Hpd records-three-column


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Hpd records-three-column

  1. 1. Incident  Year/Number Summary  of  Facts Disciplinary  action2000-­‐1 Failed  to  assist  another  officer. 1 While  off  duty  yelled  and  used  harsh  language;  used  physical  2000-­‐2 force  without  justification 102000-­‐3 Disposed  of  evidence  contrary  to  directives 32000-­‐4 Drove  under  the  influence  of  intoxicating  liquor  while  off  duty 10 Pled  no  contest  to  the  charge  of  driving  under  the  influence  of  2000-­‐5 intoxicating  liquor 1 Failed  to  respond  to  radio  calls.  Was  untruthful  during  2000-­‐6 administrative  investigation. 2 Touched  a  female  inappropriately.  Made  inappropriate  2000-­‐7 comments. 22000-­‐8 Abused  a  household  member 3 Failed  to  conduct  his  private  life  in  a  manner  which  conforms  to  2000-­‐9 the  highest  professional  behavior  and  demeanor 3 Used  degrading  language  toward  a  female  who  was  being  2000-­‐10 booked. 52000-­‐11 Falsely  issued  traffic  citations 302000-­‐12 Failed  to  turn  in  traffic  citations  on  time 2 As  a  supervisor,  failed  to  take  proper  action  when  a  subordinate   acted  discourteously.  Failed  to  properly  service  a  complainant  2000-­‐13 making  a  personnel  complaint. 1 Used  his  position  in  the  department  to  gain  preferential   treatment.  Conducted  personal  business  while  on  duty  and  2000-­‐14 engaged  in  unauthorized  outside  employment. 5 Made  a  threatening  remark  to  a  complainant  regarding  an  2000-­‐15 Internal  Affairs  investigation. 3 Made  offensive  remarks  of  a  sexual  nature  about  an  officer’s  2000-­‐16 relationship  with  a  beat  partner. 1
  2. 2. Was  involved  in  a  verbal  confrontation  and  physical  assault  2000-­‐17 while  off  duty. 1 Acted  in  a  discourteous  and  unprofessional  manner  while  2000-­‐18 issuing  a  traffic  citation. 32000-­‐19 Abused  a  household  member 10 Pled  no  contest  to  two  counts  of  tampering  with  a  government  2000-­‐20 record. 12000-­‐21 Reported  late  for  duty  and  was  intoxicated. 22000-­‐22 Failed  to  initiate  a  written  police  report. 2 Failed  to  terminate  a  motor  vehicle  pursuit  after  being  2000-­‐23 instructed  to  do  so  by  a  supervisor 1 Failed  to  consider  the  risk  to  public  safety  during  a  motor   vehicle  pursuit.  Failed  to  immediately  terminate  a  motor  vehicle  2000-­‐24 pursuit  after  being  instructed  to  do  so  by  a  supervisor. 1 Failed  to  take  appropriate  action  at  the  scene  of  a  motor  vehicle  2000-­‐25 collision. 2 Failed  to  take  appropriate  action  at  the  scene  of  a  motor  vehicle  2000-­‐26 collision. 2 Failed  to  record  the  facts  of  a  motor  vehicle  collision  involving  2000-­‐27 an  on-­‐duty  police  officer. 5 Failed  to  acquire  a  permit  to  transfer  the  registration  of  a  2000-­‐28 firearm. 12000-­‐29 Failed  to  acquire  a  permit  to  possess  a  firearm. 3 Failed  to  activate  the  vehicle’s  siren  during  a  pursuit  and  failed   to  terminate  the  pursuit  when  the  risk  involved  became  2000-­‐30 unreasonable. 3 Pled  guilty  to  assault,  criminal  property  damage  and  2000-­‐31 harassment  in  family  court. 1 Improperly  telephoned  a  juvenile  about  a  non-­‐police  related  2000-­‐32 matter.  Called  the  juvenile  while  processing  a  prisoner. 10
  3. 3. Improperly  used  another  officer’s  name  and  identification   number  to  obtain  a  special  duty  assignment.  Submitted  the  2000-­‐33 special  duty  card  with  a  forged  signature. 202000-­‐34 Consumed  alcohol  in  a  public  park 32000-­‐35 Consumed  alcohol  in  a  public  park 32000-­‐36 Consumed  alcohol  in  a  public  park 32000-­‐37 Punched  a  juvenile  prior  to  making  an  arrest. 3 Physically  interfered  with  another  officer  attempting  to  effect  2000-­‐38 an  arrest.  Yelled  at,  used  profanity,  and  threatened  the  officer. 3 Pled  no  contest  to  three  counts  of  tampering  with  a  2000-­‐39 government  record. 32000-­‐40 Showed  a  book  containing  nude  photographs  to  another  officer. 1 Was  overbearing  discourteous  during  a  telephone  conversation  2000-­‐41 with  the  spouse  and  in-­‐law  of  another  officer. 1 Left  assignment  without  being  properly  relieved.  Drove   erratically  on  the  freeway.  Was  untruthful  in  a  radio   transmission.  Failed  to  respond  to  three  separate  calls  from  the  2000-­‐42 radio  operator. 3 Consumed  alcohol  on  a  public  roadway.  Consumed  alcohol  on  2000-­‐43 duty.  Failed  to  treat  a  recruit  officer  with  proper  respect. 202000-­‐44 Consumed  alcohol  on  a  public  roadway.   52000-­‐45 Consumed  alcohol  on  a  public  roadway.     12000-­‐46 Consumed  alcohol  on  a  public  roadway.     32000-­‐47 Consumed  alcohol  on  a  public  roadway.   32000-­‐48 Consumed  alcohol  on  a  public  roadway.   52000-­‐49 Consumed  alcohol  on  a  public  roadway.   3 Consumed  alcohol  on  a  public  roadway.  Consumed  alcohol  on   duty.  Failed  to  make  proper  notification,  or  a  report  after  being  2000-­‐50 involved  in  a  motor  vehicle  collision. 10
  4. 4. 2000-­‐51 Consumed  alcohol  on  a  public  roadway.   3 Consumed  alcohol  on  a  public  roadway.  Consumed  alcohol  on  2000-­‐52 duty.     32000-­‐53 Released  confidential  information  without  authorization. 12000-­‐54 Handled  evidence  unsafely. 1 Acted  unprofessionally  and  discourteously  in  the  reception  area  2000-­‐55 of  a  hospital  emergency  room. 1 Was  involved  in  a  motor  vehicle  collision  off  duty  and  left  the   scene  prior  to  police  arrival.  Did  not  report  the  incident  to  2000-­‐56 proper  authorities. 3 Was  discourteous  and  used  degrading  language  to  the  driver  of   a  truck  during  a  traffic  stop.  Went  to  the  driver’s  employment  2000-­‐57 site  and  made  improper  comments  about  the  driver. 3 Falsely  reported  a  motor  vehicle  collision  involving  an  2000-­‐58 undercover  vehicle. 10 Failed  to  handcuff  a  prisoner,  which  resulted  in  the  prisoner’s  2000-­‐59 escape. 1 Failed  to  follow  proper  procedures  during  the  execution  of  a  2000-­‐60 search  warrant  and  recovery  of  evidence. 1 Failed  to  follow  proper  procedures  during  the  execution  of  a  2000-­‐61 search  warrant  and  recovery  of  evidence. 5 Failed  to  take  enforcement  action  while  working  an  2000-­‐62 unauthorized  special  duty  assignment. 10 Failed  to  follow  proper  procedures  during  the  execution  of  a  2000-­‐63 search  warrant  and  recovery  of  evidence. 52000-­‐64 Falsified  mileage  record. 12000-­‐65 Prisoner  escaped  from  officer’s  custody. 12000-­‐66 Failed  to  properly  supervise  custody  of  a  prisoner. 12000-­‐67 Was  overbearing  towards  subordinate  officers. 1
  5. 5. Arrived  late  for  special  duty  assignments.  Failed  to  provide  2000-­‐68 traffic  control. 6 Issued  an  order  to  subordinate  in  an  overbearing  and  2000-­‐69 disrespectful  manner. 3 Acted  in  an  unprofessional  and  disrespectful  manner  toward  a  2000-­‐70 motorist  during  a  traffic  stop. 202001-­‐1 Had  incorrect  mileage  and  expired  speed  check. 1 Falsified  daily  time  sheets  and  daily  auto  records.  Failed  to  2001-­‐2 submit  departmental  paperwork  for  assignments. 30 Failed  to  take  appropriate  supervisory  control  of  a  motor  2001-­‐3 vehicle  pursuit. 5 Failed  to  abide  by  the  department’s  motor  vehicle  pursuit   policy.  Pulled  alongside  the  pursued  vehicle  and  used  the  26-­‐2001-­‐4 inch  baton  to  strike  at  the  driver. 20 Made  an  unauthorized  traffic  stop  while  off-­‐duty.  Operated  a   vehicle  in  a  hazardous  manner  and  was  discourteous  during  the  2001-­‐5 traffic  stop. 12001-­‐6 Used  offensive  language  while  conducting  a  training  scenario. 22001-­‐7 Pled  guilty  to  conspiring  to  deprive  civil  rights. Discharged Failed  to  initiate  a  motor  vehicle  collision  report,  then  made  a  2001-­‐8 false  report  as  to  how  the  vehicle  was  damaged. Discharged Made  threatening  remarks  about  a  supervisor  to  another  2001-­‐9 individual. 10 Produced  a  daily  auto  record  that  did  not  correspond  with  the  2001-­‐10 actual  mileage  on  the  odometer. 3 Refused  to  provide  a  statement  regarding  involvement  in  a   theft  and  forgery  situation.  Also  advised  a  witness  not  to  2001-­‐11 provide  a  statement. Discharged2001-­‐12 Pushed  spouse  during  an  argument. 12001-­‐13 Was  verbally  abusive  toward  a  prisoner. 3
  6. 6. Failed  to  initiate  a  sexual  assault  case  or  make  the  proper   notification  to  the  appropriate  investigative  unit.  Also  was  2001-­‐14 untruthful  in  the  administrative  investigation. 52001-­‐15 Pled  guilty  to  accessory  after  the  fact  to  obstruction  of  justice. Discharged Falsified  daily  auto  records,  falsified  a  response  to  an  internal   affairs  inspection  and  was  untruthful  during  an  unscheduled  2001-­‐16 inspection. 20 Threw  a  ring  at  a  “significant  other”  during  a  verbal  argument,  2001-­‐17 which  caused  swelling  and  bruising. 5 Submitted  an  untruthful  declaration  to  cancel  a  citation.  Altered  2001-­‐18 license  number  to  one  that  did  not  exist. 20 Failed  to  ensure  the  safety  of  a  prisoner  held  in  custody  at  the  2001-­‐19 police  station. 202001-­‐20 Left  the  scene  of  a  motor  vehicle  collision  without  stopping. 52001-­‐21 Punched  another  officer  while  off-­‐duty 12001-­‐22 Violated  the  special  duty  policy 32001-­‐23 Failed  to  submit  a  police  report 1 While  off  duty,  hit  a  “significant  other”  in  the  face,  causing  2001-­‐24 injury. 52001-­‐25 Falsified  a  daily  auto  record. 20 Failed  to  maintain  an  accurate  record  of  the  actual  odometer  2001-­‐26 readings  on  daily  auto  records. 20 While  intoxicated  got  into  an  argument  with  a  “significant  2001-­‐27 other”  and  threatened  that  person  with  an  issued  firearm. Discharged While  intoxicated  got  into  an  argument  with  a  “significant   other”  and  struck  that  person.  On  another  date,  while   intoxicated,  pinned  a  “significant  other”  against  a  parked  2001-­‐28 vehicle  with  another  vehicle. Discharged2001-­‐29 Failed  to  control  a  prisoner  and  allowed  an  escape. 1
  7. 7. Swore  at  a  motorist  and  threw  the  citation,  registration,  and  2001-­‐30 driver’s  license  into  the  vehicle. 52001-­‐31 Failed  to  control  a  prisoner  and  allowed  an  escape. 12001-­‐32 Struck  a  vehicle  while  driving  under  the  influence  of  alcohol. 102001-­‐33 Pled  no  contest  to  driving  under  the  influence  of  alcohol. 10 Was  involved  in  a  physical  confrontation  with  a  “significant  2001-­‐34 other.” 32001-­‐35 Submitted  conflicting  special  duty  and  overtime  cards. 1 Improperly  changed  personnel  rotation  order  and  was  2001-­‐36 untruthful  when  questioned  about  it. 20 Violated  the  special  duty  policy  by  transferring  special  duty  jobs   without  approval  and  submitting  special  duty  cards  for  the  jobs  2001-­‐37 not  worked. 102001-­‐38 Failed  to  control  a  prisoner  and  allowed  an  escape. 1 Violated  the  special  duty  policy  by  accepting  two  special  duty   jobs  without  approval  and  falsifying  the  special  duty  cards  by  2001-­‐39 having  another  officer  sign  and  submit  them. 10 Failed  to  issue  the  appropriate  citations  to  a  driver  involved  in  a  2001-­‐40 motor  vehicle  collision. 5 Was  discourteous  to  a  member  of  the  public  during  an  2001-­‐41 investigation. 2 Left  a  special  duty  assignment  without  being  properly  relieved.   Did  not  notify  the  sector  sergeant  and  failed  to  make  a  written  2001-­‐42 report  regarding  incident. 3 Displayed  partial  attitude  and  was  discourteous  during  a  2001-­‐43 trespassing  complaint. 102001-­‐44 Asked  inappropriate  questions  during  an  interview. 10 Failed  to  respond  to  an  assignment  and  notified  dispatch  that   the  complaint  had  been  responded  to  and  handled  when  it  had  2001-­‐45 not. 10
  8. 8. Failed  to  perform  required  duties,  improperly  classified  a  case,   failed  to  arrest  a  suspect,  and  submitted  a  report  with   inaccuracies  and  omissions.  Was  also  discourteous  and  failed  to  2001-­‐46 provide  name  and  badge  number  when  requested. 20 Discharged  firearm  in  an  unsafe  manner  inconsistent  with  2001-­‐47 departmental  policies. 10 Discharged  firearm  in  an  unsafe  manner  inconsistent  with  2001-­‐48 departmental  policies. 20 Stopped  a  vehicle  without  using  a  roof-­‐mounted  blue  light.  2001-­‐49 Failed  to  submit  a  follow-­‐up  report  to  a  criminal  case. 3 Failed  to  properly  lead,  direct,  guide  and  supervise  a  2001-­‐50 subordinate. 12001-­‐51 Produced  an  inaccurate  daily  auto  record. 12001-­‐52 Produced  an  inaccurate  daily  auto  record. 12001-­‐53 Failed  to  report  for  duty  as  scheduled. 12001-­‐54 Failed  to  report  for  duty  as  scheduled. 1 Was  involved  in  a  motor  vehicle  collision  while  off  duty,  and   failed  to  immediately  report  the  collision.  Falsely  reported  a   motor  vehicle  theft  as  well  as  falsified  the  motor  vehicle  2001-­‐55 collision  report. Discharged Pled  no  contest  to  the  offense  of  false  reporting  to  law  2001-­‐56 enforcement  authorities Discharged2001-­‐57 Worked  an  outside  job  during  times  scheduled  to  work  for  HPD. 12001-­‐58 Violated  special  duty  policy. 32001-­‐59 Made  a  racially  derogatory  remark  during  firearms  training. 3 Harassed  former  “significant  other”  by  making  numerous  2001-­‐60 unwanted  telephone  calls. 1 Made  racially  derogatory  remarks  in  the  presence  of  other  staff  2002-­‐1 members  and  officers. 3
  9. 9. 2002-­‐2 Performed  extraditions  in  violation  of  departmental  directives. 52002-­‐3 Failed  to  control  a  prisoner,  which  led  to  an  escape. 1 Failed  to  follow  the  policies  and  procedures  pertaining  to  the  2002-­‐4 use  of  a  less  lethal  weapon. 12002-­‐5 Gave  an  untruthful  statement  during  an  investigation. 152002-­‐6 Failed  to  control  a  prisoner,  which  led  to  an  escape. 12002-­‐7 Tested  positive  during  a  drug  test. 30 Harassed  estranged  spouse  and  entered  spouse’s  residence  2002-­‐8 without  permission. 10 Got  into  verbal  and  physical  confrontation  with  “significant  2002-­‐9 other”  and  significant  other’s  estranged  spouse. Discharged2002-­‐10 Pled  no  contest  tin  a  false  reporting  case. Discharged Failed  to  properly  classify  a  case,  arrest  the  suspect  and  obtain   written  statements.  Was  also  discourteous  and  failed  to  provide  2002-­‐11 required  information. Discharged Called  in  sick  for  court  while  working  a  special  duty  assignment,   then  left  the  special  duty  assignment  early  to  go  to  court.  Was   also  untruthful  during  an  administrative  investigation  of  this  2002-­‐12 incident. 5 Failed  to  properly  supervise  the  scene  of  a  motor  vehicle  2002-­‐13 collision. 102002-­‐14 Failed  to  complete  and  submit  reports  on  a  timely  basis. 12002-­‐15 Failed  to  submit  citations. 10 Was  absent  without  leave  on  numerous  occasions  by  leaving   assigned  beat  before  being  properly  relieved  or  without  proper  2002-­‐16 authorization. 102002-­‐17 Failed  to  submit  reports. 1 Failed  to  properly  supervise  a  subordinate  officer.  Failed  to  2002-­‐18 monitor  the  use  of  departmental  funds. 10
  10. 10. Approved  an  evidence  report  later  determined  to  be  false.  2002-­‐19 Failed  to  properly  supervise  a  subordinate  officer. 5 Fled  the  scene  after  being  involved  in  a  motor  vehicle  collision  2002-­‐20 and  did  not  properly  report  the  incident. 10 Conducted  personal  business  while  on  duty  and  was  away  from  2002-­‐21 assigned  beat. 5 Engaged  in  outside  employment  without  proper  departmental  2002-­‐22 authorization. 3 Altered  and  affixed  parking  decal  to  vehicle  belonging  to   another  person.  Provided  false  information  in  order  to  obtain  a   second  parking  decal.  Was  untruthful  during  an  administrative  2002-­‐23 investigation  of  this  incident. 6 Failed  to  provide  the  victim  of  a  crime  with  proper  assistance  at  2002-­‐24 the  scene.  Was  discourteous  and  used  degrading  language. 2 Failed  to  take  reasonable  safety  precautions  while  handling  2002-­‐25 firearm  during  annual  recall  training. 1 Failed  to  properly  supervise  the  scene  of  a  motor  vehicle   collision.  Used  a  derogatory  term  when  referring  to  an  2002-­‐26 associate. 2 Failed  to  follow  departmental  policy  regarding  the  appearance  2002-­‐27 of  police  subsidized  vehicles. 1 Performed  a  special  duty  assignment  in  violation  of  2002-­‐28 departmental  directives. 5 Failed  to  report  to  a  special  duty  assignment.  Failed  to  make   proper  notification  of  the  inability  to  perform  the  special  duty  2002-­‐29 aasignment. 5 Failed  to  thoroughly  inspect  premises  on  and  alarm  call  and  2002-­‐30 properly  investigate  the  case. 20 Failed  to  keep  an  accurate  and  proper  readings  for  subsidized  2002-­‐31 vehicle. 3
  11. 11. Accepted  two  special  duty  assignments  without  authorization   from  the  human  resources  division  in  violation  of  special  duty  2002-­‐32 directive. 5 Failed  to  keep  accurate  and  proper  odometer  readings  for  2002-­‐33 subsidized  vehicle. 5 Failed  to  take  sufficient  measures  to  prevent  a  juvenile  detainee  2002-­‐34 from  escaping  from  the  receiving  desk. 22002-­‐35 Failed  to  securely  store  and  register  a  firearm. 3 Failed  to  properly  direct  and  supervise  a  subordinate  and  failed   to  investigate  and  take  appropriate  action  upon  discovery  of   possible  misconduct  by  a  subordinate.  Failed  to  notify  watch  2002-­‐36 commander  of  the  possible  misconduct  of  the  subordinate. 5 Failed  to  properly  direct  and  command  a  subordinate  and  failed   to  take  appropriate  action  upon  discovering  the  subordinate  2002-­‐37 may  have  committed  a  crime. 10 Improperly  secured  departmental  equipment  at  the  scene  of  a  2002-­‐38 motor  vehicle  collision. 3 Left  a  special  duty  assignment  prior  to  the  official  end  of  shift  to   work  another  special  duty  assignment,  causing  the  company  to  2002-­‐39 be  overbilled. 8 Failed  to  notify  dispatch  upon  arrival  and  return  from  a  case,   which  resulted  in  the  officer  becoming  unavailable  for  further   assignments.  Failed  to  return  to  assigned  station  during  the  2002-­‐40 same  night  as  directed  by  immediate  supervisor. 3 Was  insubordinate  and  made  threatening  remarks  about  an  2002-­‐41 immediate  supervisor  to  other  officers. 10 During  an  unscheduled  inspection  the  officer  was  without  the   necessary  issued  equipment  and  failed  to  repair  the  officer’s  2002-­‐42 damaged  subsidized  vehicle  within  the  allotted  time. 1
  12. 12. Provided  false  information  to  obtain  a  special  duty  assignment  2002-­‐43 for  which  the  officer  was  not  eligible. 10 Provided  false  information  to  obtain  a  special  duty  assignment  2002-­‐44 for  which  the  officer  was  not  eligible. 10 Made  comments  about  a  subordinate  to  other  officers.  Also,   slapped  the  subordinate’s  head  on  one  occasion  and  physically  2002-­‐45 restrained  the  subordinate  from  responding  to  a  case. 32002-­‐46 Accepted  compensation  for  duties  that  were  not  performed. 302003-­‐1 Made  offensive  remarks. 12003-­‐2 Revealed  confidential  information  outside  of  the  department. 1 Illegally  transferred  money  from  another’s  bank  account.  Used  2003-­‐3 the  money  for  personal  purchases. Discharged Was  not  properly  attired  during  a  special  duty  assignment.  2003-­‐4 Violated  departmental  directives  regarding  subsidized  vehicles. 32003-­‐5 Sexually  assaulted  a  person  while  conducting  an  investigation. Discharged Disobeyed  an  order  from  a  superior  officer.  Submitted  an  2003-­‐6 incomplete  report. 1 Failed  to  follow  instructions  and  meet  deadlines  assigned  by  a  2003-­‐7 supervisor  regarding  an  investigation. 3 Left  a  threatening  message  on  a  former  spouse’s  answering  2003-­‐8 machine. 1 Altered  an  official  investigation  by  allowing  a  felony  to  be   reduced  to  a  misdemeanor,  which  led  to  the  improper  handling  2003-­‐9 of  the  investigation  and  the  release  of  the  suspect. 5 Failed  to  enforce  state  law  and  conduct  a  proper  investigation.   Was  untruthful  during  the  investigation.  Falsified  a  police   report.  Engaged  in  overbearing  and  oppressive  conduct.  2003-­‐10 Revealed  confidential  information  outside  the  department. 15 Failed  to  take  reasonable  safety  precautions  while  handling  a  2003-­‐11 firearm,  which  led  to  the  firearm  being  accidentally  discharged. 3
  13. 13. 2003-­‐12 Accepted  hazard  duty  pay  for  which  the  officer  was  not  entitled. 1 Failed  to  properly  conduct  a  citizen  transport.  Exposed  a  person   to  pepper  spray  (OC)  but  failed  to  follow  decontamination  2003-­‐13 procedures. 10 Failed  to  properly  conduct  a  citizen  transport.  Failed  to  follow   decontamination  procedures  on  a  person  exposed  to  pepper  2003-­‐14 spray. 52003-­‐15 Mishandled  evidence  and  failed  to  initiate  a  written  case. 3 Improperly  performed  hospital  guard  duty,  which  allowed  the  2003-­‐16 arrestee  to  escape. 2 Conducted  surveillance  without  notifying  the  lead  investigator,   thereby  placing  others  in  unnecessary  danger.  Failed  to  provide   leadership  and  supervision  to  ensure  the  efficiency  of  the  unit’s  2003-­‐17 operation. 3 Assaulted  another  person  and  harassed  the  officer  who  was  2003-­‐18 investigating  the  incident. 20 While  off  duty  unnecessarily  handled  a  firearm  under  the  table   of  a  restaurant.  Was  verbally  confrontational  when  approached  2003-­‐19 by  on-­‐duty  officers. 10 Physically  confronted  another  person  following  a  traffic  2003-­‐20 incident. 1 Used  unnecessary  force  and  damaged  the  property  of  a  person  2003-­‐21 being  placed  under  arrest. 3 Was  discourteous  and  used  degrading  language  toward  a  2003-­‐22 member  of  the  public. 1 Verbally  criticized  a  superior  officer  over  a  change  made  in  the  2003-­‐23 day’s  assignment. 1 Threatened  and  intimidated  another  person  who  was  involved  2003-­‐24 in  a  family  dispute.   3
  14. 14. 2003-­‐25 Revealed  confidential  information  outside  the  department. 102003-­‐26 Submitted  false  expense  report. 1 Sold  a  motor  vehicle  by  misrepresenting  the  vehicle  to  the  2003-­‐27 buyer. 10 Was  absent  from  the  work  area  without  proper  authorization   and  provided  false  information  during  the  subsequent  2003-­‐28 investigation. 5 Failed  to  initiate  a  motor  vehicle  collision  report  and  include  the  2003-­‐29 cause  of  a  suspect’s  injuries  in  the  police  report. 20 Operated  a  vehicle  in  a  negligent  manner  which  resulted  in  the   vehicle  striking  a  suspect  who  was  being  arrested.  Failed  to   initiate  a  motor  vehicle  collision  report  and  include  the  cause  of  2003-­‐30 a  suspects  injuries  in  the  police  report. 202003-­‐31 Engaged  in  improper  sexual  contact. 5 Failed  to  follow  proper  cellblock  procedures,  which  led  to  the  2003-­‐32 escape  of  a  detainee  from  the  cellblock. 3 Failed  to  follow  proper  cellblock  procedures,  which  led  to  the  2003-­‐33 escape  of  a  detainee  from  the  cellblock. 3 Displayed  inappropriate  and  overbearing  conduct  toward   members  of  the  public.  Attempted  to  improperly  obtain  2003-­‐34 confidential  information. 5 Failed  to  follow  proper  cellblock  procedures,  which  led  to  the  2003-­‐35 escape  of  a  detainee  from  the  cellblock. 3 Failed  to  follow  proper  cellblock  procedures,  which  led  to  the  2003-­‐36 escape  of  a  detainee  from  the  cellblock. 32003-­‐37 Failed  to  submit  issued  citations  by  the  end  of  the  tour  of  duty. 12003-­‐38 Violated  the  motor  vehicle  pursuit  policy. 12003-­‐39 Performed  unauthorized  special  duty  jobs. 12003-­‐40 Performed  unauthorized  special  duty  jobs. 12003-­‐41 Mishandled  evidence  in  an  investigation. 1
  15. 15. Displayed  inappropriate3  and  overbearing  conduct  toward  2003-­‐42 another  person. 1 While  off  duty  was  discourteous  and  overbearing  toward   members  of  the  public.  Violated  department  directives  2003-­‐43 regarding  subsidized  vehicles. 32003-­‐44 Pled  no  contest  to  assault  in  the  third  degree. 1 Failed  to  transfer  bail  money  and  associated  documents  to  2003-­‐45 court  as  required  by  directives. 1 Struck  another  person  with  a  police  vehicle.  Was  discourteous  2003-­‐46 and  overbearing  toward  a  member  of  the  public. 52003-­‐47 Failed  to  generate  a  criminal  case  and  arrest  the  suspect. 102003-­‐48 Pled  no  contest  to  assault  in  the  third  degree. 12003-­‐49 Falsified  the  daily  auto  record. 15 Failed  to  inspect  subordinate’s  daily  auto  record.  Falsified  the  2003-­‐50 form  to  reflect  that  the  inspection  was  conducted. 5 Personal  vehicle  was  untaxed,  had  an  expired  safety  check  2003-­‐51 sticker,  and  illegal  window  tint. 5 While  off  duty,  confronted  people  in  a  public  area  without   properly  identifying  self  as  a  police  officer.  Pointed  a  firearm  at  2003-­‐52 a  member  of  the  public. 1 Engaged  in  unprofessional  behavior  by  showing  disrespect  to  2003-­‐53 and  swearing  at  a  subordinate. 1 Verbally  confronted  another  officer  and  challenged  that  officer  2003-­‐54 to  a  physical  confrontation. 12004-­‐1 Used  unnecessary  force  in  an  attempt  to  stop  a  fleeing  suspect. 15 Falsified  police  reports  and  expense  vouchers.  Misappropriated   expense  funds.  Failed  to  submit  evidence.  Participated  in  illegal  2004-­‐2 gambling.  Was  untruthful. 30
  16. 16. Failed  to  assign  a  complaint  to  an  investigator.  Disobeyed  direct   order.  Made  inappropriate  comments  of  a  sexual  nature.  Failed   to  properly  supervise  subordinates.  Interfered  with  an  2004-­‐3 investigation.  Was  untruthful. 202004-­‐4 Conducted  personal  business  while  on  duty.   12004-­‐5 Conducted  personal  business  while  on  duty.   1 Failed  to  assist  a  civilian  who  was  attempting  to  restrain  a  2004-­‐6 disorderly  male.  Was  untruthful. 102004-­‐7 Used  profanity  and  disregarded  direct  orders. 32004-­‐8 Failed  to  wear  body  armor. 12004-­‐9 Failed  to  wear  body  armor. 12004-­‐10 Failed  to  wear  body  armor. 12004-­‐11 Was  insubordinate  and  disobeyed  an  order. 102004-­‐12 Verbally  threatened  another  officer. 22004-­‐13 Was  involved  in  a  physical  confrontation  with  his  girlfriend. 52004-­‐14 Entered  a  plea  of  nolo  contendre  to  a  charge  of  harassment. 1 Failed  to  turn  in  reports  after  being  instructed  to.  Was  2004-­‐15 untruthful. 1 Interfered  with  an  investigation.  Was  disrespectful  to  superior  2004-­‐16 officers/supervisors. 12004-­‐17 Used  profanity  and  verbally  threatened  others. 3 Used  profanity  and  was  involved  in  a  physical  confrontation  2004-­‐18 with  a  female. 12004-­‐19 Made  inappropriate  sexual  remarks 1 Failed  to  properly  care  for  departmental  property  resulting  in  its  2004-­‐20 theft 12004-­‐21 Instructed  subordinate  to  submit  incomplete  reports. 1 Intentionally  forced  another  motorist  off  the  road  while  driving   and  caused  a  motor  vehicle  collision.  Used  profanity  toward  and  2004-­‐22 shoved  several  people. 5
  17. 17. 2004-­‐23 Physically  abused  family  members. 1 Acted  disorderly  and  interfered  with  a  manager  when  he  was  2004-­‐24 asking  a  patron  to  leave. 12004-­‐25 Failed  to  assist  other  officers  during  a  fight. 12004-­‐26 Displayed  inappropriate  conduct  toward  a  female  coworker. 12004-­‐27 Intentionally  disabled  a  vehicle.  Failed  to  submit  evidence. 32004-­‐28 Failed  to  report  contraband  discovered  during  a  search. 3 Failed  to  submit  outstanding  investigations  resulting  in  a  case  2004-­‐29 being  dismissed  in  court. 32004-­‐30 Used  physical  force  against  a  family  member. 5 Did  not  follow  directives  in  canceling  a  citation.  Displayed  a  2004-­‐31 partial  attitude. 72004-­‐32 Did  not  report  for  work  as  scheduled. 12004-­‐33 Exercised  while  on  duty.  Violated  “special  duty”  policy. 5 Used  profanity  during  an  argument.  Used  physical  force  against  2004-­‐34 a  complainant. 102004-­‐35 Used  profanity  and  physical  force  against  a  former  girlfriend. 5 Made  inappropriate  sexual  remarks  and  displayed  inappropriate  2004-­‐36 conduct  against  a  complainant. 102004-­‐37 Released  confidential  departmental  information. 20 Made  harassing  telephone  calls  to  the  victim  and  used  harsh,  2005-­‐1 violent  and  degrading  language. 10 Conducted  an  unauthorized  traffic  stop.  Threw  handcuffs  at  the   complainant’s  vehicle  and  brandished  a  handgun.  Used  2005-­‐2 profanity. 2 Made  inappropriate  remarks  and  treated  a  female  subordinate  2005-­‐3 unfairly. 5 Involved  in  a  motor  vehicle  collision  while  under  the  influence   of  alcohol.  Fled  the  scene  and  falsely  reported  the  vehicle  2005-­‐4 stolen.  Failed  to  update  personal  information. 20
  18. 18. Entered  a  plea  of  nolo  contendere  to  fleeing  the  scene  of  a   motor  vehicle  collision  and  false  reporting  to  law  enforcement   authorities.  Failed  to  submit  the  required  documents  after  2005-­‐5 being  notified  of  criminal  proceedings. 2 Involved  in  a  traffic  incident.  Attempted  to  conduct  an   unauthorized  traffic  stop.  Was  discourteous  and  displayed   overbearing  conduct  toward  the  motorist.  Was  untruthful  in  an  2005-­‐6 administrative  investigation. 102005-­‐7 Fled  the  scene  of  a  collision  and  failed  to  initiate  a  police  report. 32005-­‐8 Involved  in  a  physical  confrontation  with  a  household  member. 5 Conducted  an  improper  investigation  and  displayed  a  partial   attitude  while  investigating  a  traffic  incident.  Submitted  a  false   and  incomplete  report.  Was  untruthful  in  an  administrative  2005-­‐9 investigation. 202005-­‐10 Failed  to  generate  a  police  repot  and  submit  evidence. 32005-­‐11 Failed  to  register  a  firearm. 12005-­‐12 Made  an  inappropriate  remark  during  lineup. 5 Entered  a  plea  of  Nolo  Contendere  to  fleeing  the  scene  of  a   motor  vehicle  collision.  Failed  to  notify  a  supervisor  regarding   the  incident.  Failed  to  submit  the  required  documents  after  2005-­‐13 being  notified  of  criminal  proceedings. 2 Pled  guilty  to  harassment  and  failed  to  make  proper   notifications  as  a  result  of  the  guilty  plea.  Failed  to  submit  the   required  documents  after  being  notified  about  a  criminal  2005-­‐14 proceeding. 22005-­‐15 Disclosed  departmental  information  without  authorization. 3 Failed  to  identify  a  suspect,  misled  police  investigators  and   attempted  to  cover  up  an  incident  involving  another  officer.  2005-­‐16 Provided  false  testimony  and  falsified  a  report. Discharged
  19. 19. Disclosed  departmental  information  without  authorization.  2005-­‐17 Made  improper  comments  concerning  a  department  employee. 32005-­‐18 Violated  a  court  order. 1 Made  harassing  telephone  calls  and  displayed  unprofessional  2005-­‐19 conduct  toward  the  victim.  Was  untruthful  and  falsified  records. 202005-­‐20 Failed  to  initiate  a  police  report. 1 Fled  the  scene  of  a  motor  vehicle  collision  and  failed  to  render   aid  to  an  injured  motorist.  Failed  to  provide  information  and   report  the  incident.  Was  insubordinate.  Left  police-­‐issued   equipment  and  a  firearm  unattended  and  unsecured  in  the  2005-­‐21 vehicle.  Was  untruthful  during  an  administrative  investigation. Discharged Displayed  unprofessional  and  overbearing  conduct  toward  the  2005-­‐22 victim. 52005-­‐23 Involved  in  physical  confrontation  with  an  acquaintance. 10 Failed  to  document  evidence  in  a  police  report  which  contained  2005-­‐24 inconsistencies.   3 Conspired  to  commit  crimes.  Violated  departmental  operations  2005-­‐25 and  procedures. Discharged Tested  positive  for  amphetamine  and  methamphetamine  2005-­‐26 during  drug  urinalysis. Discharged2005-­‐27 Pled  guilty  to  assault  in  the  third  degree 12005-­‐28 Discharged  a  firearm  at  a  vehicle. 102005-­‐29 Pled  guilty  to  harassment. 32005-­‐30 Failed  to  secure  a  prisoner. 12005-­‐31 Displayed  unprofessional  conduct  toward  a  citizen. 102005-­‐32 Assaulted  a  citizen. Discharged Failed  to  take  corrective  action  to  address  a  potential  workplace  2005-­‐33 violence  complaint. 1
  20. 20. Found  guilty  of  reckless  endangering  in  the  second  degree  and  2005-­‐34 harassment. 1 Failed  to  report  for  duty  after  being  instructed  to  do  so  by  the  2005-­‐35 supervisor. 102005-­‐36 Was  insubordinate  to  a  superior  officer. 32005-­‐37 Failed  to  maintain  the  chain  of  custody  of  evidence. 3 Failed  to  report  for  duty  and  make  proper  notification  of  2005-­‐38 absence. 202005-­‐39 Involved  with  a  physical  altercation  with  a  family  member. 32005-­‐40 Failed  to  secure  a  prisoner. 12005-­‐41 Assaulted  a  motorist  following  a  traffic  incident. 52005-­‐42 Violated  a  temporary  restraining  order. 1 Submitted  falsified  police  report  and  fabricated  the  facts  2006-­‐1 regarding  the  probable  cause  to  conduct  a  traffic  stop. 202006-­‐2 Was  involved  in  a  domestic  incident  with  spouse. 3 Criticized  supervisor’s  directions  and  was  disrespectful.  Was  2006-­‐3 rude  and  overbearing  during  an  investigation. 3 Left  special  duty  assignment  without  permission  and  falsified   the  special  duty  card.  Exhibited  unprofessional  conduct  and  2006-­‐4 failed  to  assist  security  officers  when  they  called  for  assistance. 2 Failed  to  respond  to  calls  on  the  police  radio.  Was  insubordinate  2006-­‐5 to  a  supervisor. 10 Was  involved  in  an  argument  with  spouse  that  escalated  into  2006-­‐6 physical  contact. 12006-­‐7 Failed  to  properly  handle  evidence  found  in  a  stolen  vehicle. 32006-­‐8 Pled  guilty  to  a  charge  of  assault  III. 1 While  off  duty  parked  in  a  no-­‐parking  area  at  a  business   establishment.  Was  disrespectful  to  the  on-­‐duty  officer  who  2006-­‐9 came  to  investigate  the  incident. 32006-­‐10 Failed  to  report  for  duty. 1
  21. 21. Failed  to  obtain  a  supervisor’s  authorization  to  transport  a  2006-­‐11 female  to  the  police  station. 3 Failed  to  conduct  an  adequate  investigation  and  follow  proper  2006-­‐12 procedures. 1 While  off  duty  was  disrespectful  to  on-­‐duty  officers  who  were  2006-­‐13 conducting  an  investigation. 52006-­‐14 Assisted  a  minor  in  gaining  entry  to  a  liquor  establishment. 12006-­‐15 Failed  to  complete  a  police  report  and  turn  in  found  property. 32006-­‐16 Violated  the  sexual  harassment  policy. 102006-­‐17 Physically  assaulted  another  person. 12006-­‐18 Struck  a  pedestrian  while  operating  a  motor  vehicle. 12006-­‐19 Acted  unprofessionally  during  a  trial. 12006-­‐20 Violated  the  department’s  pursuit  policy. 22006-­‐21 Used  excessive  force.  Failed  to  submit  a  police  report. 10 Made  detrimental  statements  regarding  departmental  2006-­‐22 personnel. 5 Failed  to  notify  the  department  that  the  employee  was  no  2006-­‐23 longer  on  military  duty. 202006-­‐24 Failed  to  follow  proper  arrest  procedure. 3 Failed  to  proceed  to  an  assignment.  Was  untruthful  during  the  2006-­‐25 investigation. 10 Failed  to  prepare  a  written  report  and  turn  in  evidence  in  a  2006-­‐26 timely  manner. 5 Willfully  used  physical  force  against  another  employee  causing  2006-­‐27 injury. 20 Entered  false  and  inaccurate  information  on  departmental  2006-­‐28 forms. 52006-­‐29 Failed  to  recover  and  submit  evidence. 12006-­‐30 Was  involved  in  an  inappropriate  physical  confrontation. 12006-­‐31 Made  inappropriate  comments  while  at  court. 1
  22. 22. Sent  an  email  containing  inappropriate  statements  and   comments  about  prospective  police  applicants  and  a  superior  2007-­‐1 officer. 1 Was  absent  from  duty  without  authorization.  Falsified  2007-­‐2 documents  regarding  work  schedules. 3 Falsified  a  police  report.  Failed  to  submit  a  police  report  and   misclassified  the  case.  Failed  to  contract  a  witness  to  obtain  a  2007-­‐3 statement. 32007-­‐4 Violated  the  department’s  motor  vehicle  pursuit  policy. 12007-­‐5 Violated  the  department’s  motor  vehicle  pursuit  policy. 12007-­‐6 Left  a  threatening  message  on  a  complainant’s  voice  mail. 32007-­‐7 Failed  to  submit  special  duty  cards. 12007-­‐8 Made  a  false  arrest. 12007-­‐9 Falsified  letters  initiating  a  complaint  against  a  supervisor. 5 Used  inappropriate  and  racially  offensive  language  toward  a  co-­‐2007-­‐10 worker. 1 Pled  no  contest  to  operating  a  vehicle  under  the  influence  of  an   intoxicant  and  accidents  involving  damage  to  vehicle  or  2007-­‐11 property. 5 Entered  the  locker  room  f  the  opposite  sex  and  attempted  to  2007-­‐12 speak  with  someone  while  that  person  was  showering. 3 Falsified  information  in  a  motor  vehicle  collision.  Failed  to   remain  impartial  during  a  motor  vehicle  collision  investigation.  2007-­‐13 Was  untruthful  during  an  administrative  investigation. 20 Failed  to  arrest  a  motorist  who  was  suspected  of  driving  under   the  influence  of  an  intoxicant  and  was  involved  in  an  motor  2007-­‐14 vehicle  collision. 1 Failed  to  arrest  a  motorist  who  was  injured  in  a  motor  vehicle   collision  and  was  also  suspected  of  driving  under  the  influence  2007-­‐15 of  an  intoxicant. 1
  23. 23. Signed  a  follow-­‐up  report  on  a  motor  vehicle  that  contained  2007-­‐16 false  information. 1 Was  involved  in  a  motor  vehicle  collision  and  failed  to   immediately  report  the  collision.  Falsified  the  report  and  caused  2007-­‐17 it  to  be  submitted  late. 20 Exhibited  unprofessional  conduct  by  physically  assaulting  2007-­‐18 spouse. 20 Worked  special  duty  jobs  during  regular  tour  of  duty  without   being  properly  relieved.  Failed  to  submit  special  duty  card   within  two  days  of  the  jobs.  Falsified  a  sergeant’s  signature  on  2007-­‐19 the  card. 202007-­‐20 Pled  guilty  to  the  charge  of  harassment 12007-­‐21 Discharged  duty  weapon  in  violation  of  department  policy. 3 While  off  duty  struck  a  parked  vehicle  and  fled  the  scene   without  making  proper  notification  of  the  incident.  Operated  a   motor  vehicle  with  expired  registration,  safety  inspection  and  2007-­‐22 insurance.  Did  not  have  a  front  license  plate  on  the  vehicle. 2 Used  unnecessary  force  on  a  prisoner.  Was  overbearing  and  2007-­‐23 threatening  toward  the  prisoner. 102007-­‐24 Made  inappropriate  sexual  and  racial  remarks  while  at  court. 32007-­‐25 Pled  no  contest  to  the  charge  of  harassment. 1 While  off  duty  was  involved  in  a  verbal  argument  with  the   complainant,  which  escalated  into  a  physical  confrontation.  2007-­‐26 Assaulted  the  complainant. 20 Engaged  in  inappropriate  behavior  while  on  duty  and  failed  to  2008-­‐1 provide  an  accurate  and  complete  police  report. 202008-­‐2 Pled  guilty  to  two  misdemeanor  offenses. 2 Was  involved  in  a  motor  vehicle  collision  while  off  duty  and  fled  2008-­‐3 the  scene. 102008-­‐4 Acted  inappropriately  while  investigating  a  case. 3
  24. 24. 2008-­‐5 Used  profanity  and  threatened  a  supervisor. 12008-­‐6 Escorted  a  prisoner  improperly. 12008-­‐7 Struck  a  pedestrian  while  making  a  right  turn. 1 Fled  the  scene  of  a  motor  vehicle  collision,  failed  to  report  the  2008-­‐8 collision  and  provided  false  information  on  the  police  report. 20 Failed  to  properly  investigate  and  classify  a  case  and  to  provide  2008-­‐9 victim  with  medical  attention. 12008-­‐10 Failed  to  turn  in  evidence. 1 Was  involved  in  a  traffic  collision  while  off-­‐duty  and  fled  the  2008-­‐11 scene. Discharged2008-­‐12 Failed  to  initiate  a  police  report. 32008-­‐13 Assaulted  a  coworker  while  off-­‐duty  causing  substantial  injuries. 202008-­‐14 Failed  to  respond  to  calls  from  dispatch. 12008-­‐15 Harassed  and  was  disrespectful  to  another  officer. 12009-­‐1 Sent  inappropriate  email  to  an  employee  via  department  email. 1 Falsified  a  traffic  citation  and  was  untruthful  during  the  2009-­‐2 administrative  investigation. 10 Failed  to  properly  investigate  and  classify  a  case  and  to  provide  2009-­‐3 the  victim  with  medical  attention. 3 Failed  to  appear  properly  attired  and  equipped  for  duty  and  did   not  submit  a  leave  request.  Was  also  untruthful  during  2009-­‐4 administrative  investigation. 10 Failed  to  respond  to  questions  from  or  render  all  materials  and   relevant  statements  in  a  departmental  administrative  2009-­‐5 investigation. 10 While  off-­‐duty,  engaged  in  unprofessional  and  discourteous  2009-­‐6 conduct. 3
  25. 25. Failed  to  take  appropriate  action  after  learning  that  a  female  2009-­‐7 had  been  assaulted. 5 Was  guilty  of  malingering  on  several  occasions  and  also   engaged  in  outside  employment  prior  to  receiving  written   authorization.  Was  untruthful  during  the  administrative  2009-­‐8 investigation. 52009-­‐9 Made  an  inappropriate  comment  about  a  female  coworker. 5 Requested  personal  leave  and  took  time  off  without  having   accumulated  enough  leave  to  cover  the  request.  Also  took   “leave  without  pay”  without  submitting  a  “leave  request”  to  the   chief  of  police.  Was  found  in  violation  of  the  extended  action   rule  as  this  was  the  third  violation  within  a  span  of  twelve  2009-­‐10 months  for  which  disciplinary  action  was  imposed. 102009-­‐11 Failed  to  adhere  to  electric  gun  policy. 1 Used  more  physical  force  than  was  necessary  to  accomplish  a  2009-­‐12 police  objective. 20 While  off-­‐duty  improperly  displayed  a  firearm  and  failed  to  2009-­‐13 submit  a  report  in  a  timely  manner. 32009-­‐14 Disobeyed  a  direct  order  and  failed  to  report  to  assigned  duty. 52009-­‐15 Disobeyed  a  direct  order  involving  an  HPD  vehicle. 52009-­‐16 Interfered  with  an  ongoing  investigation. 32009-­‐17 Was  overbearing  and  threatened  a  complainant. 12009-­‐18 Improperly  provided  copies  of  an  ongoing  police  investigation. 3 Sent  an  inappropriate  drawing  via  intradepartmental  mail  to  2009-­‐19 another  employee. 32009-­‐20 Failed  to  appear  in  court. 1 Left  duty  assignment  without  authorization  and  failed  to  report  2009-­‐21 for  duty. 1 Exercised  in  the  department’s  fitness  room  while  on  sick  leave  2009-­‐22 status. 3
  26. 26. 2009-­‐23 Failed  to  appear  in  court. 12009-­‐24 Failed  to  appear  in  court. 12009-­‐25 Violated  the  department’s  pursuit  policy. 3 Recorded  a  training  session  without  authorization  and  posted  it  2009-­‐26 on  the  Internet. 1 While  off  duty,  failed  to  exercise  due  care  in  the  handling  of  a  2009-­‐27 firearm. 12009-­‐28 Failed  to  appear  in  court. 1 Failed  to  submit  written  police  reports  and  auto  records  in  a  2009-­‐29 timely  manner. 12010-­‐1 Hindered  a  federal  investigation. 626 Violated  the  sexual  harassment  policy  by  engaging  in  2010-­‐2 inappropriate  conduct  and  making  remarks  of  a  sexual  nature. 12010-­‐3 Violated  the  pursuit  policy. 12010-­‐4 Struck  an  ex-­‐girlfriend. 3 Falsified  a  police  report  and  was  untruthful  during  the  2010-­‐5 administrative  investigation. 4 Used  unreasonable  force  and  failed  to  document  the  incident  in  2010-­‐6 a  timely  manner. 12010-­‐7 Pled  guilty  to  criminal  charges. 1 Drank  intoxicating  beverages  while  on  duty  and  made  rude  and  2010-­‐8 derogatory  remarks  to  two  complainants. Discharged Was  overbearing,  discourteous  and  threatening  toward  a  2010-­‐9 complainant. 1 Sent,  received  and  stored  non-­‐work  related  and  pornographic   material  in  the  city  and  county  email  system.  Made  detrimental  2010-­‐10 statements  about  members  of  the  Honolulu  Police  Department. 3