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City college Student Portal
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City college Student Portal


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Steps to create a student portal account

Steps to create a student portal account

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Portal Login: | Portal Support: 2STUDENT WEB PORTAL: LOGIN INSTRUCTIONSSee the Registrar’s Office to update your email in our records before following these steps.1. Open “InternetExplorer”2. Type “”in the address bar and hit the “Enter” key.
  • 2. Portal Login: | Portal Support: 33. Click on “Student PortalHomepage”4. Click on “Create a NewAccount”If you have already createdan account type your“Username” and“Password” then clicks“Login”
  • 3. Portal Login: | Portal Support: 45. Enter all the requiredinformation.You can choose to enter yourSocial Security Number (SSN)or Student Identification (ID)which you can find in yourschedule sheet). But you mustenter your name as it appearson all official documents (nonicknames).Also answer SecurityQuestion(s) that will be used incase you forget yourpassword. Please remember your answer(s).6. Once you have entered all required information, click the “Next” button.7. If the system finds your schoolrecords, it will display the emailaddress on file for you.In case this email is invalid,missing or not being usedanymore STOP the registrationprocess and contact theRegistrar’s Office in person assoon as possible to update youremail. Then you can come backand start from step 4. Forsecurity reasons, you cannotchange this on your own.8. If the email is correctthe “Yes” button., click on
  • 4. Portal Login: | Portal Support: 59. The system will generate yourUsername and ask you tocreate a Password to accessthe Student Portal. You mustenter the password twice forconfirmation purposes.Please write down10. Click on the “Submit” button.yourusername and password andkeep it in a safe place.11. The system will then send anauthentication message to thesame email address found in“Step 7”This is why is very important tofirst update your email in ourschool records. If you need todo this see the Registrar’soffice.
  • 5. Portal Login: | Portal Support: 612. Check your email “Inbox” and“Spam” folder for a messagefrom Click on the first link in thebody of the email toauthenticate your account.This will pop-up a new InternetExplorer browser (make surethat you allow pop-ups fromthis site).
  • 6. Portal Login: | Portal Support: 714. After clicking on theauthentication link youraccount will be created.15. Click on the “OK” button.16. Once you do this you will beable to login to the StudentWeb Portal with theUsername and Passwordfrom step 9.To submit support tickets please go to