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Citizen Presentation

  1. 1. Who is Citizen Media? A multi-service digital media agency helping companies and their brands harness the unlimited power of social media to connect and engage with customers and prospects.
  2. 2. Citizen Media creates for you…… • An immediate and measurable way for you to directly connect with customers and prospects • A company that resonates authenticity, knowledge, and accessibility • A two-way conversation between you and the world. • An Increase in brand awareness and loyalty. • Greater ROI Bottom line...MORE PROFIT!
  3. 3. S trategy Impl ry emen co ve t D is HOW WE Do IT asure Activ Me Camp aign ate
  4. 4. Phase 1: DISCOVERY During the Discovery Phase, our program planning team conducts the Social Scrub: a comprehensive, unparalleled look into your brand’s current online presence. • What’s your online reputation? • Who’s talking about you? Who’s not? Why? • How ‘socially active’ are you? More importantly, how ‘socially active’ are your employees? • Why should the online community be interested in your brand? ...we also uncover your competitors’ online presence to develop a plan to make you BETTER, FASTER, AND MORE CONVERSANT than they are.
  5. 5. Phase 2: STRATEGY Following the Discovery Phase, Citizen Media analyzes the results of the Social Scrub, along with your company’s objectives, target audience, and ambition level, to craft a personalized Social Strategy utilizing the best tools and tactics to reach your goals. Strategy and all associated tactics are directly aligned with the business objectives and measurement strategy, and with the needs of the audience, throughout the process.
  6. 6. Phase 3: IMPLEMENTATION Citizen Media brings together our program planning, content, and technical teams to build the framework on which to hang our multi-faceted social media efforts based on the Social Strategy. These efforts incorporate a dynamic mix of: Foundation Bricks Mortor Web Site (2.0 & 3.0) Microblogs Joined Communities Mobile Apps Social Networks Created Communities Micro Sites B2B Networks Blogs Niche Networks Forums Bookmarks Wikis Widgets Video Feeds Podcasts Online Video Presentations Pictures
  7. 7. OUR SYNERGISTIC APPROACH Citizen Media stays ahead of the Social Media curve by constantly evaluating the application and use of established and emerging applications
  8. 8. Phase 4: ACTIVATION After Implementation, Citizen Media builds your brand across the social spectrum and actively begins a dialogue with your target audience and prospects. We leverage tools and tactics such as Facebook, Twitter, blogger outreach, events, communities, and mobile applications, and direct the: Conversation Content Continuity Context Audience growth compounds from sharing and disseminating relevant, timely information. All the while, Citizen Media supports the training of your community managers and employees so they can contribute, spread dialogue, and aid efforts.
  9. 9. Phase 5: CAMPAIGNING After your company is socially established and integrated, Citizen Media crafts Strategic Campaigns designed to energize customer advocates, sustain momentum, and generate buzz. Strategic Campaigns are implemented via: Twitter Enabled Ads Crowd Sourcing Social Overlays Friend to Friend Interactive Ads Video Ads Community Poll
  10. 10. Phase 6: MEASUREMENT At the core of Citizen Media is an extensive infrastructure for capturing and analyzing data generated by our social marketing efforts. Easily track our progress and see what’s working, and what’s not. By analyzing traffic flow, campaigns can be quickly adjusted to stay relevant in an ever-evolving virtual world. Measurement in real time allows you to maximize ROI. Make necessary changes in real time to
  11. 11. your brand your brand your brand ur brand your brand your brand BETTER THE RESULT MARKETING R.O.I.