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Validation Manual

  1. 1. Validation Manual Building trust with your clients R8 2014-01-16
  2. 2. Validation offers you the opportunity to validate your references in a trustworthy, accurate and transparent manner. Independent stakeholders validate the facts about your projects so that your customers can trust your references with confidence (as shown by the Project Certificate on the right). Companies need at least one validated project linked to their Showcase to submit to Calls for Solutions.
  3. 3. Validate your project A Project on is the application or implementation of your product or service in a specific location. Once specific Project facts have been validated by three Independent Stakeholders, the Validated Project will appear in the Track Record of your Showcase. Validation can be completed in one day but it often takes a little time for all your stakeholders to engage. You can increase turn-around time of validation by inviting larger numbers of Stakeholders. Validation can be completed in 5 steps: - Step 1: Create a Project Step 2: Write up your Project Facts Step 3: Invite your Project Stakeholders Step 4: Stakeholders validate your Project Facts Step 5: Your Project is validated.
  4. 4. Step 1: create a Project - To start, go to My and click on My Showcases & Projects. - Click on Create Project next to the Showcase for which you want to create a Project. - Then click on New Project Using Wizard.
  5. 5. Step 2: write up your Project Facts - Fill in Project Fact 1 and Fact 2 : Title and Description. - Click on Save and Next. - Complete Project Fact 3: Location by filling in the City where your Project takes/took place and select the Country. - Click again on Save and Next to arrive at Project Fact 4: Project Stage(s). - Here select the Project Stage under Type and the start and end dates. - Click on Save and Next. And then, to conclude, click on Finish Wizard.
  6. 6. Step 3: invite your Project Stakeholders - In order to invite Stakeholders you need to Activate your Project first by clicking on Activate and then on Activate this Project. - Validation plans are free when validation is mandatory on a Call for Solutions.
  7. 7. Step 3: invite your Project Stakeholders - Go to the Stakeholders tab and and click on Add New. - Fill in the required information for the Stakeholder and then Save. - Repeat this again for each new Stakeholder. - Each added Stakeholder will appear in the Stakeholders tab. - Click on Send Invitation to invite each Stakeholder. - The list of Stakeholders shows when each Stakeholder was last invited and if they have accepted. - You can also send Reminders. - In the Facts tab you can follow the validation of each single fact.
  8. 8. Step 4: Stakeholders validate your Project Facts - Each Stakeholder will receive an invitation. - The Stakeholder must click on the link called HERE in the invitation. - The Stakeholder will be automatically logged on to and if not registered, become a user.
  9. 9. Step 4: Stakeholder validate your Project Facts - The Stakeholder will be directed to the Showcase Project page. - Each Project Fact will be validated by simply clicking on Validate. - A pop-up notification will appear after each validation. - A final pop-up will confirm that all four facts have been sucessfully validated.
  10. 10. Step 5: Validation is complete - Once three Stakeholders have sucessfully validated your Project Facts, your Project Validation is complete. - You will receive an email notification. - With a Validated Project your submission will be complete.
  11. 11. Add Assets to your Project - You can access your Project anytime through My > My Showcases & Projects. - Once here click on Manage. - In the next screen you can edit Facts, Stakeholders and Assets. - Before you move to Step 3 and invite the Stakeholders, you can add Assets to your Project. - Under Assets you can find 3 tabs: Images, Documents and Videos where you can upload all needed files in support of your project.
  12. 12. What to do next - Promote your Showcase through Social Media. - Submit your Showcase to other Calls for Solutions or other challenges within the same call. - Create new Showcases and Projects for your other products. - Give your potential clients access to your online Certificate.