OI in the Public Sector by Esteve Almirall


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La présentation de Mr Esteve Almirall, lors du Barcamp National de Sfax le 19 mai 2012 dans le cadre du projet CityCamp Tunisia

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OI in the Public Sector by Esteve Almirall

  1. 1. Why do we need Open Innovationin the Public Sector? Esteve Almirall ESADE  Business  School   esteve.almirall@esade,edu
  2. 2. 1) Problem2)  Opportunity3)  Open Cities & Commons4EU4) Why
  3. 3. 1) O ne Problem
  4. 4. {1.  Increasing number diversity } of services2.  Decreasing budgets
  5. 5. Service Platform - govs. - orchestratorsProviders
  6. 6. Service Platform - govs. - orchestrators Providersresources to regulate resources to leverage on (zero-sum game) (non zero-sum game)
  7. 7. 2) One Opportunity
  8. 8. Data  becomes  a  pla3orm  for  developers  to  create  apps  providing  unexpected  services  OPEN  DATA  -­‐  ECOSYSTEMS  
  9. 9. a problem How to provide an increasing number and diversity of ICT services while fostering innovation ecosystems?
  10. 10. The Old Way 1.0 you knowthe way it’s done now
  11. 11. The New Way Open Data +2.0 -> Citizen talent + Fame and fortune = ?
  12. 12. Gov 2.0 Expo 2010: Joshua Robin, "Unlocking Real-Time Data" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URmKRTU-hxQ&feature=youtu.be
  13. 13. Civic Ecosystem Civic Data Apps Innovation Innovator Profit-Catalog Contests Marketplace Networks non profit
  14. 14. Learn  locally  to  compete  globally  EXPERIMENTATION  –  URBAN  LABS  
  15. 15. Urban Labs = Test spaces in the middle of the cityUrban Labs = The City as a Urban LaboratoryUrban Labs = Urban Living labsUrban Labs = Real-life experimentation with users in Cities
  16. 16.  Urban  Labs  –  Living  Labs     Example: Urbiotica pilot - Barcelona 8 containers for: Trash Paper Glass Plastics
  17. 17. A Barcelona experience: Urban Lab PilotsSome results Starting date: 2008 Pilot proposals received: 43 pilot proposals Pilot tested or testing actually: 14 pilots Domains: Enviroment, Mobility, Telecom, …Some of the pilot projects that have been trialled to date are:  Implementation of 12 outdoor public street lighting points Eco Digital with LED technology. 2009  Implementation of 2 charging points for electric cars. 2009  Pilot trial of 1 electrically and solar powered motorbike . 2010  Traffic control cameras. 2008  Metering: gas, electricity and water meters without presence.2009  Fibre optics in homes (FTTH) . 2008  Bicycle lanes. 2008  Presence sensors for the public parking payment areas. 2010  Barcelona Noise-map. 2010  Among others… Promoció Econòmica
  18. 18. FASTPRK - Parking Sensors (30) - Worldsensing When we thought that the system was operative we tested it in the 22@Urban Lab. Testing in real-life environments allowed us to improve aspects that we couldnt even think of in the lab. The Urban Lab has been our best laboratory. Jordi Llosa- Development officer Worldsensing
  19. 19. SIIUR - LED Lighting Pilot (12) - Arelsa, Circuitor,Santa&Cole, e-Control, Prysmian, Semal The SIIUR experience allowed us the development of the SmartTower, a new family of electrical boxes for Smart Cities. Anna Urbiztondo - Project Development Director - SECE
  20. 20. SIIUR - LED Lighting Pilot (12) - Arelsa, Circuitor,Santa&Cole, e-Control, Prysmian, Semal Because of the pilot and the experience acquired in the Urban Lab, Eindhoven chose SIIUR for environmentally sustainable city lighting in one of the main districts of the city. Gemma Batlle- TIC Cluster Director - BDigital
  21. 21. Urban Labs 1.- To develop innovative products taking advantage of real-life environments and involving citizens in design, proof of service and proof of business validation. 2.- Bridge the cognitive distances between city administrations and innovative companies. 3.- Create an initial demand & provide a showcase for innovative solutions.- learn locally, compete globally-
  22. 22. 3) Open Cities & Commons4EU
  23. 23. Objectives1)  Explore how to approach Open & User Driven Innovation Methodologies in the Public Sector, particularly Smart Cities. ü  Best Practices. ü  Innovation Management in the Public Sector. ü  Platform governance.2)  Trigger Rich Internet Services & Platforms through four mechanisms. ü  Ideas -– Crowdsourcing. ü  Living Labs -–Urban Labs. ü  Data - Open Data (static & dynamic-Sensors). ü  Networks - Open FTH networks.
  24. 24. Helsinki Berlin Senate ! Fraunhofer FOKUS City of AmsterdamNESTA Berlin Dutch Amsterdam ! Cap Digital Paris Institut Telecom ESADE Barcelona Activa Atos Origin RomeUPF – Univ. Pompeu Fabra ! Barcelona DotOpen Tempos21 !
  25. 25. !
  26. 26. Building  blocks  Crowdsourcing  pla3orm  Opinions & ideas Community News• Collecting ideas & • Submit profile • Newssuggestions • Forum • Project information &• Opinions sharing • Ranking updates• Information sharing • Rating • Events & activities• Rating • Co-creation • Blogs• Working together • Connect to social networks Platform Manager Users administration Managing functionalities Statistics & documentation Configuration managementArchiving / Datawarehousing Intranet /local website
  27. 27. High  Level  Pla3orm  Architecture  Administra>ons OpenCi>es)Data)Pla@orm Publish) ))CMS Metadata Data% Indirect)Data)(Apps))Users Civil% Portal Search) Servant% Portal AppPortal Apps User (Metadata) Publish) App) Metadata Publish) Open%Data Metadata Import Registry )API Indexer Import) City% selected) Data% Nomenclature Search) Websites datasets Enrichment Data Linked)Data) Converter Mul=%Data%Store Endpoint Direct)Data)Users) (e.g.)App)developers, data)businesses) Load)Data Apps
  28. 28. Sensor  Networks   DB Other DB Systems: Static data DB City Council OpenData Web Interfaces App Layer Users & Entities Open Data S1 Bussiness DB DB Interfaces Data Logic S2 Layer HUB S3 DB DB DB WP4 Open WP6 Open Sensor Network Platform Data Platform
  29. 29. EU  Projects  COMMONS  4  EUROPE    
  30. 30. ConsorCum   InsCtuCons   Country   ESADE   Spain   Forum  Virium   Finland   Fraunhofer   Germany   Manchester Manchester  City  Hall   UK   City  of  Amsterdam   Netherland   Waag   Netherland   Province  of  Rome   Italy   CASPUR   Italy   Lynx   Italy   Barcelona  City  Hall   Spain   University  Pompeu  Fabra   Spain  SupporCng  OrganizaCons   Guifi.net   Spain   NESTA   UK  World  Bank  (ICT  Department)   DotOpen   Spain  City  of  Berlin  
  31. 31. Sharing,  reusing,  finding,  bigger  audience,  avoid  reinvenUng  the  wheel  …  MARKETPLACES  
  32. 32. An  App  Becomes  a  Pla3orm  ADOPT-­‐A-­‐WHATEVER…  
  33. 33. 1  App.  7  CiCes.  Many  Uses.  Boston,  MA   Honolulu,  HI  SeaWle,  WA   Norfolk,  VA  Chicago,  IL   Bloomington,  IN  Buenos  Aires,  ArgenUna       And  more  everyday…  
  34. 34. 3) One Why
  35. 35. Service Platform - govs. - orchestrators Providersresources to regulate resources to leverage on (zero-sum game) (non zero-sum game)
  36. 36. Service Platform - govs. - orchestratorsProvidersdeveloped in-house co-developed always fall short with users, communities high-cost free and not-free no sharing empowering entrepreneurship local offer driven by innovation fragmented stimulating growth
  37. 37. Service - govs.- PlatformProviders orchestrators
  38. 38. esteve almirallesteve.almirall@esade.edu