9 Ways Mobile Devices Transform How We Act


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Select findings from the Citrix Mobile Consumer Survey 2014 on mobile device etiquette, sponsored data plans and the user experience. Highlights about mobile health app uptake, mobile games by demographic, mobile data overages and the mobile user experience. For the full report register here: http://bit.ly/1jfUXmS

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  • So this report which I find interesting suggest that mobile devices actually can change ones personalty. My wife is a gamer on her IPad and smart phone.

    It can become very distracting in the car, movie or just sitting on the couch.My grandson lives on his phone. I find the constant use has taken the place of human conversation which can create a sometimes hostile environment when you are trying to communicate with your family members.

    Sitting on the John seriously. I find that discusting to say the least.
    so, yes I guess these devices are a destructive instrument and can interfere with family bonding.

    People using them constantly tells me they live in the dark when it comes to communication.
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9 Ways Mobile Devices Transform How We Act

  1. 1. ways that mobile devices are transforming what we believe & how we behave 9
  2. 2. On average, users check their mobile device at every meal for 3 days before finally eating a meal without peeking at their device. Mobile devices are our new favorite dining companion 1
  3. 3. Insight Using a mobile device at mealtime has become the new normal, both when eating solo or with dining companions.
  4. 4. 73% of women agree that they are slightly addicted to at least one game on their mobile device. Women have a crush on mobile games2
  5. 5. Insight Conventional wisdom portrays young men as being gaming fanatics but women are very passionate about gaming too.
  6. 6. • 82% of mobile users with data limits have avoided using an app because they consume too much data. • However… 58% of mobile users still exceed their monthly data limit. “App Abstinence” doesn’t prevent users from exceeding data limits 3
  7. 7. Insight Mobile devices have become so essential and embedded in peoples lifestyles that data limits are not enough to constrain usage.
  8. 8. • 53% of mobile fitness app users begin to use them less regularly within the first four weeks of the download. • 76% are using them less often within the first 2 months. The novelty with mobile fitness apps wears off quickly 4
  9. 9. Insight Fitness app developers need to focus on establishing their products as daily rituals with users or risk having them become the next piece of unused fitness equipment moldering in the basement.
  10. 10. Dads are more likely to believe that their kids have a secret stash of social media apps 5
  11. 11. Insight Parents may want to consider using apps to monitor their child’s social sites and quarantine their mobile devices at bedtime.
  12. 12. 51% of Millennials think it’s acceptable to sleep with their mobile device while in bed 6
  13. 13. 61% of Millennials think it’s acceptable to use their mobile device while on the toilet 7
  14. 14. 25% of Millennials think it’s acceptable to use their mobile devices while on a date 8
  15. 15. Insight Mobile devices are pervasive — nearly tethered to Millennials — so mobile operators must provide enough persistent connections and reliably high Quality of Experience to keep users consistently satisfied.
  16. 16. 33% of users will only wait 1-5 seconds for a mobile webpage to load before they abandon. The show must go on…. quickly9
  17. 17. Insight To remain popular and drive user engagement, content providers need to create and deliver content that loads quickly on mobile devices.
  18. 18. © 2014 Citrix Findings for this presentation are based on: • A consumer survey of 1,000 U.S. adult smart phone or tablet owners ages 18 and older conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of Citrix in January 2014. • The February 2014 Citrix Mobile Analytics Report. Click here to download the full report.