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Amsterdam Area 2004

  3. 3. 3|AMSTERDAM AREA | HEART OF EUROPE The Amsterdam Area is a thriving hub for business and industry. It is strategically positioned with exemplary air, road, water, rail and cable connections to the rest of Europe. It is a home base for cross-border business. It has a global culture, and a dynamic economy that reaches out to the world. Diversity has been the mark of the area’s trading history through the centuries. It is one compact region but has many faces. It has been called the original global village. The foreigners who live and work here – around 48 percent of the population originates from elsewhere – are its most convincing ambassadors. REGULARLY VOTED NO 1 IN BUSINESS SURVEYS TRADING TRADITION (page 4) LIFE SCIENCES CLUSTER SCHIPHOL AIRPORT - 4TH IN EUROPE GATEWAY TO ALL MAJOR EUROPEAN MARKETS IT INFRASTRUCTURE (page 6) FINANCIAL CITY (page 10) CONNECTED TO THE WORLD (pages 8-9) LOGISTICS HUB (page 12) 250 EUROPEAN HEADQUARTERS LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION (pages 14-15) WIRED WORKFORCE (page 16) COMPETITIVE RENTAL COSTS 400-YEAR-OLD STOCK EXCHANGE KNOWLEDGE NETWORK (page 18) INVESTING IN THE FUTURE (page 20) 35% OF POPULATION COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY EDUCATED GROWTH SCENARIO (page 22) 3 ACADEMIC HOSPITALS WORLD-CLASS MUSEUMS + CONCERT HALLS EXTRA AMSTERDAM ADVANTAGES (pages 24-25) WORLD PRESS PHOTO CREATIVE ENERGY CONTACT US (pages 26-27) PORTS OF AMSTERDAM - 5TH IN NW EUROPE
  4. 4. 4|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEING HERE THE ORIGINAL GATEWAY TO EUROPE With a 700-year trading tradition, the Port of Amsterdam is one Trading tradition of Northwest Europe’s top five ports today. It handled 65 million tonnes of cargo in 2003.
  5. 5. 5|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEING HERE Cargill Paulo Bello Trading Manager “ The Netherlands, in particular Amsterdam, is well-placed as a central hub on the European map. The country is one of the best locations in Europe for international business and its capital is home to one of Cargill’s key trading and processing centres. The region is also the traditional heart of the cocoa industry, in which Cargill is one of the major global players. The Amsterdam region offers excellent port facilities, linked to an extensive road and rail infrastructure, which combine to make trading easy. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol connects the area to key European and international business centres - essential as many of Cargill’s staff need to travel all over the world. In my view, Amsterdam is one of the most international cities in Europe. This has a lot to do with the fact that the Dutch are so open to other cultures, which stems, in part, from their long trading history. Many Dutch people speak more than one language and most are fluent in English. This is incredibly important for us, as we can have up to five different nationalities working on our cocoa-trading desk alone - and English is the international language which helps them communicate with each other and our customers. On a personal note, my home just outside Amsterdam gives me access to a wide range of cultural activities in the city - and my children both love Amsterdam zoo. At the same time, we live in very peaceful rural surroundings, with nature reserves and the countryside close by. It’s the perfect combination. ” The countryside begins immediately. Small historic towns and unspoilt Established in 1959 as a commodity trading business, Cargill’s Dutch unit farming villages, set in a landscape of is now one of the company’s largest European operations. The group is fields and waterways, are less than a engaged in the production of food ingredients and the processing, 20-minute drive from the city centre. distribution and trading of a wide range of agricultural products. BEST PLACES TO DO BUSINESS WORLDWIDE “The Netherlands is expected Ranking 1999-2003 2004-2008 Up/down Canada 3 1 +2 to be the best place in Europe Netherlands 2 2 0 to conduct business during the Finland 8 3 +5 UK 4 4 0 next five years.” US 1 5 –4 Denmark 10 6 4 Singapore 6 7 –1 Switzerland 7 8 –1 Hong Kong 5 9 –4 Ireland 9 10 –1 Sweden 12 11 +1 New Zealand 11 12 –1 Source: Economist Intelligence Unit 2003
  6. 6. 6|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEING HERE EUROPE’S MOST CONNECTED CITY Global Switch, the world’s leading carrier-neutral IT infrastructure colocation provider, is one of the four sites of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), the largest exchange on mainland Europe.
  7. 7. 7|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEING HERE Ofoto Andreas Sautter Vice President Ofoto Europe “ We were looking for a single place to establish our European headquarters and marketing organisation. As a fast-growing company we needed a launch pad from which we could get off the ground quickly. Fast time-to-market was essential. We looked for a place where we could conduct operations and distribution, and that had a good customer service infrastructure. To ensure flawless hosting of our web-services - online sharing and printing of photographs - we also needed great IT infrastructure and connectivity. We found all this in Amsterdam. The unique quality of the city is that it offers this rare combination and is very cost-effective at the same time. The multilingual and multicultural workforce is another important asset, as we service the whole European market from Amsterdam. Everybody in my office speaks three or four languages. Amsterdam is a very attractive city. It is centrally located, features a great public transportation network and has a relaxed yet productive environment. Since our company’s motto is ‘work hard, play hard’, this suits us very well. Amsterdam is also a great place to live, with world-class museums and exceptionally good restaurants. It is a particularly child-friendly city with many green spaces and playgrounds, and it’s easy to get around, preferably by bicycle. The Noordermarkt, where you can get fresh organic farm products, is a real treat. There is a strong focus on design in the city, and I really enjoy the fact that my local pharmacy, designed by Concrete Architectural Associates, is featured in architecture magazines all over the Prizewinning designer pharmacy by world! ” Concrete Architectural Associates Ofoto is Kodak’s online digital photo developing service. It provides consumers with a secure and easy way to store and share their pictures with friends and family and get real Kodak prints of their pictures. The service also provides free editing and creative tools. Ofoto operates four sites across Europe:,,, and E-READINESS RANKINGS Ranking Sweden 1 Denmark 2 Netherlands 3 (tie) UK 3 (tie) US 3 (tie) Finland 6 Norway 7 (tie) Switzerland 7 (tie) Australia 9 Canada 10 Source: Economist Intelligence Unit 2003
  9. 9. 9|AMSTERDAM AREA | ARRIVALS + DEPARTURES Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been voted Europe’s best business airport no less than 20 times by the readers of Business Traveller magazine. It has won over 100 international prizes for its famously excellent levels of service, and ranks fourth in Europe in terms of cargo and passenger traffic. More than 200 direct connections to 82 countries, it is just 15 minutes by train from the city centre. It is also a major business location. The Amsterdam Airport Area is home to over 1,100 international companies.
  10. 10. 10|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEING HERE HOME OF THE WORLD’S FIRST STOCK EXCHANGE The Euro currency was conceived in Financial city Maastricht in 1991. The Netherlands was one of 12 EU countries to adopt the Euro on January 1st, 2002.
  11. 11. 11|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEING HERE Reuters Business David O’Sullivan Service Centre Director “ We established our Shared Financial Service Centre in October 2001. Since we service 14 countries in Europe, we looked for a place where we could find employees who are used to dealing with different cultures. Today, we employ people from no less than 22 different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It’s hard to find another place that offers such diverse and generally high educated people. Around 40 percent of our employees come from abroad. Fortunately, Amsterdam is a very attractive city, not only for the ‘young, free and single’, but for families as well. We therefore have no problem getting our staff to move here. And they generally enjoy their stay here very much. Something that we value highly about Amsterdam is the accessibility. We are 15 minutes from Schiphol Airport, right next door to the railway station and literally on the ringway. Commuting costs me no more than fifteen minutes per day, which means I get to spend more time with my family. We love to take our three years old daughter to restaurants or to the Vondelpark, and enjoy the fact that it’s safe to do so. I’m planning to get my own boat soon and to take it out sailing on the IJsselmeer. That must be a wonderful way to spend a weekend! ” MAGNET FOR EUROPE’S FINANCIAL COMMUNITY Transactions value - top 5 European Cash Markets* Reuters is a global information company providing information tailored for professionals in the financial services, media and corporate markets. More 160 E NG HA 140 XC than 90% of its revenue derives from its financial services business. KE XT 120 NE OC E RS RO ST ¨ 100 Reuters’ information is trusted and drives decision making across the globe. BO EU N NA DO HE LIA 80 N SC LO TA The company has a reputation for speed, accuracy and freedom from bias. UT AI 60 DE RS BO 40 X T- VIR 20 0 * By average monthly trading volume in domestic and foreign equities in 2003 Source: FESE and Euronext At IJburg, on newly-dredged land to the east of the city, 18,000 new homes are being built to house 45,000 people.
  12. 12. 12|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEING HERE GATEWAY TO ALL MAJOR EUROPEAN MARKETS A multi-modal logistics hub, the Amsterdam Logistics hub Area offers excellent possibilities both for in-house logistics and for outsourcing.
  13. 13. 13|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEING HERE Nikon Europe Hideshi Hirai President “ We have been based in the Schiphol area for more than 30 years, so when we decided to build the new European HQ for our imaging operations, we knew exactly where we wanted it to be. It had to be near Schiphol and close to our existing premises. In terms of logistics, it is one of the best locations in Europe. Schiphol is a true European hub and the airport is now expanding its facilities and the number of flights in order to meet the demands of clients like Nikon. Besides this, the fact that everyone can speak English is very important for us. It makes life a lot easier, in work and in everyday life. Because a large number of our local staff also speaks excellent German means we can also communicate effectively with our German colleagues in Europe. Even though I spend an enormous amount of time travelling all over the world, I also enjoy my time in Amsterdam. It’s so international that anyone can feel at home. It does help, of course, that the city has a Japanese School, a Japanese Chamber of Commerce, and many very good Japanese restaurants. ” Nikon Europe BV was established in the Netherlands in 1968. The products of Nikon worldwide include cameras and lenses, binoculars and telescopes, biological and industrial microscopes, measuring, surveying and ophthalmic instruments. The new HQ, which also houses a European spare parts centre, is located at Airport Business Park Lijnden. An estimated 173 nationalities live in EUROPEAN LOGISTICS CENTRES Percentage of distribution activities of the most important countries of Europe Amsterdam. There are international, British and Japanese schools, a Korean The Netherlands – 51% Saturday School, an Ecole Française 50% and local Berlage Lyceum has a bilingual department. 100% Germany – 11%, Belgium – 18% France – 8%, UK – 8% Other – 4% 0% Source: HIDC 2003
  15. 15. 15|AMSTERDAM AREA | HUB FOR BUSINESS + INDUSTRY More than 250 European headquarters, as well as European spare parts, training and shared service centres, global and business unit head offices, Benelux and national headquarters, logistic hubs, international organisations, pan-European and inter-regional call centres, academic and research institutions, international schools, luxury hotels, world-renowned museums and music venues, a major airport and a port, and the largest Internet exchange in mainland Europe are to be found within a 35-km radius which we call the Amsterdam Area. Here is a selection of global brands.
  16. 16. 16|AMSTERDAM AREA AMSTERDAM RISES TWO PLACES IN BEST CITY FOR QUALIFIED STAFF RANKINGS (EUROPEAN CITIES MONITOR 2003) The capital’s Digital City was the first online community Wired workforce of its kind in 1994. A year earlier three young entrepreneurs founded Lost Boys, which has developed into a leading European new media company.
  17. 17. 17|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEING HERE Blast Radius Lee Feldman Chief Creative Officer “ When Blast Radius started working for clients in Europe, Amsterdam was on the top of our list. Besides the practical, including the ability to be one hour from all of our clients in Europe, there are many other reasons. The city was built for commerce, and has a deep-rooted sense of networking. For us this means an environment ripe for new business ideas to happen. Amsterdam attracts a vast amount of well-trained creative minds in all disciplines. There is a sense of experimentation, a willingness to take risks. You notice this in the architecture and in the new ways of communication. The people we hire have this spirit of experimentation ingrained, which helps us bring new ideas to our clients. We love the city centre: a profoundly cultural place, strongly connected to its past, yet progressive in its outlook. It offers a lot of positive stimulation. Getting our minds off work in an art gallery, or on a walk along the canals rejuvenates and inspires us. As an international employer, it is a real benefit to offer this to our North American employees, who come here for a while and are re-invigorated by this intimate urban experience. It is not enough to simply open another Blast Radius office. We want to create a culture uniquely in tune with our environment and with people who share the same ideas and values. The Dutch concept of gezelligheid appeals to us: a group of people having a similar idea and enjoying each other’s company. This is also reflected in the relationships with our Dutch clients. We share a genuine sense of partnership, of friendship, rather than a temporary business connection. ” Blast Radius delivers high-impact solutions for automating marketing, sales, and customer service. Using technology as its tool, the company helps industry-leading companies increase customer value and maximize return on relationships. With a focus on selected industries and a dedicated team of experts working with market-leading technologies, Blast Radius provides accelerated time to return and greatly reduced project costs. Blast Radius established its European Headquarters in Amsterdam in 2000. MULTILINGUALITY - NO.1 IN EUROPE Percentage of total population Netherlands 91% Sweden 82% Belgium 64% Germany 49% Home to more than half a million France 41% Ireland 28% bicycles. The omnipresent cycle paths UK 19% and pro-bike culture make the bicycle Source: Ernst & Young 2002 the favourite inner-city travel mode of residents and visitors alike.
  18. 18. 18|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEING HERE 2 UNIVERSITIES, 3 ACADEMIC HOSPITALS Avantium, founded in 2000 with head office Knowledge network and research laboratories in the bio-region of Amsterdam, is an R&D company serving the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.
  19. 19. 19|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEING HERE Biogen Idec Tim Kelly Director International Operations “ When we first began our operations in Europe we started with a small team in Amsterdam. We have now grown into a substantial operation employing 90 people and we are continuing to grow. Fortunately, planning for the future is manageable because there is a well-developed infrastructure and a wide variety of office space is available. We are currently making plans to expand operations with a new facility, and with world-class transport facilities nearby, we intend to stay in the area. We have also decided to add our own laboratories and found readily equipped lab space in the Bio Incubator at the Sciencepark Amsterdam. We didn’t have to build one; we could simply move in! The Amsterdam knowledge network of academic hospitals and universities is very important because it brings highly skilled people into the area. Most people speak English very well and on top of that they often speak one or two other languages. Another advantage is the fact that many people have worked for international companies, and since we serve more than 89 countries from this location, it’s very convenient to have people who can deal with different cultures effectively. My family and I really enjoy the quality of life here. In the winter, one of my favorite activities is to go skating with my children when the canals freeze over, and when there is no natural ice we practice at the Jaap Eden Baan, the local ice rink. In summer having the Amsterdamse Bos, one of the many beautiful green parks, just around the corner is a real luxury. ” Biogen Idec is the third largest biotechnology company, with a diverse product portfolio and revenue base, with two blockbuster drugs, and 10 products in clinical development. Globally Biogen Idec has more than 4,000 employees. Its International Operations Headquarters is based in Hoofddorp and serves more than 89 markets worldwide. By the end of the 17th century, 4,000 BENEFITS OF A BIO REGION ships a year traded with 625 ports. Global trade and the harbour’s Broad scientific base: 2 universities, 3 academic hospitals (with connections with the great rivers of access to (pre) clinical trials, phases I to III). Major research areas in Europe gave Amsterdam its first bio-infomatics, oncology, immunology, genomics, cell and medical biology. gateway status. In the background, Sciencepark Amsterdam: virtual reality lab, high performance Renzo Piano’s showpiece technology computing, state-of-the-art communication facilities for data handling, centre. bio-incubator building. Availability of venture capital. Large national and international life sciences network.
  20. 20. 20|AMSTERDAM AREA FOURTH BEST CITY FOR GOVERNEMENT-CREATED CLIMATE (EUROPEAN CITIES MONITOR 2003) The International School of Amsterdam is an Investing in the future inspirational academic campus for children from 3-19 from more than 45 countries taught by a multinational faculty.
  21. 21. 21|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEING HERE Cisco Systems Andrew Lockhart Vice president Northern Europe “ Amsterdam and the Netherlands offered clear advantages over other European locations we investigated. One of the most important factors for us was the high educational and skill levels of the local workforce. Wages are reasonable. And very important for Cisco, technical knowledge is high. Another factor is language skills - English is practically a second language, with most other European languages well covered. We were made to feel very welcome in Amsterdam. The city council was aggressive in a positive sense. They wanted our business, and we appreciated that. The Netherlands has a long tradition of trading and commerce and that commercial spirit can be seen in the investment in the IT infrastructure around Amsterdam. The talented people we hire benefit from the quality work and play environment. The Dutch are open to innovation. The success of our academy in Amsterdam says a lot about the openness of the local educational system to new ways of learning and working, such as Internet technology. It allows us to invest in the future skill base, which is important because Amsterdam will be one of the company’s biggest offices, with extensive e-learning facilities, acting as a showcase for all the latest Cisco technologies. ” In 2000 Cisco Systems decided to build its first corporate campus outside The Amstel, which gave Amsterdam its the US for its European operations, including logistics and ordering, in name in the 13th century, still south-east Amsterdam. The company has also teamed up with the Berlage resembles the river that Rembrandt and the young Mondriaan painted. It is Lyceum and local colleges as part of the Cisco Networking Academy a stone’s throw (or jog) from thriving programme to train the next generation of IT workers. business areas in the South East and the South Axis. OPENESS OF NATIONAL CULTURE IN THE EU 1= closed to foreign ideas, 10 = open to foreign ideas 1. Netherlands 8,0 Luxembourg 8,0 3. portugal 7,9 4. Belgium 7,8 5. Ireland 7,6 6. Greece 7,5 Estonia 7,5 8. Finland 7,4 Italy 7,4 10. Sweden 7,3 Source: IMD World Competiveness Yearbook 2003
  22. 22. 22|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEING HERE NUMBER FOUR IN GLOBAL RECIPIENTS OF FDI (IMD 2003) Almere is a new town, only 20 minutes by car or train from Growth scenario Amsterdam, that offers business and industry space to expand in an inspiring waterside setting with high-speed connectivity and a young labour pool.
  23. 23. 23|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEING HERE Europa-Koyo Shinichi Mochizuki Director “ In 1973 we opened our first sales office in The Netherlands. In 1992 we moved to Almere, where we’ve expanded our most important activities: sales and marketing, storage and distribution (warehousing) as well as research and development. In 1997 we also added our technical centre where we can test product developments. In Almere we have space for expansion, which means we can continue to serve all our client’s needs from one location. The infrastructure is very good: with Schiphol Airport and the Port so close, we can ship our products to our European clients quickly. These factors, together with the reasonable real estate prices, make this a first-class location for us. Furthermore, facilities for our Japanese staff are very important. The Japanese school in Amstelveen, for example, is very attractive for our workers with families. I live in Amsterdam: a lovely city for shopping and in my time off I can be regularly found on one of the golfcourses in the region. ” Koyo Seiko Ltd. was established in Osaka, Japan in 1921 and is now a leading manufacturer of ball and roller bearings and steering systems for a variety of Automotive and Industrial Equipment manufacturers. Koyo Seiko Ltd. has 31 factories worldwide with 34 sales offices spread over 23 countries. Furthermore there are 7 technical centres. Their establishment in Almere is the European Head Office. QUALITY OF LIFE INDEX Green fields are a bike hop out of town. You can walk through the dunes, Norway . Iceland .2 alongside the nearby coastline, sail on .31 Sweden .8 .5. .7 the IJsselmeer or play golf on one of the Australia 6 10 .9 Netherlands 14 golf courses. Belgium USA Canada Japan .4 Switzerland Source: United Nations Human Development Report 2003
  24. 24. 24|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEING HERE THE AREA WITH THE ADVANTAGE 35 Amsterdam advantages S AM R TE M DA EA AR and Beijing Science Centre connections with Europe’s heroes KesselsKramer, place it have facilities here. hinterland, are guarantees for CONGRESS CITY a close third to London and efficient logistics. Whether a Amsterdam is an important Paris. AUTOMOTIVE company is large or small, congress city, with superb ACCESSIBILITY More and more automotive harbour dependent or not, facilities for large-scale EDUCATED, MULTI- A true ‘Gateway to Europe’, companies are establishing with more than 400 hectare international gatherings. The LINGUAL WORKFORCE the area’s rail, road and their European headquarter of land directly available, the RAI, the largest Dutch 91% of Dutch people speak a water connections are second and marketing & sales Port of Amsterdam can conference and congress second language. 35% of to none. All major business activities in the Amsterdam always provide an appropriate centre, yearly attracts visitors Amsterdammers have at least locations are linked by a fast, Area. Our prestigious site. to more than 50 major a college or university modern ring road system. business parks house national international congresses, 70 education. The city is investing heavily and international automotive BUSINESS TRADITION trade fairs and exhibitions in a new transport suppliers and companies Home of the world’s first and more than 1,000 EURO CAPITAL infrastructure, extending the including Europa-Koyo, publicly listed multinational, conferences and meetings. Geographically and politically city’s metro south to Eaton, Meritor Automotive, whose ships were covered by central, the Netherlands is Schiphol, via the South Axis, Yamaha, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, the world’s first insurance CONNECTIVITY among the keenest EU and to new development Woodward Governor Group. premiums. The first futures The Amsterdam Internet players: the Euro currency areas like North Amsterdam. and stock exchanges were Exchange (AMS-IX) is was conceived in Maastricht The harbour is connected to BUSINESS AIRPORT also founded in Amsterdam. distributed over four in 1991 and the first the North Sea, to the Rhine Schiphol is a leading locations, two of them in president of the European into Germany and to the passenger, cargo and CALL & SHARED SERVICE Sciencepark Amsterdam. Central Bank, was Dutchman Maas into Belgium. business airport. More than CENTRES ISPs interconnect and Wim Duisenberg. The 1,100 international Multilingual skills, top quality exchange traffic with each Amsterdam Treaty (1999) SCIENCEPARK AMSTERDAM companies direct their telecom infrastructure and other to reduce upstream was an important milestone Sciencepark Amsterdam is European activities from the appropriate office facilities are connection costs. AMS-IX in European integration. home to internationally area. In the vicinity are just some of the reasons why serves more than 170 renowned research institutes Schiphol WTC, Business Park so many global corporations, Internet-related companies, FINANCIAL CENTRE like the National Institute for Beukenhorst, Airport from Unisys and Six making it one of Europe’s The headquarters of major Nuclear Physics and High Business Park Lijnden, Continents, Reuters, largest independent Dutch banks such as ABN- Energy Physics (NIKHEF), the Schiphol-Rijk, Airport Peoplesoft, to Sykes ‘marketplaces’ for exchanging AMRO and ING are located in Institute for Atomic and Business Park Amsterdam Enterprises and BMC internet traffic. The area’s Amsterdam; it is the home of Molecular Physics (AMOLF), Osdorp and Schiphol Software have chosen to links to transatlantic sub- the Dutch Central Bank, the and the National Research Logistics Park. locate their international call sea cabling further reinforce Netherlands Bankers Institute for Mathematics and centres/ shared service Amsterdam’s position as Association and the Foreign Computer Science (CWI), as BUSINESS PORT centres in or near Europe’s most connected Bankers Association. Around well as SARA Computing and The logistics heart of Europe, Amsterdam. city. 58 foreign banks, more than Networking Services. SARA the Port of Amsterdam is the 100 local and foreign has a second facility in choice of numerous CIVIC SYNERGY CREATIVE CLUSTER insurance companies have Almere. The park also houses international companies for There are a range of private Besides publishing activities offices here. the Faculty of Science of their operations. Distribution and public sector agencies, at (Reed Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer Amsterdam University, over companies, storage a local, regional, national and and PCM in Amsterdam, FLOWER POWER 100 knowledge-intensive terminals, manufacturing international level that co- Sanoma in Hoofddorp and Aalsmeer, south west of the companies, the major Internet enterprises and offices work operate closely and uniquely VNU in nearby Haarlem), and city, hosts the world’s biggest hub AMS-IX, and next- in tight synergy. The port’s to facilitate the relocation of a dynamic new media cluster, flower auction in Europe’s generation cable links. The dynamics are reflected in the foreign companies to the Amsterdam’s creative largest commercial complex. park provides companies that have decided Amsterdam Area. These agencies, which include More than 20 million cut accommodation for start-ups to locate their business here: include the Chamber of international names like Euro flowers and pot plants, with a as well as established ICT and Starbucks, Oiltanking, Hitachi Commerce, the Netherlands RSCG, Lowe, McCann- value of 5.75 million euros, life sciences companies, and Construction Machinery and Foreign Investment Agency, Erickson, Ogilvy, PPGH/JWT, are sold every day. acts as an incubator for Cargill. The proximity to the the Province of North PMSVW/Young & Rubicam, technology entrepreneurs. In sea and to Amsterdam Airport Holland, and the sponsors of Publicis, Result DBB, TBWA, FOOTBALL addition, both Biogen Idec Schiphol, plus the excellent this publication. Wieden+Kennedy and local One of the world’s great
  25. 25. 25|AMSTERDAM AREA | CONTINUITY + DIVERSITY EXTRA soccer clubs with a 100-year wealth, are the site of Pulitzer, The Grand and academic hospitals. There history, Ajax has been Dutch today’s innovative housing Anouska Hempel’s Blakes. are world-class research STABLE ECONOMIC champions 28 times and projects, incorporating full institutes in AIDS, cancer CLIMATE European champs four times. infrastructure and green MULTICULTURAL (Dutch cancer research Dutch consensus philosophy It shares the 51,000-seater space. METROPOLIS papers are the second most ensures co-operation Amsterdam ArenA stadium For centuries, Amsterdam has frequently cited), brain and between employers and with the Amsterdam Admirals LOCAL GLOBAL HEROES been a “melting pot”, and its blood, and leading employees. The Netherlands American football team. The Netherlands has its share international, cosmopolitan international institutions for has one of the lowest number of indigenous global players, atmosphere explains its mathematics, computer of days lost to strikes in the INDUSTRY and most are headquartered popularity with other science, nuclear and high European Union. Manufacturing continues to in the area, including ABN- nationalities; 48 percent of energy physics. Start-up play an important role in the AMRO, Ahold, ING, the city’s residents have a time for phase I of clinical TAX REGULATIONS regional economy. Corus, the Heineken, KLM, Numico, foreign or dual nationality, trails is second to none, The Netherlands has a Anglo-Dutch multi-metals Shell - even Philips, based in with 173 nationalities usually 4 to 6 weeks. Shell competitive tax regime that giant has a major production Eindhoven since the late 19th represented. is building a New stimulates entrepreneurship plant close to the harbour of century, moved its Amstelveen/Buitenveldert (in Technology Centre in North and foreign investment. IJmuiden. headquarters to the Dutch the south of the Amsterdam Amsterdam for R&D in the While corporate tax rates are capital. “From an Area), for example, is home to field of oil and chemicals. similar to those of its INTERNATIONAL international perspective, the second largest Japanese Also located there are Shell European neighbours, the ORGANISATIONS Amsterdam is an excellent community in Europe. Solar, Shell Wind and Shell Netherlands is known for its Amsterdam’s stable and location from which to Hydrogen. very competitive tax climate liberal democracy makes it a manage a large international OFFICE SPACE resulting from a far-reaching popular place for NGOs and corporation,” says top man New building techniques SOUND OF MUSIC tax treaty network, its system other international Gerard Kleisterlee. have recently opened up the Amsterdam boasts more than of bonded warehouses, and organisations, such as marshy ground of the region 150 venues for music, the possibility to conclude Greenpeace, GRI (Global LOW COST OF to high-rise developments, performance and theatre. advance tax rulings. Reporting Initiative), RIPE LIVING/WORKING and the results are visible on These range from the pop (Réseaux IP Européens), Telecommunications, the city’s skyline, especially in temple Paradiso to the TIME OFF World Press Photo, Médecins transport and logistics costs the South Axis, at Teleport in Concertgebouw - its ‘golden’ The city has 28 parks and a sans Frontières and the are among the cheapest in the Sloterdijk area, along the acoustics annually attract botanical garden, a 160-year- International Bureau for Europe. Prime rents - in the River Amstel and on the visitors to 600 classical old zoo, and 800 sports Fiscal Documentation. fast-rising office sites of the Beukenhorst Business Park, concerts (150 of which are by associations. You can row on South Axis - are still only a close to Schiphol, and at the world-renowned Royal the Amstel, swim in 11 LIFE SCIENCES third of those in London and Schiphol Airport. Concertgebouw Orchestra), swimming pools, play on 40 There are many academic half those of Paris. The cost of making it one of the most sports field complexes and in and research institutions with living for expatriates is one of PASSENGER TERMINAL popular classical music 20 sports halls. life science links. Unilever, the lowest of any major Voted ‘Best New Passenger venues anywhere. The DSM, Gist Brocades, Biogen European city. Terminal’ of Northern Europe Netherlands Opera has WORLD CLASS MUSEUMS Idec and an increasing in 2000, and just ten established itself at the The best known of number of bio businesses are LUXURY HOTELS minutes’ walk from Central forefront of the international Amsterdam’s 42 museums based in the area. A biotech The city has 345 hotels with Station. The largest cruise music scene. and 141 galleries are the incubator opened in 2002 at 43,000 available beds, ships in the world can moor Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk the Sciencepark Amsterdam between them at the 600-metre quay. Last SPECIALITY CHEMICALS Museum of modern art, and in East Amsterdam. accommodating nearly year, the PTA welcomed The port has become a the Van Gogh Museum, 8,000,000 overnight stays a almost 100 international magnet for the speciality boasting the largest LIVING SPACE year. More than a dozen five cruise vessels and 641 river chemical industry and collection of the artist’s work. Along the canals there are star hotels include the Hilton cruise vessels. chemical distribution In 2004 the Hermitage stylish residences with in which John and Yoko once companies, including Amsterdam, classic 17th century protested for peace, the RESEARCH AND AkzoNobel Catalysts, a branch of the State interiors. The city’s former elegant riverside Amstel, the KNOWLEDGE CENTRE ExxonMobil Chemical, General Hermitage Museum in docklands, which were the Japanese-owned Okura, the Amsterdam has two Electric Plastics, Sigma St. Petersburg opens in the source of its Golden Age canal-side De l’Europe, universities and three Coatings, and Nichia Europe. Amstelhof building.
  26. 26. 26|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEING HERE CIVIC COMMITMENT TO ECONOMIC GROWTH Contact us Amsterdam has 800 years' experience in welcoming foreigners. The region has fostered a unique culture of hospitality and civic co-operation that continues today. AMSTERDAM BUSINESS AMSTERDAM AIRPORT ALMERE PORT Plans are being developed AREA developing and expanding The Amsterdam ports for a Business Technology The area is home to In 28 years Almere has the area’s business parks, consist of the ports of and Life-style Park for international companies in grown from population zero Schiphol Real Estate, the IJmuiden, Beverwijk, international high tech the automotive, aviation/ to a thriving community of partner for locations at Zaanstad and Amsterdam operations. aerospace, electronics, about 180,000 people with AirportCity Schiphol, that have high-tech port financial, IT, life science, all the necessary facilities Amsterdam Business Port, facilities and space to and professional services for living, working and For more information, which has large plots of land expand. Many international recreation. Almere’s policy contact us sector. It is also a available for logistic projects companies like BP Cargill, , is to create in time a city of T +31 36 548 46 00 distribution hub for many of and is only a 20-minute Hitachi, Nichia and the world’s largest logistic 350,000 people. F +31 36 539 99 20 drive from Schiphol and ING Starbucks have already E service providers. Real Estate, one of the established operations in W Today it is home to young largest property investment and around the port area, AAA is a partnership professionals who favour the companies in the including the Africa harbour Mailing address: Dept. between nine organisations area’s natural assets and Amsterdam Area. basin, with nearly 700 acres from the public and private available housing, to Economic Affairs City of available for transshipment Almere, sector that either own or expanding Dutch companies AAA can provide practical operations, port-related PO Box 200, who have investments in searching for space and assistance to companies industry and distribution land or facilities in the growth, and to an increasing 1300 AE Almere, interested in setting up companies. The Netherlands. airport area. They are the number of global businesses European operations in this City of Amsterdam’s Foreign who appreciate Almere’s unique business location. The ports are specialised in Investment Office, accessibility (about 20 sectors such as chemical, Haarlemmermeer, the area’s minutes from Amsterdam), thriving municipality with For more information, food, metalwork and competitive land and office logistics. The Amsterdam- business parks and land contact us prices, the quality of the zoned for future industrial T +31 20 405 47 77 Rhine Canal provides direct local workforce and the access to Germany, Austria, and commercial F +31 20 653 18 94 town’s advanced IT Switzerland and the Danube development, Kantoren E broadband infrastructure. countries. There are excellent Fonds Nederland, a property W Among the international road and rail links and investment company, KLM companies who have chosen Mailing address: Schiphol Airport is only a 20- Royal Dutch Airlines, which for Almere are Yakult minute drive away. has been based at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport Area, Europe, ASM Europe, TYC, since it was founded more PO Box 75700, LG Electronics, Koyo Seiko, 1118 ZT Schiphol Airport, The Port Authority than 80 years ago, the Beiersdorf and Mitsubishi The Netherlands. stimulates economic activity Province of North Holland, Caterpillar Forklift Europe. in the Amsterdam North Sea whose responsibilities In 2002 the Almere Fashion canal area. Its services include regional economic Centre with its innovative range from assisting in development, the Schiphol stadium-style architecture requests for various permits Area Development (see photo) opened its and provisions, technical Company, a public-private doors. partnership dedicated to
  27. 27. 27|AMSTERDAM AREA | BEST FOR BUSINESS AMSTERDAM FOREIGN INVESTMENT OFFICE directs the lion’s share of its consulting, recruitment, The Amsterdam Foreign PUBLISHER economic development staff location advice and Investment Office provides Amsterdam Foreign Investment Office and resources toward the construction. easy access to the city and the in close co-operation with support and nurturing of firms region. It has a wide-ranging Almere, Amsterdam Airport Area and already established in the city For more information, contact network of contacts in the the Amsterdam Port Authority and the region. us public and private sectors. We T +31 20 523 45 60 help foreign and Dutch ART DIRECTION/DESIGN F +31 20 523 40 60 companies to establish a The Amsterdam Foreign LandofPlenty, Antoin Buissink E marketing@ successful operation, from Investment Office is part of Amsterdam’s Economic initial exploration to start-up PHOTOGRAPHY and beyond. We have the Development Department W Theo Vogel and Chris van Tongeren: know-how - to solve problems and works in close co- portraits & principal photography. Mailing address: Amsterdam for businesses entering an operation with a range of Additional photos: Hollandse Hoogte, unfamiliar environment - and regional, national and Port Authority, DRO-Vorm. PO Box 19406, know-who - to provide international agencies. Its Cover image: Tulipa, L. Blok, 1000 GK Amsterdam, introductions to individuals, services are free, confidential Spaarnestad Fotoarchief and without obligation. The Netherlands. professional advisors, TEXT agencies, and other sources Roderic Leigh, Garry Piggott, Visiting address: Amsterdam that can provide assistance to For more information, Jules Marshall, Jane Szita Port Authority, companies, expatriate staff contact us txtworks copy & concept: Frits Philips De Ruyterkade 7, and their families. T +31 20 552 35 36 MAPS F +31 20 552 28 60 1013 AA Amsterdam, MONOLAB urbanism-Architecture The Netherlands. We can arrange tailor-made E programmes to evaluate and W PRINTING The Amsterdam Port select business locations. We Drukkerij Mart.Spruijt bv Authority has representatives can assist in the recruitment Mailing address: Amsterdam in both Germany (Düsseldorf) of staff and in obtaining work Foreign Investment Office, PROJECT MANAGEMENT PO Box 2133, and the United States (New visas and permits. We can LandofPlenty, Antoin Buissink locate suitable housing and 1000 CC Amsterdam, Jersey and Texas). advise on international and The Netherlands. Every effort has been made to ensure local schools. We can arrange that the information in this brochure meetings with foreign or local Visiting address: was accurate at the time of going to executives who are active in Weesperstraat 89, press. We apologise for any errors or business in the region. With Metropool Building 4th floor, omissions. the same awareness that 1018 VN Amsterdam, makes companies focus on The Netherlands. current customers as their greatest opportunity for increasing sales, Amsterdam
  28. 28. 28|AMSTERDAM AREA | MAIN BUSINESS AREAS S The business hub at the heart of Europe AM R TE M DA EA AR The Amsterdam Area offers a vast historical centre, in green-field sites, in areas, alongside key waterways and academic and research institutions, choice of business locations – business parks boasting advanced IT motorways and near international air in the ports of Amsterdam and at in canal-side settings in the city's infrastructures, in urban regeneration and rail connections, close by Schiphol Airport. For more information call the Amsterdam Foreign Investment Office today at +31 20 552 35 36 or go to