2009                     ANNUAL NATIONAL
                         CONFERENCE ON CITIZENSHIP
Founded in 1946 and chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1953, the National Conference on Citizenship
(NCoC) is a leader in p...
This year, NCoC is excited to expand beyond our Conference walls to allow individuals who cannot join th...
FRANKLIN AWARD                                                      JUSTICE ANTONIN SCALIA
In 1731, Benjamin Franklin work...
HOOAH AWARD                                                                     ERIC GREITENS
This year marks the initial ...
JOHN BRIDGELAND                                                         BARBARA BUSH
John Bridgeland is President & CEO of...
JEAN CASE                                                         ERIC FEDERING
Jean Case is an actively engaged philanthr...
BOB GRAHAM                                                    ROYCE C. LAMBERTH
Senator Bob Graham is the former two–term ...
CHRIS MATTHEWS                                                         DENNIS McGINN
A television news anchor with signifi...
MARK RITCHIE                                                      JUSTIN ROCKEFELLER
Mark Ritchie serves as Minnesota’s Se...
ILEANA ROS-LEHTINEN                                                         SONAL SHAH
Since her election in 1989 to the U...
DAVID B. SMITH                                                   ROBERT G. STANTON
David B. Smith is the Executive Directo...
THOMAS SUSMAN                                                      HELEN IRIS TORRES
Tom Susman, of Washington, is the Dir...
KAREN TUMULTY                                                       MICHAEL WEISER
Karen Tumulty, national political corre...
DIANA WELLS                                                         JOCELYN WHITE
Dr. Diana Wells, President of Ashoka, jo...
NCOC Event Program 2009
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NCOC Event Program 2009


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National Conference on Citizenship Program- NCOC- 2009- complete with agenda and participant bios- David B. Smith, Justice Antonin Scalia, Eric Greitens, The Mission Continues, John Bridgeland, Barbara Bush, Jean Case, Eric Federing, Bob Graham, Royce C. Lamberth, Dennis McGinn, Mark Ritchie, Justin Rockefeller, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Sonal Shah, Robert G Stanton, Thomas Susman, Helen Iris Torres, Karen Tumulty, MIchael Weiser, Diana Wells, Jocelyn White. For more information go to www.ncoc.net for conference conversation recap www.Twitter.com search #ncoc hashtag.

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NCOC Event Program 2009

  1. 1. 2009 ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CITIZENSHIP Civic Health in Hard Times SEPTEMBER 9, 2009 - LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AGENDA 9:00am TRIBUTE TO SENATOR EDWARD M. KENNEDY Chris Matthews - Host of Hardball on MSNBC and the Chris Matthews Show on NBC 9:15am WELCOME Michael Weiser - Chairman, NCoC Board of Directors and David B. Smith - NCoC Executive Director 9:20 am PANEL: SOCIAL INNOVATION IN CIVIC LIFE Introduction: Jocelyn White - NCoC Board of Directors Moderator: Jean Case - CEO, The Case Foundation Participants: Barbara Bush - President, Global Health Corps, Justin Rockefeller - Vice President, Uhuru Capital Management, Sonal Shah - Director, White House Office of Social Innovation, and Diana Wells - President, Ashoka 10:10am BREAK 10:20am PANEL: CIVIC HEALTH IN HARD TIMES Introduction: John Bridgeland - Chairman, NCoC Board of Advisors and CEO, Civic Enterprises Moderator: Karen Tumulty - National Political Correspondent, TIME Magazine Participants: Bob Graham - Former U.S. Senator and Governor (FL), Mark Ritchie - Secretary of State (MN), and Helen Iris Torres - Executive Director, Hispanas Organized for Political Equality 11:10am VIDEO: “THE NATIONAL PARKS: AMERICA’S BEST IDEA” Introduction: Eric Federing - NCoC Board of Directors Remarks: Robert G. Stanton - Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy & Program Management in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget at the U.S. Department of the Interior RECOGNITION OF CCC ALUMNI 11:30am CONVERSATION WITH ASSOCIATE JUSTICE ANTONIN SCALIA AND PRESENTATION OF FRANKLIN AWARD Facilitated by: Thomas Susman - American Bar Association and NCoC Board of Directors 12:15pm PRESENTATION OF HOOAH AWARD COMMISSIONED BY THE MAJOR GEORGE A. SMITH MEMORIAL FUND Presentation: Admiral Dennis McGinn - NCoC Board of Directors Recipient: Eric Greitens - U.S. Navy SEAL and CEO, The Mission Continues 12:25pm NATURALIZATION CEREMONY Introduction: Michael Weiser - Chairman, NCoC Board of Directors Remarks: Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen - U.S. House of Representatives (FL) Ceremony: The Honorable Royce C. Lamberth - Chief Judge, U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia 12:50pm DISMISSAL David B. Smith - NCoC Executive Director and Kristen Cambell - NCoC Program Director
  2. 2. Founded in 1946 and chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1953, the National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) is a leader in promoting our nation’s civic life. We track, measure and promote civic participation and engagement in partnership with other organizations on a bipartisan, collaborative basis. We focus on ways to enhance history and civics education, encourage national and community service, and promote greater participation in the political process. Many distinguished Americans have been involved with the growth and development of the NCoC over the years including Presidents Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower and Chief Justices Earl Warren and Warren Burger. The roster of board members, advisors and guest speakers at NCoC events represent a diverse spectrum of leaders from across government, industry, academia, community and nonprofit organizations and the media; people like Senators Robert Byrd and Lamar Alexander, Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and Stephen Breyer, philanthropists Ray Chambers and Eugene Lang, authors David McCullough and Walter Isaacson, scholars Robert Putnam and Stephen Goldsmith, MTV’s Ian Rowe, ABC’s Cokie Roberts, AOL’s Jean Case, Facebook’s Sean Parker, former Clinton Administration advisor William Galston and former Bush Administration advisor John Bridgeland. The NCoC’s accomplishments are many, ranging from fueling the civic energy of the Greatest Generation freshly home from WWII to leading the celebration of our nation’s Bicentennial in 1976. The NCoC helped establish the observance of Citizenship Day, every September 17, the week in which we were chartered to hold our annual conference focusing on building an active and engaged citizenry. Since 2006, the NCoC has produced America’s Civic Health Index, the nation’s leading measure of citizen actions and attitudes. In April 2009, NCoC was named in the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act to work with the Corporation for National and Community Service and the U.S. Census Bureau to create a civic health assessment in order to help communities harness the power of their citizens. To advance our mission to better understand the broad dimensions of citizenship today and to encourage greater civic participation, the NCoC has developed and sustained a network of over 250 like-minded institutions that seek a more comprehensive and collaborative approach to strengthening our system of self-government. For more information, please visit www.ncoc.net
  3. 3. NCoC GOES VIRTUAL This year, NCoC is excited to expand beyond our Conference walls to allow individuals who cannot join the event in Washington DC to participate online via UStream. Through the utilization of live conference streaming, virtual attendees from across the country are joining us today by watching the event online. For those in the room and those online, we invite you to: Tweet! FlipCam! The official hashtag for this event is #NCoC. Every We’ll be uploading the conference content to time we open for Q&A, we’ll turn to the “Twitter YouTube after the event, but we invite you to show Correspondents Desk” to take a question from online. us what the program looks like from where you sit. Bring your flipcam and upload your video to our Blog! Facbeook page at Facebook.com/NCoC1 We have a live blogging section and invite all participants to carry on conference discussions after Flash! the event dismisses. Tweet your links with #NCoC, Photos can be uploaded to a fan album on our or send them to us at conference@ncoc.net, and Facebook page at Facebook.com/NCoC1 we’ll link them from our website We’ll compile the thoughts, comments, questions, tweets, and pics you submit to create an interactive conference report that will help tell our story, a story that defines modern citizenship during these challenging times. We want to offer special thanks to the Case Foundation for serving as the official Online Engagement sponsor of the conference, and for their continued leadership in elevating the use of social media in the civic engagement field.
  4. 4. FRANKLIN AWARD JUSTICE ANTONIN SCALIA In 1731, Benjamin Franklin worked with his fellow Antonin Scalia became the first Italian-American to serve on the citizens to chip in their books and raise funds to build U.S. Supreme Court in 1986 when he was appointed Associate the first public subscription library in America. Carved Justice by President Ronald Reagan. He is considered the court’s into stone atop that Library Company of Philadelphia are leading advocate for textualism and originalism as he adheres to Franklin’s words: “Communiter Bona Profundere Deum a strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. This year marks Est” to provide benefits for the common good is divine. Justice Scalia’s twenty-third year of service in the Supreme Court. NCoC shares Franklin’s belief and gives out an award in his name to outstanding individuals in federal service Before assuming the role as a Supreme Court Justice, Scalia who are working to strengthen citizenship in America. faithfully served his country in a variety of different roles. The award bears an inscription with the famous Franklin From 1971-1972 he worked as General Counsel for the quotation “A Republic if you can keep it.” Office of Telecommunications Policy; he was Chairman of the Administrative Conference of the United States from 1972– Past Franklin Awards Recipients include: 1974, and was also Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Senator Lamar Alexander Legal Counsel from 1974–1977. He served on the United States Senator Robert Byrd Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit from 1982 Justice Stephen Breyer until 1986. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor Justice Scalia has also served on the faculties of numerous universities including the University of Virginia, University of Chicago Law School, Tulane University Law School, Stanford University, and his Alma mater Georgetown. He received his B.A. from Georgetown University in 1957, graduating summa cum laude, and his LL.B. from Harvard Law School in 1960. While in Boston he met his wife Maureen; together they have nine children.
  5. 5. HOOAH AWARD ERIC GREITENS This year marks the initial offering of the HOOAH Eric Greitens was born and raised in Missouri, where he was Award, an award sponsored by the Major George A. educated in the public schools. He was an A.B. Duke Scholar at Smith Memorial Fund and presented by the National Duke University where he studied ethics, philosophy, and public Conference on Citizenship. This award recognizes a policy. Selected as a Rhodes and Truman Scholar, he attended the notable veteran who defines their citizenship through University of Oxford from 1996 through 2000. There he earned service to our country, both in uniform and beyond. a master¹s degree in 1998, and a Ph.D. in 2000. About Major George A. Smith Eric is a United States Navy SEAL officer, and he has deployed four times during the Global War on Terrorism: to Iraq, Major (Ret.) George A. Smith served his country as a Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa, and Southeast Asia. He has career military officer, serving in the Army for over 20 served as the Commander of a Joint Special Operations Task Unit, years. Eager to serve, Mr. Smith enlisted in the Army at Commander of a Mark V Special Operations Craft Detachment, the age of 17 and rose quickly through the ranks. Mr. and as Commander of an Al Qaeda Targeting Cell. His personal Smith fulfilled his dream as part of the 82nd Airborne military awards include the Joint Service Achievement Medal, and later commanded the Ranger’s Alpha Company. He the Navy Commendation Medal, the Combat Action Ribbon, completed many tours overseas including peacekeeping the Purple Heart, and the Bronze Star. missions in Lebanon, Yemen, and Egypt. As part of the 7th Infantry out of Fort Ord, he served in Just Cause, Eric donated his combat pay from Iraq to start The Mission a military operation in Panama. In 1993, Major Smith Continues, and organization that empowers wounded and retired out of the Presidio in San Francisco, his family’s disabled veterans to continue their service to their country and home for many generations. communities as citizen leaders here at home. From April 2007 to June 2009, Eric contributed over 2,700 volunteer hours as a After retiring, Mr. Smith attended Washburn Law School volunteer Chief Executive Officer. in Topeka, Kansas, hosted a military talk show in Okinawa, Japan, and served the European Congress of American In 2005, Eric was appointed by the President to serve as a Parents, Teachers, and Students (ECAPTS) while living White House Fellow, and was recently named a Fellow by The in Germany. After returning to the states in 2004, he Draper Richards Foundation. Eric is an award winning sub-3 continued his acts of service while working for FEMA, hour Marathon runner and boxer. Eric also serves as a Senior helping with the hurricane aftermaths in Florida. Fellow at the Truman School of Public Affairs at the University of Missouri, where he teaches on public service and is the Director Major (Ret.) George A. Smith passed away on January of the Center on Leadership for Social Innovation. 25, 2009 and was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. Eric¹s book of photographs and essays, “Strength and Compassion”, grew from his extensive work as a humanitarian The Major George A. Smith Memorial Fund was founded volunteer, and has been recognized as winner of the 2009 Indie in his memory by his children Jennifer, David, Adam, and Excellence Book Award for Photography, Foreword Magazine¹s Chloe. Photography Book of the Year, and was selected as the Grand Prize Winner of the 2009 New York Book Festival.
  6. 6. JOHN BRIDGELAND BARBARA BUSH John Bridgeland is President & CEO of Civic Enterprises. He Barbara Bush graduated from Yale University with a degree in works on issues ranging from the high school dropout crisis Humanities in 2004. She is President and co-founder of Global and the conservation of our national parks to community and Health Corps, an organization that aims to strengthen the national service and poverty. He is Vice Chairman of Malaria No movement for global health equity and improve the quality of More and a senior advisor to the United Nations Special Envoy healthcare services for the poor by connecting outstanding for Malaria, working to end malaria deaths in Africa by 2015. His young leaders with organizations working on the front lines in work on the high school dropout crisis has fostered a national the fight for global health. movement to increase high school graduation rates. He also For the past two years, she worked in Educational Programming is one of the leaders of Service Nation, which resulted in the at the Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design enactment of the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act. Museum. After college, she worked for Red Cross Children¹s Before Civic Enterprises, Bridgeland served as Assistant to the Hospital in Capetown, South Africa and interned for UNICEF President of the United States and the first Director of the in Botswana. She has traveled extensively with the UN World USA Freedom Corps. In that role, he coordinated more than Food Programme, focusing on the importance of nutrition in $1 billion in domestic and international service initiatives and ARV treatment. worked with non-profits, corporations and schools to foster a Barbara is a member of UNICEF’s Next Generation Steering culture of service in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. Prior Committee and is on the Board of Advisors for Covenant House to that, Bridgeland served as Director of the Domestic Policy International. She is a regular contributor to the UK magazine Council at the White House, where he coordinated policy on POP. more than 100 issues. Bridgeland began his professional career by practicing law in the New York and Paris, France offices of Davis Polk & Wardwell. He also served as Chief of Staff and Counsel to former U.S. Congressman Rob Portman. Bridgeland graduated with honors in government from Harvard University and received his J.D. at the University of Virginia School of Law. BIOGRAPHIES
  7. 7. JEAN CASE ERIC FEDERING Jean Case is an actively engaged philanthropist and a pioneer in Eric K. Federing is Executive Director, of Business Public the world of interactive technologies. Her career as a technology Policy, Office of Government Affairs at KPMG LLP. He is a executive in the private sector spanned nearly two decades senior strategic advisor to the firm’s management, practices, before she and her husband, Steve Case, created the Case partners and clients. Eric is a graduate of George Washington Foundation in 1997. A passionate believer in all things digital and University, Phi Beta Kappa. He served for a dozen years in senior the amazing potential of technology to change the world for the communications positions in the US House of Representatives better, Jean and her team focus the efforts of the Foundation and the U.S. Senate. around many of the same entrepreneurial approaches she and Eric is a member of the NCoC Board of Directors and is active Steve cultivated throughout their business careers. The Case in civic and international affairs. He founded the Uni-Capitol Foundation is recognized for its innovative efforts to increase Washington Internship Programme, a pro bono effort that giving and catalyze civic and business participation, as well matches Australian university students to select congressional as promote innovation, collaboration and leadership in the offices for 8-week internships annually. He is also a Board Member nonprofit sector. of the National Japanese American Memorial Foundation and he Prior to co-founding the Case Foundation, Jean was a has been listed in Who’s Who in America annually since 2000. technology executive in the private sector. As a senior executive at America Online, Inc. (AOL), Jean directed the marketing and branding effort that launched the AOL service, directed the communications strategy for taking the company public, and helped establish AOL as a household utility. Before joining AOL, she held strategic marketing positions at GE’s Information Services Division and at The Source, the nation’s first online service. In addition to her role as CEO of the Case Foundation, Jean has served in two appointed roles leading strategic public-private efforts, including Chair of the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation and Co-chair of the U.S.-Palestinian Partnership. Jean serves on the boards of PlayPumps International, Points of Light Institute, Malaria No More, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2), ePals, SnagFilms, National Geographic Ventures, and the Potomac School. She also serves on the advisory council of the National Geographic Society and the advisory board to the National Conference on Citizenship.
  8. 8. BOB GRAHAM ROYCE C. LAMBERTH Senator Bob Graham is the former two–term governor of Royce C. Lamberth was appointed as a U.S. District Judge for Florida and served for 18 years in the United States Senate. This the District of Colombia in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan is combined with 12 years in the Florida legislature for a total and subsequently became Chief Judge on May 1, 2008. of 38 years of public service. As Governor and Senator, Bob Judge Lamberth, a native of San Antonio, Texas, received a B.A. Graham was a centrist, committed to bringing his colleagues Degree from University of Texas and an LL.B. Degree from together behind programs that served the broadest public University of Texas School of Law in 1967. He served as a interest. He was recognized by the people of Florida when he Captain in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps of the United received an 83% approval ranking as he concluded eight years States Army from 1968 to 1974. After service at Fort Bragg, as Governor. Bob Graham retired from public service in January North Carolina, and in Vietnam, Judge Lamberth served in the 2005, following his Presidential campaign in 2004. Litigation Division of the Office of the Judge Advocate General After retiring from public life, Senator Graham served for a of the Army at the Pentagon from 1971-1974. year as a senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Judge Lamberth was an Assistant United States Attorney for Government where he lectured to undergraduate, graduate and the District of Columbia from 1974 to 1987. He was chief of executive management students. His primary focus was on civic the Civil Division of the United States Attorney’s Office, 1978- education and intelligence, issues which continue to be of great 1987. During 1977-1978, he served as Attorney General Griffin importance to him. Senator Graham serves as the chair of the Bell’s representative to the President’s Reorganization Project, Board of Overseers of the Graham Center for Public Service at Federal Legal Representation Study. On May 19, 1995, Judge the University of Florida. Lamberth was appointed by Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist Senator Graham is currently the Chairman of the Commission to the Presiding Judge of the United States Foreign Intelligence on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation Surveillance Court. His appointment ended May 19, 2002. and Terrorism and Commissioner on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. In addition, Senator Graham is also the author of a new book about civic participation, entitled “America: The Owner’s Manual.” Bob and his wife Adele have returned to their home in Miami Lakes, Florida, and are enjoying time with their four daughters and eleven grandchildren. BIOGRAPHIES
  9. 9. CHRIS MATTHEWS DENNIS McGINN A television news anchor with significant depth of experience, Retired Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn took the helm at Matthews has distinguished himself as a broadcast journalist, RemoteReality after five years with Battelle Memorial Institute, newspaper bureau chief, presidential speechwriter, and bestselling the world’s largest nonprofit independent research and author. Matthews covered the fall of the Berlin Wall, the first all- development organization, where he was a corporate officer races election in South Africa, the Good Friday Peace Accord in and led the energy, transportation and environment division. Northern Ireland, and the funeral of Pope John Paul II. He has Additional assignments with Battelle included serving as vice covered every American presidential election campaign since president of strategic planning and national security business the 1980s. development, and as a director on the Board of Brookhaven Science Associates. Matthews worked for fifteen years as a newspaper journalist, thirteen of them as a Washington bureau chief for the San Prior to joining Battelle, Admiral McGinn served 35 years Francisco Examiner and two as a national columnist for the San with the U.S. Navy as a naval aviator, test pilot, aircraft carrier Francisco Chronicle. Before that, he had a fifteen year career in commanding officer, and national security strategist. His last public service: in the U.S. Senate for five years for Senator Frank assignment with the Navy was Deputy Chief of Naval Operations Moss of Utah and Senator Edmund Muskie of Maine; in the for Warfare Requirements and Programs at the Pentagon. He White House for four years under President Jimmy Carter as a also commanded the U.S. Third Fleet, which is responsible for presidential speechwriter and on the President’s Reorganization some 50 million square miles of the eastern and northern Pacific Project then for six years as the top aide to Speaker of the Ocean. As Third Fleet Commander, he was recognized for leading House Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, Jr. great advances in operational innovation, the rapid prototyping of sea-based information technology, and international naval Matthews has received the David Brinkley Award for Excellence force experimentation and coordination. in Broadcast Journalism and the Gold Medal Award from the Pennsylvania Society. He was a visiting fellow at Harvard Admiral McGinn serves as a director on the board of the National University’s John F. Kennedy Institute of Politics and holds twenty- Conference on Citizenship, as a senior policy advisor to the three honorary degrees. American Council on Renewable Energy and is an international security senior fellow at the Rocky Mountain Institute. A graduate of Holy Cross College, Mr. Matthews did graduate work in economics at the University of North Carolina at Admiral McGinn has previously served as chairman of the U.S. Chapel Hill. Matthews also served for two years with the U.S. Naval Institute Board of Directors, and served for three years Peace Corps in Swaziland, Africa. as a commissioner on the National Commission on Disabled Veterans’ Benefits in Washington, D.C. Matthews is the author of four best-selling books. He is married to Kathleen Matthews, Executive Vice President of Marriott He received a B.S. degree in naval engineering from the U.S. International. Naval Academy, attended the national security program at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and was a strategic studies fellow at the U.S. Naval War College.
  10. 10. MARK RITCHIE JUSTIN ROCKEFELLER Mark Ritchie serves as Minnesota’s Secretary of State where Justin Rockefeller is Vice President of Uhuru Capital Management, he partners with township, city, and county officials to organize an investment management platform designed to enable elections on behalf of Minnesota’s nearly 4 million voters. investors to pursue superior financial returns while facilitating global economic and social development; 25% of performance Ritchie also oversees a wide range of services provided by the fees supports social entrepreneurship. Office of Secretary of State including business filings, the archiving of official documents, administering the appointments process Prior to joining Uhuru Capital Management, Mr. Rockefeller for state-level commissions, and operating Minnesota’s address co-founded and was National Program Director of confidentiality programs. As an elected Constitutional Officer he GenerationEngage, a nonprofit organization that empowers sits on the state’s Executive Council, Board of Investment, and young adults with the resources and access they need to Historical Society. become leaders in their communities and active participants in our democracy. At his departure from fulltime employment, In the 1980s, Ritchie worked for Governor Rudy Perpich in the GenerationEngage was active in four American cities, had Minnesota Department of Agriculture, addressing the economic approximately 8,500 members, and had an annual budget of crisis threatening family farmers and rural communities. From $1.5 million. 1988 to 2006, he served as president of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. He currently chairs the board of GenerationEngage, and also serves on several other boards: Rockefeller Brothers Fund; In 2008 Secretary Ritchie was named “Politician of the Year” by Japan Society; Population Council; and Rockefeller Family Fund. Politics in Minnesota, the state’s largest non-partisan political He was appointed by Governor Spitzer to the New York State news journal, and the “Most Valuable State Official in the Commission on National and Community Service. In addition, United States” by the Nation. In 2009, he received the Election he serves on the National Leadership Council of GLSEN (the Verification Network’s national recognition award for his long- Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network), on the Executive standing efforts to promote fair and accurate elections as well Committee of The International Council of The Museum of as his exceptional non-partisan leadership during Minnesota’s Modern Art, and on several advisory boards. 2008 U.S. Senate recount. Ritchie is a member of the Executive Committee of the National Association of Secretaries of State Previously he served five years (2003–2008) on the board of and was elected Secretary of the Association at their recent the Alliance for the Arts. From 2002 - 2005, Mr. Rockefeller convention. worked in Government and Community Relations and handled VIP construction tours for New York’s Museum of Modern Art. In 2002 he received a B.A. from Princeton University, where he studied politics and art and was active in debate and race relations on campus. Since graduating, Mr. Rockefeller has received three awards: the 2007 Common Cause Andrew Heiskell Youth Democracy in Action Award; the 2008 New Leaders Council 40 Under 40 Emerging Leader Award; and the 2008 Edwin Powell Hubble Medal of Initiative. BIOGRAPHIES
  11. 11. ILEANA ROS-LEHTINEN SONAL SHAH Since her election in 1989 to the United States Congress, Sonal Shah heads the White House Domestic Policy Council’s Ileana Ros-Lehtinen has proudly represented Florida’s Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation (SICP). The 18th Congressional District in the United States House of goal of the office is to help catalyze action by citizens, non- Representatives. Forced to flee with her family from the profits, foundations and the private sector to lead change in oppressive communist regime of Fidel Castro, Ros-Lehtinen communities across America and make progress on several became the first Hispanic woman and first Cuban-American key priority areas, including health care, education, poverty elected to Congress. and energy conservation. SICP will focus on creating a social innovation fund and partnerships with Federal agencies; public- Ros-Lehtinen is the Ranking Member on the House Committee private partnerships that catalyze action; new media tools that on Foreign Affairs where she has been a tireless advocate for the increase civic participation; and expanding national service. She advancement of human rights across the globe and continues to also served on President Obama’s Transition Board overseeing be a strong voice in opposition to Castro’s dictatorial regime in the Technology, Innovation, Government Reform working Cuba. Previously, she served as Chair of the Subcommittee on group. Prior to joining the White House, Sonal led Google.org’s the Middle East and Central Asia, the Subcommittee on Africa, global development efforts focused on transparency, openness, the Subcommittee on International Operations and Human and civic participation, as well as growing small and medium sized Rights and as Vice-Chair on the Subcommittee on the Western enterprises. Prior to joining Google, she was Vice President at Hemisphere. Goldman Sachs, where she developed and implemented the firm’s Throughout her life, Ros-Lehtinen has been dedicated to serving environmental strategy. Sonal is the co-founder and Director of her community. After completing public education in Miami and Indicorps, a U.S.-based non-profit offering fellowships for Indian- graduating from Miami-Dade Community College, she earned Americans to work on development projects in India. Sonal a Bachelors of Arts in Education from Florida International worked on trade, outsourcing and post-conflict reconstruction University. She then founded and served as the principal and issues at the Center for American Progress, and developed teacher of a private bilingual elementary school in Hialeah. Her and managed policy and advocacy programs for the Center for passion for education continued while completing a Masters Global Development. She worked for eight years at the Treasury in Educational Leadership at FIU, and earning a Doctorate of Department as well as in the National Security Council. Sonal Higher Education from the University of Miami. received her MA in Economics from Duke University and BA in Economics from the University of Chicago. She is an Aspen Ros-Lehtinen was elected in 1982 to the Florida State House of Crown Fellow, Next Generation Fellow. Representatives, becoming the first Hispanic woman in that body, and in 1986, was elected to the Florida State Senate. During this time, she met and married fellow Florida legislator Dexter Lehtinen, who became the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. They have two children, Amanda Michelle and Patricia Marie, and two step-children, Katharine and Douglas.
  12. 12. DAVID B. SMITH ROBERT G. STANTON David B. Smith is the Executive Director of the National Robert G. Stanton is the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Conference on Citizenship (NCoC). Prior to joining NCoC, and Programs Management in the Office of the Assistant David founded and served as the Executive Director of Secretary – Policy, Management and Budget, U.S. Department of Mobilize.org, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, the Interior. He provides assistance and executive direction with empowering, and energizing the Millennial Generation to respect to policy; youth programs; environmental project review increase civic engagement and political participation. Under his and compliance; international affairs; wild land fire coordination; tenure, Mobilize.org expanded from a team of 10 students to oceans, great lakes and coastal zone management; and natural over 30,000 activists with a presence in over 200 communities resource damage assessment and restoration. in 40 states and published the acclaimed “Mobilizer’s Guidebook” Since beginning his career as a National Park Service ranger and Democracy 2.0 Declaration. 47 years ago, in Grand Teton National Park, Bob Stanton has David currently serves as the co-founder and Vice Chair of dedicated his life to improving the conservation and management YPAC, an award winning website that serves as a central hub for of our treasured landscapes and national icons. He concluded legislative action alerts pertaining to youth issues for over 100 his a long career with the National Park Service by serving as national organizations and 30,000 online advocates. the Director for 1997-2001. Mr. Stanton has received numerous national awards for outstanding public service and leadership in David has been honored with awards including the YouthVote conservation, historic preservation, youth programs, and diversity Coalition’s “30 under 30” and the International Youth Foundation’s in employment and public programs. “YouthActionNet Fellowship” for social entrepreneurship. He has been featured in books including the Millennial Manifesto Since 2001, he has served as an Executive Professor at Texas and Generation We, and has published essays in Rebooting A&M University and a visiting professor at both Howard and America and Dream of a Nation. David also serves on the board Yale Universities. He also has provided consulting services to of directors of Common Sense California, Prepare the Future, the Natural Resources Council of America on increasing cultural Americans for Generational Equity, Mobilize.org and chaired the diversity in conservation organizations and programs. Youth Entitlement Summit. Stanton earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Huston- David graduated from Berkeley with a Bachelor’s Degree in Tillotson University in Austin, Texas, and did his graduate work Political Science. While at Cal, he taught a class on National at Boston University. Mr. Stanton and his wife have two children Youth Policy and researched the causes and possible solutions to and reside in Fairfax Station, Virginia. the Youth Civic Engagement crisis in America. BIOGRAPHIES
  13. 13. THOMAS SUSMAN HELEN IRIS TORRES Tom Susman, of Washington, is the Director of the American Bar Helen Iris Torres is the Executive Director of Hispanas Organized Association’s Governmental Affairs Office. He took this position for Political Equality (HOPE), one of the nations leading women’s in early 2008 after serving as a partner at the law firm of Ropes advocacy and leadership training nonprofits. She is responsible & Gray, where he maintained a diverse government relations for the day-to-day operations of HOPE, and its strategic and regulatory practice since 1981. direction. Tom is a graduate of Yale College and received his law degree HOPE’s mission is to ensure political and economic parity for from the University of Texas. After clerking on the Fifth Circuit Latinas through leadership, advocacy, and education to benefit Court of Appeals, he served at the U.S. Department of Justice all communities and the status of women. Ms. Torres works before going to Capitol Hill. Tom was counsel to the Senate with community, corporate, and political leaders to create and Judiciary Committee and several of its subcommittees. promote opportunities that advance Latinas by establishing “Latina Smart” policy recommendations. In partnership with Tom is a member of the American Law Institute and chairs the HOPE Board of Directors and staff, Ms. Torres produces the Ethics Committee of the American League of Lobbyists. statewide and national conferences that educate and train over He has been an adjunct professor at the American University’s three thousand Latinas per year. She also has been instrumental Washington College of Law and held a number of leadership in the development and implementation of the HOPE Leadership positions in the American Bar Association. Institute (HLI) - a program that prepares adult Latinas for their next level of civic participation. She is currently serving as a Commissioner on the California Volunteers statewide commission charged with overseeing the state’s volunteer efforts and Americorp programming. Most recently, Ms.Torres has been appointed to The Zero Divide Foundation Board of Directors (formerly The California Community Technology Foundation). Torres has also served as a Commissioner of the Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women. Ms. Torres earned a Masters degree in Urban Studies and Communications from Michigan State University. She holds a Bachelors degree in Communication from Michigan State University as well, and is a McNair Scholar.
  14. 14. KAREN TUMULTY MICHAEL WEISER Karen Tumulty, national political correspondent for TIME, has Michael Weiser was elected chairman of the National Conference written or co-written three dozen cover stories for the magazine on Citizenship in January, 2008. and posts several times a day on TIME.com’s political blog, An investor, writer and communications consultant, Mr. Weiser “Swampland.” Her extensive list of TIME cover stories includes has advised executives on financial and crisis communications the now-iconic “How the Right Went Wrong,” a look at how issues for more than 30 years. He also has been a commentator political conservatives lost their footing, which featured a crying on issues relating to citizenship and community–building for The Ronald Reagan as its cover image (March 2007). Washington Times, Miami Herald and other publications. Mr. Tumulty, who was named national political correspondent in Weiser also serves as a general partner of Lowell Associates, LP, 2001, has also written profiles of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton a private investment partnership. and Mitt Romney, as well as dozens of stories about the 2008 A former financial journalist, Mr. Weiser received a Bachelors of presidential campaign from Washington and from the campaign Journalism degree from the University of Missouri. He resides in trail. She has also held positions with TIME as congressional New York City with his wife, Julie Greiner Weiser. correspondent and White House correspondent. Before joining TIME in 1994, Tumulty spent 14 years at the Los Angeles Times, where she covered a wide variety of beats. During her time there, she reported on Congress, business, energy and economics out of Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C. In 1982, Tumulty was awarded the Gerald Loeb Award for distinguished business and financial journalism, and, in 1993, she won the National Press Foundation Edwin Hood Award for diplomatic correspondence. Tumulty is a native of San Antonio, Texas, where she began her career at the now-defunct San Antonio Light. Tumulty holds a B.S. from the University of Texas-Austin and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. She is married to Paul Richter, who covers the State Department for the Los Angeles Times. They have two sons, Nicholas and Jack. BIOGRAPHIES
  15. 15. DIANA WELLS JOCELYN WHITE Dr. Diana Wells, President of Ashoka, joined the organization in Jocelyn White is a businesswoman/entrepreneur with a the 1980s after graduating from Brown University with a degree background in strategic communications and government in South Asian Studies. As an undergraduate, her year-long study relations. She was founder of Environmental Issues Management, abroad in Varanasi, India led her to see the need for local solutions Inc. (EIM), an environmental and risk communication consulting to solve global problems. This insight brought her to Ashoka and firm. inspired her to create one of Ashoka’s core programs, Fellowship Jocelyn also has extensive experience in government, having been Support Services, (now Fellowship) which not only supplied appointed by President George W. Bush to serve as Director of Ashoka’s social entrepreneurs with a wide array of information, the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships. Jocelyn resources and services, but at the same time connected them is a native of Ohio and a graduate of St. Lawrence University. to one another and their ideas in a globally expansive context. Taking a leave to pursue a Ph.D. in anthropology, she was named In addition to serving on the NCoC Board of Directors, Jocelyn both a Fulbright and Woodrow Wilson scholar. Her ethnographic is active in community service with the National Council of research focusing on understanding how social change happens Advisors for The Center for the Study of the Presidency, and as a local articulation of a global social movement resulted in her with Molly, her certified pet therapy dog, at the Walter Reed dissertation: ‘Between the Difference: The Emergence of a Cross Army Medical Center. Ethnic Women’s Movement in Trinidad and Tobago.’ She is on the Advisory Board for Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and on the Board of GuideStar International. Her Ph.D. is from New York University (2000), and her undergraduate degree from Brown University (1988). She has taught at Georgetown University on Anthropology and Development and has both authored and edited numerous journal and book publications including two compilations on social movements in the United States. Most recently, Diana was celebrated as one of 10 winners of the first annual Women to Watch award, by Running Start, a Washington, DC based organization that empowers young women to be political leaders. She lives in Arlington, VA with her husband Paul, her son Toby, and her mother Elaine.