Overview of rapist typologies

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Serial Rapist TYPOLOGIES POWER ANGER POWER Reassurance Most Common POWER Assertive ANGER Retaliatory ANGER Excitation Most Common
  • 3.
    • Purpose-to resolve self doubts by reassuring himself of his masculinity with no real intent to harm victim. Needs power and control over women.
    • M.O.-Surprise approach with force usually between midnight and 5:00AM; usually at victim’s home.
    • Selects victim through voyeurism
    • Minimum force used
    • Victim is alone or only with small children
  • 4.
    • Uses weapon of opportunity
    • 50% chance of being negotiated out of rape
    • Uses little or no profanity
    • Demands verbal activity on victim’s part
    • Will do whatever victim allows-easily dissuaded
    • Attacks within own area-on foot/bicycle
    • Shows concern for victim
    • Has some type of sexual dysfunction
    • Victim with 4 years of age appearance
    • Likely to apologize after assault
  • 5.
    • Most common in stranger assaults
    • Conducts surveillance before attack
    • Uses surprise approach-unlikely to injure victim with initial attack
    • Has victim remove her clothing
    • Kisses victim
    • Unselfish verbal/sexual behavior-values female opinion
    • Non-profane
    • Will take a souvenir
    • Apologetic, complimentary, polite
    • May re-contact victim to apologize
    • Known as “The Gentleman Rapist”
  • 6.
    • He believes the victim enjoyed the assault
    • Suffers from the delusion that the attack
    • is the same as a “date”!
  • 7.
    • Purpose-Need to prove his virility. He sees himself as a man’s man-very macho. Many date rapes are included in this category.
    • M.O.-No concern for victim , uses moderate level of force, approaches by Con/Force
    • Assaults between 8 PM and 2 AM away from where he lives and works
    • Often meets victim same night as assault
    • Tears off victim’s clothing
    • Will respond to resistance with slapping, cursing, etc.
    • Weapon is a fist or one of choice (buck knife)
    • Multiple assaults same night
    • Strands victim while she is still nude
  • 8.
    • Smooth talker that will change during assault
    • Moderate to excessive levels of force, escalates to comply with resistance
    • Selfish verbal behavior
    • Has no concern victim
    • May perform acts of humiliation
    • Rapes when he feels “he needs a woman”
  • 9.
    • Second most common type of rapist.
    • A regular at singles bars.
    • He is the bubba type-loud and macho.
    • The rape is all about him and he feels that
    • it is his right as a man!
  • 10.
    • Purpose-to punish or degrade women by getting even by using sex as a weapon for a real or perceived injustice to him by women.
    • M.O.-spontaneous attack due to anger, will use a blitz attack, force is excessive and will result in injury even if victim does not resist
    • Attacks anytime day or night
    • Symbolic victims representing hurt
    • Assault is dependent on stressors
    • Attack is frenzied/impulsive
    • Victim can be a child
    • Great deal of directed profanity, insults women
  • 11.
    • Blunt force trauma even with no resistance from victim
    • Assault is brief, leaves immediately
    • Will force victim to suffer great humiliation
    • Possible post-mortem exploration or mutilation (though he will not usually kill)
    • Prior to attack there will be a precipitating event.
  • 12.
    • Has a quick violent temper;
    • sees himself as athletic
    • Likely to kick/beat before, during,
    • and after assault
    • He feels weak.
    • He will feel shame and guilt afterwards.
  • 13.
    • Purpose-gratification comes from inflicting pain and observing the results.
    • M.O.- premeditated, planned, approach by con, selfish verbal and sexual behavior, immobilizes victims with blindfolds/restraints, victims are strangers.
    • Wants to inflict pain that will elicit fear/total submission
    • Stimulated by response to pain and fear
    • Selects victim based on fantasy and fetish
  • 14.
    • Fetish is based on anger
    • Extreme change in personality once victim is under his control
    • Crimes are committed long way from home/job
    • Brings weapon and rape kit with knife the usual preferred weapon
    • Voice will be non-emotional, instructional, and practiced
    • Cuts clothing from victim
  • 15.
    • Tells victim in detail what he is going to do
    • Will use commanding and degrading language
    • Likes to record assault with video and photos
    • Will take victim to a secluded area
  • 16.
    • Well planned and methodical
    • Every detail thought out in fantasy so rape will be ritualistic
    • May torture victim for several days
    • Will cut clothing to induce fear
    • Once bored, will kill victims
  • 17.
    • Least common type of rapist
    • Intelligent
    • White collar occupation
    • Better than average education
    • Compulsive
  • 18.
    • Opportunistic Rape-only rape that is sexual in nature since assault is committed as an afterthought during the commission of another crime such as burglary. Victim is one of opportunity and minimal force will be used.
    • Gang Rape- force will vary from minimal to brutal and group will be following a leader. If more than three is involved, one will be reluctant.
  • 19.
    • 1 in 4 women will be or has
    • been sexually assaulted.
    • Maintain survival instinct!
    • The atrocity of rape is NEVER the
    • fault of the victim.