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Rex moribe letter
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Rex moribe letter


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  1. The Honorable Daniel Inouye300 Ala Moana Boulevard Room 7-212Honolulu, HI, 96850August 28,2012Dear Senator Inouye,I am the Owner, of Da Secret Sauce - we are a local online food retailer that produces a chiliwater sauce. We are a local company that seems to subsist almost entirely on the internet tosell and market.We use social marketing, word of mouth, and Internet sales to reach our customers. We havesuccessfully used Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, Instagram and YouTube to help getword of our products out there in the market and to communicate more effectively with ourcustomers.Mobile technology is the future - and the present. There is no way we could have asuccessful business without strong and reliable mobile technology. The advancement in thelast couple years, and those that are continuing to be built everyday make it possible for us tohave a business, employ people, and bring our unique products to a broader market. It isincredible to have the ability to reach people all over the world, even those who have notheard of our sauce.The Internet and mobile technologies are vital for consumers and businesses; innovation inthis field is the key to America’s 21st century digital economy and global competitiveness. Notonly do these technologies enable a company based in Oahu to have a global customer base,but it also allows me as a small business owner to run my business through my smart phone.If these advancements are hindered due to a potential capacity crunch or congestednetworks, it will really hurt our local businesses.It is my belief that the next iteration of networks presents tremendous potential to expandopportunities in business, education, healthcare, and so on. I want to encourage you,Senator, to do whatever you can to keep the advancements coming, and create anenvironment that allows small entrepreneurs like myself to be able to access and thrive in aworldwide marketplace. We need to maintain a policy climate that continues to encourageinvestment and innovation to build out next generation networks to fuel tomorrow’sinnovations.Thank you for your time.Sincerely,Rex MoribeFounder/PresidentDa Secret Sauce