiologicalDiversity to publish a propose listing rule or ““not warranted”” listing determination for the cactus ferruginouspygmy owl. WildEarth Guardians agreement only required a 12 month listing determination for the owl, in whichcase the agency could have found the species ““warranted, but precluded”” for listing under the ESA.
  3. 3. FY 2011 12 Month Listing Determinations FWS ““Warranted, ““Not ““Warranted””Regional Species but Precluded”” Warranted”” Office for Listing for Listing for Listing 7 yellow faced bees (Hylaeus anthracinus, H. 09/06/11 1 assimulans, H. facilis, H. hilaris, H. kuakea, H. (7 species) longiceps, H. mana) 1 Black footed albatross 1 Dusky tree vole 1 Giant palouse earthworm 07/26/11 Kokanee salmon (Lake Sammamish 1 population) 08/09/11 2 2 Texas shiners (Cyprinella sp., C. lepida) (2 species) 3 Southern Arizona plants (Erigeron 2 piscaticus, Astragalus hypoxylus, Amoreuxia gonzalezii) 3 Texas moths (Ursia furtiva, Sphingicampa 09/27/11 2 blanchardi, Agapema galbina) (3 species) 5 Central Texas mussels (Texas fatmucket, 2 golden orb, smooth pimpleback, Texas pimpleback, Texas fawnsfoot) 2 Anacroneuria wipukupa (stonefly) 08/02/11 2 Grand Canyon cave pseudoscorpion 07/19/11 2 Northern leopard frog 3 Frigid ambersnail 07/26/11 Oklahoma grass pink (Calopogon 3 oklahomensis) 4 Berry Cave salamander 03/22/11 4 Gopher tortoise 07/27/11 4 Ozark chinquapin 06/28/11 4 Puerto Rico harlequin butterfly 05/31/11 4 Striped newt 06/07/11 2 Colorado plants (Astragalus microcymbus, 12/15/10 6 A. schmolliae) (2 species) 6 Byrne Resort Mountainsnail 04/05/11 6 Bearmouth Mountainsnail 04/05/11 6 Meltwater Lednian Stonefly 04/05/11 6 Astragalus hamiltonii 02/23/11 6 Eriogonum soredium 02/23/11 6 Lepidium ostleri 02/23/11 6 Penstemon flowersii 02/23/11 6 Trifolium friscanum 02/23/11 Yellowstone sand verbena (Abronia 6 06/09/11 ammophila) 6 Agrostis rossia 06/09/11 6 Astragalus proimanthus 06/09/11
  4. 4. Fremont County rockcress (Boechere Arabis 6 06/09/11 pusilla) 6 Penstemon gibbensii 06/09/11 6 Fisher (West Coast DPS) 06/30/11 6 Leatherside chub 8 California golden trout 8 Mohave ground squirrel 8 Mojave fringe toed lizard 8 Mount Charleston blue butterfly 03/08/11 8 Tehachapi slender salamander 8 Western gull billed tern 09/21/11 Totals (to date) 0 19 20FY 2011 90 Day Petition Findings FWSRegional Species Positive Negative Office 2 Idaho snowflies (straight snowfly, Idaho 08/02/11 1 snowfly) (2 species) 1 Franklins bumble bee 09/13/11 1 Sand verbena moth 02/17/11 2 Prairie chub 04/14/11 2 Spot tailed earless lizard 05/24/11 2 Texas kangaroo rat 03/08/11 3 Golden winged warbler 09/27/11 (positive findings: 374 species; 4 403 Southeastern species already candidates or subject to proposed listing rules: 18 species) 4 Bay skipper butterfly 07/12/11 4 Bay Springs salamander 11/02/10 4 Smooth billed ani 4 Southeast snowy plover 09/08/11 4 Spring Pygmy sunfish 04/01/11 4 Piping plover (wintering population) 09/08/11 5 American eel Eastern small footed bat, Northern 5 long eared bat 6 Arapahoe snowfly 04/26/11 6 Gila Monster (Utah population) 06/21/11 6 Wild plains bison 02/24/11 7 Red knot (subspecies roselaari) 01/04/11 10 Great Basin butterflies (Baking Powder Flat blue butterfly, Mono Basin skipper, 8 bleached sandhill skipper, Railroad Valley skipper, Carson Valley silverspot, Railroad Valley skipper, Carson Valley wood nymph,
  5. 5. Steptoe Valley crescentspot, Mattoni’’s blue butterfly, White River Valley skipper) 8 32 species of Pacific Northwest mollusks 08/18/09 (3 species), 09/13/11 (7 species) 8 42 species of Great Basin springsnails 09/13/11 (32 species) 08/04/11 (4) Crescent 08/04/11 (2) Sand 6 Nevada dune beetles (Hardy’’s aegialian Dunes aegialian scarab, Mountain serican scarab, Sand Mountain serican scarab, Crescent Dunes serican scarab, Hardy’’s 8 Crescent Dunes aegialian scarab, Crescent scarab, Giulianis dune, aegialian Dunes serican scarab, large aegialian scarab, large aegialian scarab, Giuliani’’s dune scarab) scarab 8 Leonas little blue butterfly Spring Mountains acastus checkerspot 8 04/13/11 butterfly 8 Unsilvered fritillary butterfly 02/24/11 422 (plus 18 species that are Totals (to date) already candidates or 18 subject to proposed listing rules)FY 2011 Findings on Petitions for Critical Habitat Designation, Proposed/Revised Critical HabitatDesignations and Other Actions FWSRegional Species Required Action Action Taken? Office Revised critical habitat for Revised critical habitat 1 99 Hawaiian plants 99 species designation. 08/02/11 Proposed critical habitat Proposed critical habitat 1 Slickspot peppergrass designated designation. 05/10/11 Revised final critical 1 Marbled murrelet habitat designation. 90 day finding on petition Positive 90 day finding 4 Leatherback turtle to revise critical habitat. 08/04/11 90 finding on petition to Negative finding 6 Utah prairie dog uplist from ““threatened”” 06/21/11 to ““endangered.”” 8 Vernal pools CH (Vernal pool fairy 90 day finding on petition shrimp and vernal pool tadpole to revise critical habitat. shrimp) Species Addressed (to date) 102