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How to create a perfect showcase in

  1. 1. How to create a perfect Showcase Getting the most out of your
  2. 2. The Citymart.comShowcaseThe Showcase is a rich businessdevelopment and intelligenceresource to reach new markets. Itcontains:- Descriptions- Tags- Media & Documents- Your Validated Track Record- Scores & Badges- Conversations- Social Media Integration- Submit to Calls for
  3. 3. Showcase TeamAssign your Contacts &Colleagues to the Showcaseteam, to let them participate inediting the Showcase.Tips:• Collaborate actively to improve your Showcase.• Editors will be notified if an interested third party starts a conversation.• You can invite outsiders, for example proof-readers or communications
  4. 4. ShowcaseTitle, Subtitle, Summary Showcase View Search ListingDevelop a good Showcase Titleas this is displayed in all views.The Subtitle is shown in theShowcase and public views.The Summary is shown in thedefault tab and public view of anyShowcase.The first 250 characters areshown in search
  5. 5. Problem & SolutionStay concise (below maxcharacters) and highlight theproblem and solution you offer. What problem in citiesAvoid writing your problem or does your solution solve?solution statement for any onecity, but do make references topast results.If your solution can solvedifferent problems in different What does your solutionscenarios (e.g. in health ortransport), than it is advisable to consist of?create separate
  6. 6. Describing has aligned withthe UN Global Compact Citiesprogramme to help providersreport on their solutions using thesame sustainability model ascities use.Even if your solution is a mobileapp, you should consider its fullsystemic impact on a city – forexample by reducing use ofpaper maps, providing morelanguages, or enabling citizenparticipation. Source: UN Global Compact Cities
  7. 7. Impact on EconomyPlan your statement carefully and Economy Themesconsider all the value your • Production and Resourcing • Labour and Welfaresolution adds to the economy of • Exchange and Transfer • Technology and Infrastructure • Accounting and Regulation • Wealth and Distributiona city. • Consumption and UseRefer to past results and other Does your solution…evidence, ideally third-party, to • engage or contribute to a sustainable local production base?give confidence in your impact. • contribute to the financial and economic sustainability of the city? • strengthen the local financial regulatory system through more robust accounting, more transparency or monitoring?If possible, quantify impact. • contribute to more sustainable local consumption patterns, such as better resource efficiency, sourcing, pricing or waste?Explain how you arrive at your • contribute to improved work and economic life in the city by e.g.numbers. offering opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship or better access to employment? • add to the accessibility and robustness of information technologies in the city? • contribute to reduce or mitigate wealth inequality in the city?
  8. 8. Impact on CulturePlan your statement carefully and Culture Themesconsider all the value your • Identity and Engagement • Belief and Meaningsolution adds to the culture of a • Performance and Creativity • Gender and Generations • Memory and Projection • Enquiry and Learningcity. • Health and WellbeingRefer to past results and other Does your solution…evidence, ideally third-party, to • strengthen local identities and strengthen cultural dialogue?give confidence in your impact. • broaden the local artistic and cultural expression through e.g. events, performances? • engage with the city’s history or contribute to its vision of the future?If possible, quantify impact. • contribute to citizen’s sense of purpose and meaning? • improve gender equality, in particular by offering improvements andExplain how you arrive at your opportunities for women & girls?numbers. • broaden the offer and strengthen the quality and participation in learning activities in the city? • improve the level of health and well-being for all citizen groups in the city, including mental health?
  9. 9. Impact on EcologyPlan your statement carefully and Ecology Themesconsider all the value your • Materials and Energy • Habitat and Foodsolution adds to the ecology of a • Water and Air • Place and Space • Flora and Fauna • Constructions and Settlementscity. • Emission and WasteRefer to past results and other Does your solution…evidence, ideally third-party, to • improve the sustainability of production and sourcing of energy, materials and food?give confidence in your impact. • improve the air and water quality in the city? • mitigate climate change or its effects?If possible, quantify impact. • contribute to greater bio-diversity in flora and fauna in the city and its surrounds?Explain how you arrive at your • improve land-use efficiency and mitigate destruction of habitat?numbers. • strengthen a sustainable urban spatial development and reduce spread? • contribute to a more sustainable built environment? • reduce pollution, improve waste management and recycling?
  10. 10. Impact on PoliticsPlan your statement carefully and Politics Themesconsider all the value your • Organization and Governance • Representation and Negotiationsolution adds to the economy of • Law and Justice • Security and Accord • Communication and Movement • Dialogue and Reconciliationa city. • Ethics and AccountabilityRefer to past results and other Does your solution…evidence, ideally third-party, to • contribute to building a better system of governance for citizens?give confidence in your impact. • contribute to a more transparent, effective and accountable legal system? • broaden political expression and communications?If possible, quantify impact. • improve participation by citizens and groups in decisions and political processes?Explain how you arrive at your • improve the security and peace, including domestic violence, shelternumbers. for homeless or disadvantaged? • provide a voice, access or communication for marginalized groups? • improve ethics, transparency and counter corruption?
  11. 11. Media: Images,Video, Documents Showcase View Search gives you theopportunity to add images,videos and documents to yourShowcase.In the ‘Header’ tab in ‘Manageyour Showcase’ select thePrimary Asset – the image thatwill be shown in Search Listings,Public and Showcase View.If you upload documents,remember to remove confidentialinformation. Source: UN Global Compact Cities
  12. 12. Examples of Multimedia
  13. 13. Smart use of TagsYou can add tags to yourShowcase to help other users to Best practice to combine tagsfind your solution. • Sector (e.g. Tourism, Transport)Use <10 tags to complement the • Service Domain (e.g. Diabetes, Lighting)free-text in your Showcase. • Economic Concept (e.g. Sharing, Efficiency)Research how tags are used by • Target Group (e.g. Elderly, Children)similar solutions on • Function (e.g. App, Sensor, Bicycle)– plan your strategy to be found!Tags are also used to notify yourShowcase for relevant Calls for Tourism Culture Discovery E-BicycleSolutions. Students Sharing Mobile App
  14. 14. Building YourTrack helps you collectvalidations. Validations improveyour search ranking.Validated Projects are referencescertified for their accuracy byproject stakeholders.Badges show your achievementsin Calls for Solutions andCertificates of Excellence.Scores show results by expertsevaluation results collected fromcity experts and
  15. 15. Project Validation Online Certificate Your DocumentsValidation helps you recognizestakeholders in successes, as wellas gain a Validation Certificate.Set up project facts carefully tomake it easy for stakeholders tovalidate them.Increase turn-around time ofvalidation by inviting largernumbers of Stakeholders.Use validation in your owndocuments and project
  16. 16. Sharing yourBadges & ScoresSubmit to Calls for Solutions togain evaluation Scores andBadges for your Track Record.Scores are valuable marketfeedback, so study them toimprove your solution andShowcase.You can choose Scores and Download Badges to use them in yourBadges to publish in Showcase communications.Management. By default, allBadges and all Scores above 3.0out of 5.0 are
  17. 17. offers a securechannel to exchange informationwith colleagues, partners andcustomers.When a user clicks the “GET INTOUCH” button in “ManageShowcase”, they can start aconversation with you. YourShowcase Editors willautomatically be notified.Use conversations to startconversations with potentialpartner
  18. 18. Your Showcase inSocial MediaShowcases can be shared onSocial Media. This means thatyou can easily insert yoursolution into conversations.Be smart: find socialconversations on related #topicsand add your solution.Promote your results: GoodScores, Badges, Track Record.Integrate into yoursocial media
  19. 19. Submit to Calls forSolutionsMore than 42 cities havepublished Calls for Solutions already. This isyour way to the market.Make sure your Showcase isexcellent before submitting it witha single click.Find all Calls